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Had Pixel CO2 Laser Yesterday for Acne Scars - Extremely Painful!!

After calling the doctor's office ahead of time to see if I should take a Vicodin before treatment, I was told "no" that I wouldn't need it and no one has complained that the procedure was overly painful. So I took their advice, put on my numbing cream and went to their office... READ MORE

Wanted to Tighten Skin, but Was This Worth the Pain and Downtime? - The Woodlands, TX

After 72 hours I am still in a lot of discomfort. Major peeling and tightness over my entier face. My eyelids are so swollen they are sitting on my lashes and I have large lumps under my eyes. I have washed and/or rubbed the dead skin off and applied tons of aquaphor, aloe vera, cortisone cream... READ MORE

Choose the Right Doctor - Maryland

My cost for this procedure was more expensive because it included two separate full treatments one month apart. I think the key is choosing the right doctor to administer this treatment. I went to a board certified plastic surgeon who I knew was reputable and whom I trusted. I think my results... READ MORE

I Likee - New York, NY

$500 per session. I had my first pixel session 4 days ago. So far so good. Too early to see the full result. But I certainly haven't had the horrors described by some. I went out for a fab Friday night dinner last night replete with make-up. The procedure: Numbing cream 15 minutes... READ MORE

I Recommend This Treatment - UK

I had really bad acne scars and so decided to have this treatment. Have now had 6, the last one today so I felt it was apt to write a review now. I would say if you have acne scarring or any other blemishes you are not happy with then have this treatment. It really has made such a difference to... READ MORE

One Pixel Treatment and my Skin is Worse Than Before - Melbourne, Australia

I decided to try Pixel due to having large pores which developed from an adverse reaction to Retin A gel. So off I went to a well known Beauty clinic in Melbourne,Australia,excited about the prospect of having improved skin. The beautician asked me about my skin and what products I`d been... READ MORE

Pixel Perfect 6 Days Ago for 40-yr-old Aging Skin - Love It - Bryn Mawr, PA

Had Pixel Perfect laser done Monday, Dec. 27 at 4:00 pm. Had numbing cream - pain was tolerable. It felt like rubber bands snapping on my face, but I felt able to handle it. Had a burning sensation comparable to a bad sunburn for an hour or so afterward. My dr. prescribed a balm and steroid... READ MORE

An Honest Review of Pixel - Dallas, TX

I had Pixel done at a very reputable plastic surgeon's office on Monday, December 27th. The nurse applied some numbing cream with epinephrin and we waited about 30 minutes to start. The procedure itself was not so bad. Some minor little stinging when the laser hit, but totally comfortable. I... READ MORE

Didnt See a Change - UK

I had pixel laser 3 times but no improvement to acne scars or lines around my lips what a waste of money i saved hard for that to be done and was told it would work feel i have been scammed READ MORE

LOVE IT!!! Worth Every Cent!!! - Fort Worth, TX

I am 42 and have a fair and freckled complexion with sun damage from tanning and acne scars. I stopped tanning a few years ago and now that I don't have much color on my face, the scars really showed up. I had two full face Pixel treatments 3 months ago @ $600 each and just had 3rd half... READ MORE

Pixel Laser Treatment - Virginia Beach, Va

I have never been happy with my skin. I have some minor acne scarring on my chin, large pores, sun damage and now the wrinkles are taking over my face, joy. This is why I decided to have the pixel treatment done. It has been about 2 hours now and my FACE IS ON FIRE!!! I was worried that it... READ MORE

Don't Underestimate Healing Process-Hermosa Beach, CA

Had first of 3 treatments. I'm 36 and have always been a fan of preventative care. I have light wrinkles, and I'm fair complected with freckles. If you have fair skin, you will likely be a bit more burned/red. Treatment was very uncomfortable. Even with the numbing cream, I wondered if... READ MORE

Pixel Laser Treatment! by a Pretencious Girl-London

So, I guess I should be working on my thesis but I'd rather tell you all about my treatment! get ready! READ MORE

For the Price I LOVE It-Beijing, China

I looked into getting it done in San Diego and then again in Los Angeles but it was SO expensive. I have had a few Photofacials and found that the result was 100% dependent on the nurse, it's a science and an art!!! I feel that the Pixel is also dependent on the nurse but maybe not as... READ MORE

Harmony Pixel 2940, I Guess It's Worth, but It Takes Patience to See Result - Honolulu

$550 + tax per pixel treatment I just had my second pixel on aug 25th, 3 days ago. I have each treatment 6 weeks apart to be safe. First one was on 7/15, it took at least 10-14 days to see improvement for the first time. First pixel, I had 7x7, 900 setting, one pass, 2 stacks on scars. Second... READ MORE

I Would Soooo Do It Again - Houston

Yes it hurt during procedure.. burnt, stinging feeling after. Was given silvadene w/Lidocaine to apply for 1st 24 hrs. I used it for 2 days...much relief. My face peeled for 4 days. Used a lot of moisturiser w/SPF 45. I'm 1 week post procedure. Very happy with results. I would sooo do it... READ MORE

Definetly Pixel Tratment is Very Effective for Acne Marks & Scars

Frndzzz Wot I have to say is dont get scared by reading certain reviews which tells pixel treatment is a Money throwing process with no use....Iam a college student from Kerala, India..I have a moderate acne problem . there are dark & red marks especially on my cheeks..As a college student... READ MORE

Had Six Pixels in 7 Months

My doctor did not charge me "his" fee so this was half what i would have paid. i had the last pixel in february,was told it would take six months to really start seeing results from the first one in october 09. well, i do feel the skin texture has improved, however the icepick... READ MORE

NY Pixel Co2 Laser

It was ok. So far it showed some slight improvment and my understadning is that you need several treatments at 400 per session spread one month apart so I will have to follow up with these to really not change. READ MORE

Pixel CO2 Laser in NY

It did not hurt very much and the recovery was easy not like a more invasive LASER. It did not seem as effective or powerful than CO2 Fraxel types which I had prior. READ MORE

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