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This FDA-approved resurfacing treatment addresses sun damaged and aging skin by targeting wrinkles, fine lines and age spotsLEARN MORE ›

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I can take alot of pain,i was thankful that they used a topical cream for pain which they sent me home with. i am still numb i can tell i am thankful for that. my skin is very dark and red with a waffel pattern much darker than the video i saw on this site. i have great skin i did it for pore... READ MORE

As someone with Irish/English ancestry and very fair skin I have been trying to avoid skin cancer by treating the sun damage I sustained as a child. I have also had quite bad acne since I was a teenager which now tends to be more hormonal and I have some scarring on the lower part of my... READ MORE

I had the pixel laser two days ago to my face and neck. Only had one pass to see how my skin took it. Not too painful, some burning the first few hours then that disappeared. However, now my face is so swollen I can barely see. My skin has red bumps all over that are hard to the touch and... READ MORE

I was extremely scared before and during my treatment but the wonderful women at my doctor's office were so patient. Things proceded exactly as they told me they would. Some discomfort during the procedure, a lot of redness and prickly, windburned feeling after. Itching and tight feeling... READ MORE

Pros: My face healed like Superman after 10 days and it looked like it did when I was 13 teen. Got rid of most acne scars, and even out skin tone throughout. Its smooth and soft like a baby's bottom! Well worth it! Cons: Unknowing the outcome and 5 days down time. Stung like hell for... READ MORE

I decided to have pixel laser done just on my forehead, i thought i would start small and decide if i liked it to take it from there and the cost didn't help much either. It has only been 7 hours from my treatment and my skin is bronzed and blotchy. I have a fear of going any where because... READ MORE

I have just completed 4 pixel treatments in Philadelphia. My goal of treatment was to reduce fine lines, tighten skin and just get an overall improvement in the appearance of my skin. I am thrilled with the results. There is a tremendous difference in my skin, and overall a very radiant youthful... READ MORE

You need to do it more than once for it to be effective! I did it fo acne scarring. I just completed my 5th time yesterday. READ MORE

I just walked in the door from my first Pixel. I wanted to tackle my ever-expanding nose pores, and the old acne scaring on my chin that is becoming more noticeable as I age. I went to a med spa where I have gone many times for PhotoFacials, Restylane, Dermasweeps, and just plain facials in... READ MORE

The service was done well, i took pain meds and they numbed me for 45 mins before. treatment pain was tolerable. since then it has been awful. extreme pain from burning, stinging, tight sikn for 4 days. finally started peeling and i look like a leper. no way i can be seen. today is day 6... READ MORE

I decided it was time to do something about my ageing skin. Went to a board certified doc and had both the pixel laser and photofacial at the same time. I am fair skinned and opted for the more agressive treatment. Today is day three, peeling like crazy and skin still bright red under peel.... READ MORE

I just had my first Pixel treatment done today for acne scarring. I have many dark red/brown spots on my cheeks and chin from acne. It felt like an elastic band being hit on my face and little dots being poked into the skin. They used a cooling a machine while doing the treatment to reduce the... READ MORE

I had pixel and was so happy with the results READ MORE

If you are having pixel, please consider going to a real doctor--not a "spa" type of facility. It may cost more but you not only get real trained professionals, you get follow-up treatment & care. Had pixel on my chest area 6 days ago & am still miserable. Was originally told 4... READ MORE

Today I had my first laser treatment under my eyes and two areas on my forehead. I had this procedure done for the crepiness and fine lines under my eyes, and the two small static lines on each side of my forehead. (Static lines are the lines that are still there without making an expression).... READ MORE

Good. But the numbing cream didn't help me not to feel my pain during the session. Anyway, it wasn't too painful but not comfortable. I had my pain for about 10 hours in the point to eat ibuprofen but the next day I was really in good shape. I didn't really experience much of... READ MORE

I had one pixel treatment under my eyes and they are much worse.  I looks as though I have aged 10 years.  My skin is much more dense causing it to sag.  Pixel may be fine for acne scars, but it is much to aggresive for the delicate eye area.  It is not worth... READ MORE

I am 25 years old and I have acne scars on my face. They are not to deep but enough for me to feel self conscious about. I also love the sun and already have sun damage. Knowing that as I get older my skin will only get worse, if I don't do something about it now, made me decided to give... READ MORE

I am 45 and have moderate sun damage around my eyes. Just had my laser resurfacing done 4 hours ago. First they put numbing cream and then gave me a pill to relax me, since I had a driver. Then they injected a couple of additional numbing shots around my eyes. (I had a driver to take me home)... READ MORE

After calling the doctor's office ahead of time to see if I should take a Vicodin before treatment, I was told "no" that I wouldn't need it and no one has complained that the procedure was overly painful. So I took their advice, put on my numbing cream and went to their office... READ MORE

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