Finally, an Honest Review and Opinion on Laser Resurfacing-Pixel 2940

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I've had moderately severe cystic acne with...

I've had moderately severe cystic acne with infections for 5 years since I was 17 and went through 3 courses of accutane. I was left with pretty bad scars on my forehead and right/left jawlines that just looks terrible on hard lighting because it casts a shadow.

I've been looking to perform laser resurfacing for years, but honestly, I was took chicken to do it because I'm also Asian (vietnamese), with fairly dark skin. So, during the past 4 years of my life, I had resolved to stay out of the sun to lighten my skin up and hopefully become a better candidate for laser (which totally didn't work... a black guy isn't going to turn white...ever). I had waited, and waited for better laser technology and research results, reviews, before and after etc, because I know I only have one shot at this. My face is my life and honestly, it determines how successful I'll be since it's the first impression that makes money.

Eventually, I started making money and I realized the frivolous thousand dollar treatments were nothing compared to the value of my appearance. So.. I went in for treatment with a real, truthful consultation from one of my good friend's father. I was ready to do this thing.

He did the procedure, and honestly, it hurt quite a bit... and I give shots for a living! The psychological play of the consequences and possible side effects raced through my mind and that just exacerbated the experience. Numbing cream helps out for the post op.

It's been barely 1 day and I can see massive improvements. Nothing miraculous changed, meaning the super deep scars, are still there, but the crackly wrinkles that connects scars are gone. I also have sun damaged skin from playing way too much tennis in high school, so I felt like it helped address that damage.

I didn't fully understand the concept of collagen remodeling and how it would really look until I got the treatment. The doctor missed a few spots here and there so I can compare direct differences (I guess it also forces me to get a 2nd treatment as well since I don't want my face to be a mosaic) I can imagine how I would heal up and how I would look after just 1 treatment. It feels like you can mimic the results by stretching out the skin on your forehead and that's how the end result will look. I think that would be the most realistic way of figuring out what you can expect from this tx.

Overall, time does the real magic, most of my acne scars are healed up with the exception of the super deep ones. I had less severe ones on my nose, neck and cheeks and they were almost gone entirely.

I'm on track to a 30-40% improvement from just this 1 treatment and it looks like it may happen. It got rid of the fine lines so far, but not the big craters. Time will get rid of the pigmentation from your acne scars as well (look at all of the older people with really messed up skin, it's only the skin texture and it doesn't look discolored).

And yes, it looks like I ran into a screen door, especially right after the treatment and before I washed my face.

Dr. Sheu

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