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Had No Effect on my Scars and Caused Hyperpigmentation (Olive Skin Tone)

I had pixel done on a variety of scars some indented and some raised about a month ago. I was told everything was supposed to heal in 2-3 weeks however I am left with dark hyperpigmentation around the areas treated.I have olive skin, yet I was told that despite my skin tone I should be fine... READ MORE

Pixel for Skin Rejuvenation & Acne Marks

I had my pixel laser for skin rejuvenation and acne marks on 21st august 2009.my skin looks darker than before & no effect is visible. the net kind of layer had fallen off. can i go for any whitening facial to look better?is pixel laser suitable for acne marks and sun burn? READ MORE

Pixel for Mild Wrinkles and Pore Size Reduction

Pixel laser for mild wrinkes and reduction in pore size around nose. they said it woudl brighten my complexion and make my already good skin even better.I had very good skin to begin with but was talked into this. It has been 4 days and i look AWFUL!!! My skin is still extremely red (they said... READ MORE

Pixel Treatment on my Face

I have had pixel treatment done on my face 10 days ago.It took about a week for the skin to peel and now its clear. I was a bit careless and went out in the sun for the past two days. Has it damaged my skin? i did apply sunscreen, but am still scared of permanent damage. for how long do i have... READ MORE

Pixel CO2 Laser for Slight Acne Scars and Uneven Texture

I had the pixel co2 laser resurfacing procedure 3 weeks ago for some slight acne scars and uneven texture.I now feel under my skin in an area that I had no problems before hard lines/lumps under my skin and some that are visible on the surface as well. The hard lines under my skin then make the... READ MORE

Negative Results After Pixel CO2 Resurfacing

I am 2 weeks post Pixel CO2 laser resurfacing. I had originally researched active fx for some acne scarring on my upper cheeks and chin and to improve texture and some enlarged pores.A well known dermatologist and family friend had the Pixel CO2 said that it was similar to the other fractional... READ MORE

Redness After Pixel Laser for Acne Scars

I had my first pixel (erbium based) session last week for acne scars. The redness is still there on the scars, although its gone on rest of the face.My query is that how much time is required to get rid of the entire redness? How much time it takes to see the results? READ MORE

Scary Side Effects

I had a pixel laser on my heavily wrinkled hands. I am 46 and in good health. According to all the websites and the doctor's office where I had the procedure done, my hands would return to normal within about 5-8 days. It has been a month and my hands are bright red with burn spots. It looks... READ MORE

So Far I'm Extremely Happy with the Results

I had my first Pixel procedure done on my full face and 1/2 neck 6 days ago. I've noticed immediate results in skin blotchiness, as well as some improvement on acne scars. It's still pretty early to comment on myself but I'm very happy so far with what I see. It was pretty uncomfortable to... READ MORE

High Frequency Pixel Treatment

Very uncertain at this point if it was the right thing to do only because of timing. Procedure done 6/20/09 and he told me he used the highest frequency(?) and stacked several parts of my face. It was uncomfortable but definitely tolerable during.First 24 hours were a nightmare. Woke up at 5:00... READ MORE

Finally, an Honest Review and Opinion on Laser Resurfacing-Pixel 2940

I've had moderately severe cystic acne with infections for 5 years since I was 17 and went through 3 courses of accutane. I was left with pretty bad scars on my forehead and right/left jawlines that just looks terrible on hard lighting because it casts a shadow. I've been looking to perform... READ MORE

Facial Swelling

I had Pixel Laser resurfacing done on 6/3, today is 6/8. My face is very swollen. Dr. prescribed DosPak 21. He assures me that even though mine is the "worst" swelling he has seen, it is not permanent. It was not a painful experience, although it really did burn like sunburn... READ MORE

I Had Pixel Laser 5 Days Ago!!

I want to say that I am 38 and had cystic acne for years and years. Although my face does not break out now I was left with acne scarring on my cheeks and chin, and my overall texture of skin was not so good, it had literally little holes all over my face. I mean ALL OVER! The holes were 5... READ MORE

Pixel is Great, Have Had Three Treatments So Far-perfect Result!

I've had three pixel treatments so far. I have no fine lines and all sun damage is gone. My skin is very sensitive though and I'll have to wear sunblock and a wide-brimmed hat from now on. It is soooo worh it.I had some swelling and my face looked really bronzed and burnt for about 48 hours... READ MORE

Its Good

Its a good laser, but my plastic surgeon told me it can cause your skin to sink in. I have these little spots on my cheeks that aren't normal and he said that's what could have caused them. On the brighter side it makes scars smaller and smooths your skin out. It also made my pores super small.... READ MORE

7 Pixel Treatments So Far...

Over the past year I have had a total of 7 pixels done. My main concern was acne pitting on my cheeks. The scars are much shallower, possibly 50-70% improved. The overall texture is also much finer, with my pores less noticeable. This is not an overnight treatment, one time thing. Filling in... READ MORE

My Pixel Treatment

My favorite spa was running a half price special on pixel, so after much deliberation, I went for a consultation. I wanted my face, neck and chest area done and was quoted a price of $1500 for a series of three treatments. The aesthetician said she had was certified, had been doing the... READ MORE

Pixel Not Worth the Risk

I was hoping to reduce a few fine lines, slightly uneven texture, a few small acne pits on one cheek,and pore size with the Pixel laser after it was recommended/suggested by the technician who performed another treatment on me. So far it is a disaster and even though I may not yet be... READ MORE


I had lower eyelid surgery, still had a bump witch was, I feel, still fat in my lower lid (under eye "bags"). Anyway I have just been through my second treatment of pixil. My first treatment went well, however, I did not expected my one eye to remain almost closed shut. It did get... READ MORE

It Was a Disaster

I am in my mid 50's and signed up for pixel laser to improve the condition of my skin - pretty much what it's supposed to be for.  I bought a package for face neck and upper chest. I started with the upper chest because I was unsure about the downtime (which was described as "a... READ MORE

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