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This FDA-approved resurfacing treatment addresses sun damaged and aging skin by targeting wrinkles, fine lines and age spotsLEARN MORE ›

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So I got the procedure done on Friday July 5th. No numbing cream was used and it hurt like you would not believe. They did put numbing cream after and that lasted a few hours. So I am on my 4th day and I'm almost peeled but I've broken out and my skin doesn't look any better. I think for the... READ MORE

My first pixel was on January . I don't see much improvement. I have hypo-pigmentation and skin is still reddish brownish color. Don't waste your money. It doesn't work. After the 2nd procedure, I got bunch of acne, then I started to get little tiny white colored bumps all over my face. ... READ MORE

I started with the laser 360 in January, 2013. I had read all the literature from alma and had seen the plastic surgeon on the Doctors show demonstrate the procedure I had high hopes that this treatment would lessen fine lines. I was sadly mistaken I couldn't tell any difference. I did... READ MORE

I have ance scars from when I was young. The pores are big, so I look like I have a strawberry nose. Every time I go get facial, there can be guu extracted from my nose pose. My face cheek is sensitive. And in generally have an oily T-Zone. I didn't do too much research ahead of time, but I... READ MORE

I would rather have been able to answer YES and NO to the question, was it worth it but figure if I say yes it was worth it you are more likely to read my review and because I bought a Scoopon to have this treatment done. $275 per procedure because I purchased two. So AUD$550 in total. I would... READ MORE

I had Pixel Laser this past Friday 3-15-13. It was painful. I used the Aquarfor for 2 days and took Benadryl at night. I slept with pillows stacked up so I slept in an upright position. On day three I started to use the PCA Après peel hydrating balm, it has hydrocortisone that helps with the ... READ MORE

I had two treatments last year by dermatologist, MD. My initial complaint was they did not use numbing cream and the procedure was very painful. I have had three children I can tolerate pain. In addition, they hand you a post care sheet that says 24 hrs at home and you can go back to work on the... READ MORE

Like a lot of girls, i have acne scars that i hate and want to get rid of asap. So i looked up for skin resurfacing as an option. bcoz of groupon offers, it actually sound a affordable option. But i took a free consultation before i bought group-on. The assistant told me i would need 5... READ MORE

I went to Haley Dermatology for a consult about my aging skin. Dr. Haley took a lot of time explaining my treatment options. Shirley did the treatment on my face and neck. She did a great job and I have loved my results. It took me about 5 days to recover, I had redness and swelling. My skin now... READ MORE

Was told it would help with pore size and acne scares and my brown sun spots. Pores are not better they are worse and my acne seems more like orange peel..It has diminished my brown spots..After reading a lot of reviews and talking with dermatologist people with oily skin that are prone to... READ MORE

I made an appt with a local medspa for some juvederm for vertical lip lines. That came out extremely well-I was surprised at the improvement. While there it was suggested that I also have some "spot" pixel resurfacing under my eyes and around my mouth to further diminish the vertical... READ MORE

I've had one of my 3 scheduled pixel treatments done on my face. I wanted be rid of mild acne scarring here and there and hyperpigmentation. Getting rid of fine lines would be a bonus. The procedure wasn't painful to me really. Just felt mildly hot and burning. However, I am getting a... READ MORE

I went to the SWIHEA school in Phoenix, AZ for my pixel facial. They offer cheaper services because the students perform them, which honestly made me nervous after I read the many experiences on this forum! But my roommate had one and loved the results, so I decided to give it a try. After... READ MORE

I had the photo laser and pixel done back to back yesterday - Not painful during the procedure but my face was burning and painful and kept on swelling into the night - kept it as cool as possible. woke up this morning and felt no more burning pain - face still very very swollen. But no pain!... READ MORE

I'm 25 years old and noticed I was starting to develop the tell tale wrinkles many women complain about. So, after much research I gathered up my courage and bought a package of three treatments on sale from Sona Med Spa, $1425.00 for the package. The consultant was great and the woman who did... READ MORE

I used a Groupon and spent $199. At the recommendation of the facility I had a microdermabrasion done 2 weeks prior. They discounted that procedure as well to $50. I am every pleased with the results so far. I recommend following the patient procedures to a T and you ill be very happy as I am... READ MORE

Just had my first treatment a week ago. It went quite well, as I had no scary disasters like a few other posts. The doctor said the machine had a maximum setting of 800, and had only used 500 on me as I have Asian skin. My skin felt taut for the first couple of days, with the dots as everyone... READ MORE

The Alma Pixel Perfect procedure went well. I only paid $239 thanks to a Groupon. It was definitely worth it for that price- not sure I would have paid the $800/treatment. I did not realize I would have to do this 3x for optimal results and won't be doing more right now. My face was numbed so... READ MORE

I had a very good experience with pixel laser. To start with I don't have deep scars. just light scars from pimples when I was a teenager. The pixel treatment didn't hurt at all. Since this is my first time, my doctor's instructions to the aesthetic clinician is to use the lowest... READ MORE

After reading the reviews on this site I was awaiting the worst. I had my first treatment 4 hours ago and I feel really good. On the way home I had the air blasting on my face and that really helped. I am red but that should go away in a day or two. After reading the horror stories i went in... READ MORE

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