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Radiesse is an FDA-approved injectable filler used to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles and smooth marionette lines around the mouth. It can also be used to correct volume loss in the back of the hands. In many patients, results can last a year or more.

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I was unhappy with some signs of aging and pinned down a root cause of what was aging all of the other young looking features on my face. So I narrowed it down to the nasolabial folds, which I read start to emerge in the mid-20's. I went into have a consultation and immediately got a sense of... READ MORE

I had 2 syringes of Radiesse injected into my cheeks on 6/21/16. At the same time, I had a small amount of Boletero injected into my tear troughs and Botox in the forehead. I'm so glad I saw the results immediatly because my cheeks swelled up terribly very shortly after the proceedure. That... READ MORE

What makes a medically trained professional good at injecting cosmetic fillers? I could elaborate on how great Dr. Romero and his staff are (and believe me, they ARE all of that), but bedside manner alone doesn't produce positive results. Every professional who performed this procedure prior... READ MORE

I was pretty nervous. It took 2x1.5 cc syringes to address my nasal labial folds and smile lines. Doctor included a numbing agent in the syringe. Looked poofy immediately after, felt numb all night, and still stiff/swollen the next morning. I'm still thrilled with the results so far. Am... READ MORE

I wanted more projection on my chin... I had a chin implant way back in 2013 with another doctor but the implant is very small and not pointy I wasn't very happy with it, so today I called dr alves... And asked if they do radiesse and they do so I went in and it was pretty quick... He told me... READ MORE

Dr. Weber did an amazing job filling my hands with Radiesse to make them look younger. I've always thought my hands looked 20 years older than I am (44), and I wanted to finally take action after a friend screeched "Whose hands are those!?!!" in a pic of us. Of course, they were mine. Dr. Weber... READ MORE

Dr Philip is my go to guy for filler and Botox he is an expert hands down !!! He will place 1.5 cc on each side placing on the bone then will follow up with voluma in a few weeks and some Botox his office is immaculate and he takes his time , he is a mirror surgeon for gods sake who knows... READ MORE

The place was very professional and straight to the point. I turn 30 in June and felt like my face was looking tired, my lines around my mouth were becoming very noticeable... I went in thinking I wanted cheek filler because I have had filler in my nasal folds and it did not give me the results... READ MORE

I had been wanting juevederm in my marionette lines for a few months so I made an appointment with a plastic surgeon. Today was the appointment and he said he was having a special on Radiesse so I said yes. He didnt ask me any medical questions like allergies because if he had I would have told... READ MORE

I've always had a weak chin and now that my face is getting less full it seemed like it was even less defined at the chin. I had radiesse injected to build it out a little. I like the look and had minimal bruising when we did the first half of the syringe. When we did the second half my... READ MORE

I felt like my face is very long and not filled out, due to my hollowed temples and cheeks. Dr. Cohen took a look at me and recommended a little bit of Radiesse filler. He explained what he was going to do and made sure I was comfortable with everything. The procedure didn't hurt at all but just... READ MORE

"Hello, February 4, 2015 I had a Radiesse injections, 1.5 ml in the cheeks and under the eyes. Stabbed a plastic surgeon, I live in Belarus. Within 13 days after the injections started having problems, there was a pain in the face, feeling of fullness in the cheeks, there were swelling at the... READ MORE

After years of getting Radiesse injections without any complications or problems at all, I had a horrible experience last week when the injections caused herpes zoster (shingles) on my face. I had 1cc injected in my nasolabial folds and marionette lines Unfortunately, the makers of Radiesse even... READ MORE

Having cheek bones that are somewhat shy, I decided that a filler would help me to have less of a flat face. If you read my other reviews you'll know I had excessive buccal fat extraction followed by a very poor fat graft in an attempt to correct it. My lower face was baggy and I felt I needed... READ MORE

I was very nervous before the procedure because I have never done ANY beauty injections. Radiesse is a long lasting filler so I was worried of not becoming ugly. I am 29 and I had a problems with noticeable marionette lines and nasolabial folds. I read about horrible side affects after Radiesse... READ MORE

I'm very nervous by nature but was getting to the point I didn't want to look in the mirror anymore. A model in the 90s and severe trauma and accident since then I just didn't feel pretty anymore I went to dr sheinbaum in Brandon Florida whom I trust so much he did my breasts years ago I got one... READ MORE

I originally visited Dr. Goldman to talk about a brow lift and eyelid surgery. He suggested that I might be happy with simply a little Dysport to open my eyes up a little, plus some fillers in deep folds around my chin and mouth. I decided to try this less radical approach first. I appreciated... READ MORE

I was bothered for quite some time by the deep smile lines on the lower part of my face, especially those known as nasolabial folds that run from the corner of my nose to the corner of my mouth. They became more exaggerated and deeper when I smile and they appeared to be permanent. There were... READ MORE

Is this bruises normal for Radiesse Filler? I have done it yesterday. I wonder how long this bruises will last? I paid CHF 800 for a chin filler and I kind of regret it because the result is not what I am expecting! This was done in one of a well known clinic in Switzerland! Anyone experience... READ MORE

I've lost, as of this morning, 155.6 pounds. Wow. So strange to write that!! After always having been the "cute but fat" girl, I was very excited about my weight loss! At first, just the weight loss started to make me look years younger, but then I had lost so much volume in my face, that I... READ MORE

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