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Trying to improve skin

I stopped in Richmond at sculpture total skin care for laser hair removal and talked to the woman doing the treatments about my skin. She suggested that I do the pixel resurfacing, a perfect 10 peel, along with a monthly hydrafacial. I haven't done anything like that before. I currently use... READ MORE

36 Year Old Female - Texas

Finally!! After reading all of the reviews 10 times and doing as much research as I could possibly do I took the plunge and went for first of 3 treatments yesterday. I applied the numbing cream about an hour before the procedure. It started out fine but as the session continued I started... READ MORE

Excellent in every way

Excellent in every area. Kay is excellent at everything she does. Professional and perfect in every way. Highly recommend pixel and lips done. Very happy with results from reception to clinic excellent READ MORE

36 yo with early nasolabial folds and early laxity in the face

I have had 3 of 5 clearlift (pixel q switch) laser procedures. I bought the series for $700 during a black Friday sale. My aestheticians recommends 5 treatments, each 4 weeks apart. I was not sure how much to expect in terms of results, but so far have been thrilled. I had the beginning of... READ MORE

Pixel Perfect Indecision

I have fair skin. I have sun damage and large pores and a few scars from chicken pox which I had hoped to reduce. I also have rosacea. Procedure 1 was done in October and it went well, but I saw no results. I was told this is normal and that I will see results in about 6 months. Procedure 2... READ MORE

Perfect Pixel Laser - Albertson, NY

I have been going to Dr Fox for over 20 years now. He is the best at what he does. He has used several lasers on me, but for the past 7 years we have been using the pixel. He is caring and knowledgeable and will make your skin look absolutely radiant. Wherever I go people always tell me how... READ MORE

Did Help Some on the Texture of my Skin - Portland, OR

I like the laser but it does take a few days deal with the inflammation. I would probably not do it again. I was puffy for days and people stare at you. You can get much better results with other procedures. I did the uletheraphy and I like that so much better.. Taking care of your skin is not... READ MORE

39 Years Old, Was in Need of a Refresh! - Dallas, TX

As a redhead, my fair skin is showing age spots and fine lines. My goal is to always do my best to improve this. I had pixel laser on my face and hands, and what an improvement. My spots and freckles faded or disappeared, and my skin is so much smoother. It took about 5 days for the redness... READ MORE

Old Acne Scars - Albertson, NY

Thank you Dr Fox for being so patient with me and explaining every detail prior to having erbium laser. I was so nervous prior to the procedure and you asked me what made me feel that way and explained your approach with the laser and experience which put me at ease. You are the most patient... READ MORE

Pixel Treatment. Baltimore, MD

Loved the results of this treatment. My skin was irritated for about a week after the treatment but the team had prepared me for that. The procedure was quick and I felt comfortable the entire time. This office is great. All members are super friendly and answered all my questions about the... READ MORE

36 Years, Sun Spots - Charlotte, NC

I decided to do this procedure in combination of another after talking with a specialist aBout my concerns. Then, after booking and paying, I began reading reviews. The week leading up to this particular procedure, pixel, I had so much anxiety from reading the horrific reviews on pain and what... READ MORE

Large Pores and Acne Scarring - Memphis, TN

I'm writing this review because after reading some of the reviews found on this site, I am thankful for my experience. I had the pixel performed on December 29 and I did experience some burning during and and for a very short period after the procedure, however my esthetician, Dawn, made sure... READ MORE

46 Y.o Female Very Fair Skinned Blond/ Hazel Eyes with Light Rosacea - Norfolk, VA

I'm posting because I was petrified after reading some reviews on here & I wanted to share my very positive experience. I bought this on sale 4 years ago! I hadn't used it because of concern for some "down time". Essentially, they esthetician lasers/lightly burns off the surface layers of... READ MORE

I Look 10 Years Younger! Commack, NY

Dr. Papantoniou did a full face Pixel treatment for me two years ago, and I am so glad that I had her as my doctor. She talked me through the entire process, she really took the time to discuss all my options, and was very honest about the expected downtime from the procedure, and what to expect... READ MORE

Clearlift -Westland

It has only been a few days since my procedure.A friend of mine told me about a special that was going on The price seemed unbelievable and I felt leary.After speaking with the asnetician she put me at ease and I decided to proceed with the clearlift procedure.On all of the reviews i read they... READ MORE

63 Years Old - Newport Beach, CA

The pixel peel was great. It is helping to smooth out my skin from acne scars. There are no cons!!! Sarah is great and explained that for my skin the pixel peel is the best. I highly recommend it to anyone who would help with wrinkles or scars. The process was wonderful and the staff is excellent.! READ MORE

Aged Skin, Sun Damage , Wrinkles Dull - Philadelphia, PA

There will be four treatments. I did this because I want to feel better about myself, more confident. I have seen a great change in my skin after two treatments, skin is soother, healthier looking and brighter. There was some downtime due to scabs after first treatment but the results are... READ MORE

Pixel Laser Experience - Denton, TX

I had the pixel laser treatment on my face three days ago. I was told that it was painful my Aesthetician made no bones about it. She also likened it to a sunburn and I got the impression the worst was the laser part. I was wrong! I think its important for anyone who chooses this procedure to... READ MORE

2940 Laser - Peoria, IL

I had the 2940 laser for my acne scars. I get very depressed about my scars and I have been fighting this depression for 8 yrs and I finally broke and had to do something to eliminate my depression and my daily/hourly thoughts about my scars. I was told I would receive 80% improvement wth just... READ MORE

34 Year Old with Pigmentation and Acne Scaring - London, TX

I've had fraxel laser about 7 times to improve acne scaring on my face, and I can honestly say it really helped....it improved the appearance of the scars by about 80% plus it cleared up the few big spots I kept getting.  ? ?It is expensive i had mine done down Harley st (london) and in ... READ MORE

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