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Radiesse is an FDA-approved injectable filler used to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles and smooth marionette lines around the mouth. It can also be used to correct volume loss in the back of the hands. In many patients, results can last a year or more. LEARN MORE.

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Rockin with Radiesse - Boston, MA

I had heard of Radiesse and had been treated already by Dr. B with Botox several times. Loved that but thought since he did such a good job, going to Radiesse would fill out my cheeks and around my mouth. At 55, you really start loosing the fat around those areas. He is knowledgable, gentle,... READ MORE

Juvederm Pales In Comparison (So Far)! - Dallas, TX

I have been treated a number of times with Juvederm. I work with a very trusted PS who is also a friend and have done for the last 10 years. 10 years ago through diet and exercise alone I lost 200lbs. Most people are frequently distracted by the huge changes in the body, but when a person... READ MORE

Tear Trough Filler - Doesn't Look Any Different. Don't Know What to Do. - New Hampshire

Hi I had Radiesse plus an additional filler (can't remember the name, but it was "something" Silk) one week ago. I had it put in for both nasalobial folds and tt. When the dr. first did it, it looked GREAT! And, for two days after, I was pleased. Now that the swelling is down,... READ MORE

Love my Radiesse! - Staten Island

After years of up and down weight loss combined with age and poor bone structure, my face was pretty beat up. Tiny cheek bones, and a narrow maxilla provided horrible structure for my cheeks. I had a deep concave look that was just not flattering at all. The price was wonderful, as I received 4... READ MORE

My Radiesse Experience at Las Vegas Med Spa

Radiesse was a horrible experience for me. I went in for Juvederm and was talked into Radiesse by a "nurse" at a local "un-caring" Medspa. I am 46 yrs old woman and wanted to soften the look of wrinkles forming in facial dimples (they used to be cute):) 48 hrs after the... READ MORE

Radiesse Drift from Temples/cheeks to Jawline

Doctor had messaged the injection at the left temple to make it flatter, before I left the office. He said I should massage the areas firmly three times a day for three days. When I got home the injections in my cheek had swelled to my lower jaw line. The left side of my face is completely... READ MORE

Radiesse to Help with the Wrinkles of my Smile Lines - Is This Normal? Chipmunk Cheeks...

I got the Radiesse injection yesterday to help out with the wrinkles of my smile lines. I now have to puffy pouches on both sides of my lips (a little above the lips).The doctor said there will be swelling the first day. I'm on the second day and it still looks like this. Is this really... READ MORE

Sinus Pain from Radiesse in Tear Troughs?? I Really Need Some Peace of Mind :(

Hi There , I would really appreciate some advice or any help.I had 1 cc of radiesse under my eyes 14 days ago. Immediately after the injections my right tear trough got very bruised, swollen and numb, while my left eye responded quite nicely.Well, after about 10 days the bruising and swelling... READ MORE

Radiesse for Facial Aging - Need Help on with an Antidote!

After having a baby and feeling older and my face starting to show signs of aging i decided to think about having facial radiesse after being advised that that was what i needed. I look like the JOKER out of batman with my mouth and my eyes look like ive just done 10 rounds with MIKE TYSON.Has ... READ MORE

Very Pleased - Nasal Labial Folds/marionette Lines

It's been a little less than a month but I am quite pleased with the results. My doctor saved 1/2 of the second vial for me to come back two weeks later to tweak the procedure.I did the nasal labial folds/marionette lines. Used two vials. Doctor mixed lidocaine into the radiesse and injected... READ MORE

I am distraught with my cheek treatmen - Radiesse Nightmare - Connecticut, CT

I am distraught with my cheek treatment. I have visible lumps under my left eye and both eyes look older and more tired. My previous pretty (but aging) face is a real mess. Also, my Dr. injected near the corners of my mouth and overfilled the right side. It looks like I have a cyst! My Dr.... READ MORE

Radiesse a Natural Look?

I never had a Filler for the face before.I did the Radiesse procedure because I am a Model and did not want noticable frowns around my mouth.I have a long bumpy line going up to the side of my nose, also I have on the bottom side of my mouth to small bumps one on the left side and the other on... READ MORE

Well Worth It - Rutherford, NJ

No bruising. Look and feel great. No one can tell I had anything done except they say you look so smooth, etc. I told the dr I did not want to look different. I do not want to look like I had something done. People are just telling me I look good. I did it for myself. My face was looking thin... READ MORE

66 Year Old - Nashville, TN

I was very pleased with the expertise of Dr. Melvin Elson. I feel as though I look like myself following a treatment for facial lines with Radiesse. Dr. Elson shared new skin care products with me following my treatment. He is always punctual, and I have never experienced office wait... READ MORE

stay a way! - Cross River, NY

I was a patient of Christine Wemyss ( nurse injector) from 2015-2016 at her home in cross river , ny. She inject at her home without a doctor present. I had some Botox treatment on my forehead and a filler . The 30 unit she inject was not enough and I still had movement (a lot) during that... READ MORE

please be careful of radiesse and be sure you have an expert injector - AVON, CT

My face has been destroyed by radiesse and a gyno who should not be allowed to inject . If you live anywhere near avon ct...Please contact me . My life has been turned upside down and this man did nothing to help me. My face and life are horribly altered. He wont speak to me . Puts his office... READ MORE

59 Years Old, Getting Ready to Turn 60, I Wanted to Look my Best.

Dr. Pittman first saw me for some Botox in the forehead and around the eye area. She did a great job! She used minimal injections and the outcome is very natural. Yesterday because my 60th birthday is this month I wanted to treat myself to some fillers. Dr. Pittman used Radiesse and Juviderm... READ MORE

68 Years Old with Hand Rejuvenation

I went to Dr. Malvehy after I was referred by my dermatologist. I had Radiesse injected in my hands and It looked th same after a couple of weeks. I was very disappointed , especially after paying over $3000 for two syringes in each hand. Dr. Malvehy did a hand vein treatment in the office and I... READ MORE

59 Years Old, Unhappy with Lack of Plumpness in Cheeks After Weigh Loss - Saint Petersburg, FL

Age and a weight loss left my face a little gaunt and saggy. I wanted fuller cheeks, but did not want the dreaded 'pillow' look. One half a syringe per side gave me just enough plumpness to freshen my face. Dr. Kass placed the injections and filler in such a way that gave me a lift without... READ MORE

27, Male, Weak Bone Structure, Round-ish Face, Wanted Better Angles

So I've tried every HA filler and Radiesse (both with and without lidocaine) to give myself better contours, namely a longer and better projected chin, and higher cheekbones (just the zygomatic arch). I don't understand why anyone would ever get filler in their nasolabial folds. Just makes your... READ MORE

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