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I had Pixel done at a very reputable plastic...

I had Pixel done at a very reputable plastic surgeon's office on Monday, December 27th. The nurse applied some numbing cream with epinephrin and we waited about 30 minutes to start. The procedure itself was not so bad. Some minor little stinging when the laser hit, but totally comfortable. I cannot even imagine having this done without numbing cream and would never even consider doing it somewhere that didn't use it. Nor would I consider getting something seriousl like this done at a med spa or anywhere where I did not personally know the doctor and his credentials. We did one pass on the entire face and stacked in areas of concern (cheeks/chin/under eyes). My only issues are some VERY minor acne scarring on my cheeks (only noticeablein harsh lighting) and fine lines/wrinkles around mouth and crow's feet (I am 37). They applied a balm to my face and I was off. The procedure took about 20 minutes. I paid $600 and that included some product to take home with me for after care.

When I left, I had some mottled brown and pink spots covering my face. I looked awful ... and then the pain hit. It was HORRIBLE (as they warned me) for about one hour and then, miraculously, it subsided quite a bit. But my face was still so sore to the touch -- like when you have an awful sunburn/water blisters and can barely touch it. It made sleeping VERY hard and I had to take an ambien to even get some rest. They told me to wash and re-apply the balm right before bed. That was pretty painful -- just touching my face for more than a second.

Next day (Tuesday) -- Face is swollen and spots are darker. Looks like I spilled a bottle of self tanner haphazhardly on my face. Very tight, but less sore to the touch (about 50% less). The tightness is what is pretty uncomfortable. I can tell I will be peeling tomorrow. At this point, it has been 48 hours and I can ditch the balm, but I still wear it at night and just use a heavy moisturizer in the day. Sleeping is still hard. Hubby -- grab be another ambien!

Wednesday -- first day my doc says I can shower (but you can still take a bath of course). Tells me when I am in the shower, some of the peeling will start and it is ok to GENTLY help it along. About 1/3 to 1/2 comes off. But I still look awful. Super pink, swollen and the tightness is still present. You think your wrinkles look so much better at this point, but have enough self awareness to know it is primarily the swelling. They said I could apply make-up starting now and go out. They are crazy -- no way I am letting anyone see me like this.

Thursday -- somewhat of a breakthrough day. A lot more healed skin comes off in the shower. But even where it has, my face has this dark mottled pink look. I have to leave the house though. SO stir crazy. But I mainly just sit in the car with my husband and baby and am too embarrased to see anyone. If you saw me from a distance, you would think I had cystic acne just from the coloring of my skin -- even though it is clear. Not sure why or how, but it gets much better throughout the day and by Thursday night, my face looks somewhat more even, but still red. However, I felt comfortable enough to go to Whole Foods for some shopping and just not have an extended conversation with anyone.

Friday (New Year's Eve too) -- this is the first day I would have even considered doing anything social, working etc ... My skin is more calm, but still peeling like crazy and I absolutely hate putting make-up on peeling skin. Always awful and a disaster. But I did it and looked close to normal. Did not put any on my forehead though since that has barely started peeling yet... Had lunch with a friend and a dinner with friends and family. I looked decent if you weren't up close looking at my face. Since most has peeled off, it is also softer and less sandpaper-y than before.

And here it is Saturday -- face looks back to normal. The peeling is still going on a little bit, but face feels much softer. Coloring is even again.

So, the million dollar question -- why am I "undecided?" This is why -- this was a pretty miserable procedure (for me). I was off this whole week for work and was homebound until late on Thursday. It was also pretty painful the first few days and incredibly uncomfortable (tightness, a few sore spots (cheekbones) etc ...). And how do I look after all that? A little bit softer. My cheeks do look really good -- smooth and better than they have looked in a while. BUT, my wrinkle issues were so minor ... I was really expecting more there. They may look 20% better, but the way my face crusted over etc ..., I just expected more. I still have crow's feet and those lines from my nose to the corner's of my mouth. A little better, but not that much. And right below the corners of my mouth, I still have these areas that look like pulled skin --- not sure if those are fine lines or scarring, but I REALLY wanted those gone :( At the same time, I do look (overall) better. So, the only reason I am unsure is when I weigh that against what a pain in the butt this was.... it kinda feels like I just got a decent chemical peel. I know it would take probably 3 of these to notice a big difference, but I need to forget about this experience before I consider it again (maybe a year from now?). Until then, I am gonna try Retin A every few days, my Skinceuticals Vitamin CE (best product ever!), my TNS Recovery Complex and tons of sunscreen. I think over the long haul, that may produce the same results...

Anyone who is considering this, understand that you need several days to heal. Best case scenario, I would do it on a Friday over a long weekend where I did not have to go back to work until Tuesday. Anyone who says it is just like a sunburn and you can go back to work next day is LYING TO YOU. No way.

I have heard this gets better over time because of the collagen stimulation. I hope so and will certainly let you know. I know this review was long, but I wanted to cover all the info. I would have wanted to know. Best of luck and much love to you!

I have told numerous friends that, in hindsight, I...

I have told numerous friends that, in hindsight, I cannot recommend Pixel lasers. It was EXTREMELY painful (like teh worst sunburn ever), included 5 days of downtime (could not show my face in public and went completely stir crazy) and I honestly do not see any major difference in my skin. For me, things that have made a difference - photofacials, Refinity peel series (high percentage glycolic peel) -- no downtime at all and your skin feels amazing, Juvederm in the creases by my mouth (awesome results, subtle and perfect) and just using Retin-A and a clarisonic. In my experience, the pixel laser was a huge waste of time and money. And yes, I went to a plastic surgeon's office who knew what he was doing.
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My doc is awesome and I highly recommend him for any procedure.

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