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Radiesse is an FDA-approved injectable filler used to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles and smooth marionette lines around the mouth. It can also be used to correct volume loss in the back of the hands. In many patients, results can last a year or more. LEARN MORE.

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31/F/LA Sagging Lower Cheek Area and Loss of Volume of Upper Cheek Area/Radiesse - Beverly Hills, CA

I have been going to professionals for filler under my eye/cheek area for 2 years now and i found myself constantly wanting to go back because it seemed almost as if: they weren't using enough (keeps me coming back faster) 2) they used restylane that was too thin and was too quickly absorbed by... READ MORE

Chronic Pain and Disfigurement - Bellevue, WA

I used to Dr. Stephens when he persuaded me to try fillers for my face. He chose Radiesse for me. After the injections into my cheeks, I was left with severe pain and numbness caused by a burning feeling that encompassed the entire right side of my face. Why, you ask? It was because the... READ MORE

Radiesse Ruined my Self Esteem and Life! - San Francisco, CA

I hate this product! Unless your doctor can guarantee you absolutely perfect results you should avoid this product! A few years ago I saw a very well known board certified plastic surgeon for some Juvederm in my tear troughs. The results were amazing! I loved how refreshed I looked and had a ton... READ MORE

40 Year Old with Hollow Face. La jolla, CA

I've been to several consultations and always wimped out before they could do anything. Dr Fabi changed that. I knew within seconds of meeting her that she really knew her stuff and I put my face in her hands. That's no small feat. I got Botox and fillers. The Botox did what was expected... READ MORE

THRILLED with Results! - San Ramon, CA

Exceptional smiles for a very personal Dr. Parhiscar! Last month I was introduced to Dr. P by a friend who has been in the plastic surgery business for over 20 years. My nasolabial folds have always been an issue for me, along with non existent cheekbones. Dr. P used Xeomin to soften the... READ MORE

37 Yr Old Woman. Henderson, NV

Dr. Khorsandi is the best! This is my 3rd time getting injected by him, and every time my experience at VIP Plastic Surgery is phenomenal! The first time I came here I was terrified since it was my first time getting Radiesse injected (or any time of facial filler). I has freaking out, but I... READ MORE

Consultation Only - Radiesse and Botox - Thornhill, ON

I went in for consultation for filler and botox hopping to see the dr as i havw allergy problem and i got to see the nurse only . I specifically requested i needed to see dr and was offered to wait couple more hours if i wish to see the dr . I was given a price of 1200 for one vial radiesse .... READ MORE

Great Results in Cheeks, Around Mouth, Chin - Montclair, NJ

Great results - cheeks done and really lifted up my face - filled in chin and around mouth - looks years younger. Even bags under eyes are reduced! Cost included the 10% off reduction. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to look refreshed and younger. Minimal pain and no bruising with this... READ MORE

Dr. Romero is the Best! - Dix Hills, NY

Wonderful Dr. Great eye for detail. Did not try to sell me something I did not need. The office staff is extremely nice & comforting. Great prices. Very gentle. No pain, no bruising. I have been to a few Dr's prior to him. He has given me the best results with no downtime! Dr. Romero prices... READ MORE

age 63 …. look 45…. loving procedures - Dix Hill, NY

I had the pleasure of meeting dr. romero in dix hills ny through a friend. i was so pleasantly surprised at how extremely knowledgeable and professional his demeanor was and how much better i looked from numerous other visits to so-called doctors. just can not say enough about him… marvelous r... READ MORE

59 Year Old Caucasian Male with Natural Aging to Face, Loss of Volume and Altogether Starting to Look my Age - Beverly Hills, CA

Frankly I would look in the mirror and pull my skin back just a bit behind my ear and realize it would make me look 10 years younger. Yet I didn't want a surgical face lift because (a) it is expensive, (b) likely painful and would knock me out a bit, and (c) can slightly feminize one's eyes (or... READ MORE

Never Felt Better...Thanks Dr. Soro and Shino Bay Cosmetic Dermatology - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I am a 33 year old male that had noticed my cheek volume and structure were not as prominent as they once used to be. Having chiseled features, for a man, is a must in south Florida and I had noticed a couple of advertisements for HD Sculpt, a treatment using Radiesse that gives you those... READ MORE

Great Doctor!!! Boca Raton, FL

I have been seeing Dr. Skellchock for 8 years, for a variety of cosmetic procedures. She is someone I can trust, she is is personable and spends a lot of time with me discussing what I want to achieve, and she is honest about the results I can expect. She offers me a variety of ideas, based on... READ MORE

Liquid Face Lift. Beverly Hills, CA

Although time treated me kindly for 48 years, the gravity finally caught up and started to show in my face, so I decided to do something about it. After investing a lot of time into research, I chose to have a consultation with Dr. Tim Neavin. First of all, I have to say I felt totally at home... READ MORE

Dysport and Radiesse -- So Worth It! - Lutherville, MD

I had Dysport injections for crows feet and Radiesse for subtle volume in the cheek area. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I've seen so many people who've had fillers at various spas, with what I would not consider flattering results, so I was a bit nervous before trying this... READ MORE

40yrs Old, Smile Lines, Forehead Fillers, C02 Laser, Hydration. South Korea, KR

Dr. Kim is patient, clear, professional and skillful when performing the procedure. he is quite kind. Gives us the impression of trustworthiness. Also very reasonably priced. Unlike the overly advertised clinics around his area. We appreciated his down to earth attitude with us. im thinking of... READ MORE

Dr. Maguire Keeps This 43 Year Old Looking 23! - Louisville, KY

I initially started seeing Dr. Maquire for Botox to take care of a few fine lines around the eyes and forehead. He is a genius with the face and took care of my fine lines and wrinkles for the past couple of years. I later felt like my cheeks were losing volume and he suggested trying a filler... READ MORE

The Romero Clinic: Worth the Hundred Mile Drive - Dix Hills, NY

I have been a patient of Dr. Romero of the Romero Clinic in Dix Hills, NY since 2009/2010. I have used other ‘providers’ before beginning with the Romero Clinic and a single time ‘after’. The ‘after’ was a giant regret and retrospectively all the ‘priors’ were simply a bad beginning to wh... READ MORE

Dr. Shah Turned Rasiese into Magic - Chicago, IL

I went back and forth between getting Radiese or not. Today I happened to be in the building and I stopped by his office to just to check out promotional items. I've been there for IPL 3 times with the Esthetician Raunee so I'm familiar with the place, they are always so nice and welcome... READ MORE

Voluma - Radiesse - Atlanta, GA

I have been going to Kavali Plastic Surgery for a few years to get radiesse injectable to my face as I have notice wrinkles and loss of collagen. Recently while on a visit for radiesse, I was convinced that voluma would give me even more of a lift and was told it was much better than radiesse. ... READ MORE

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