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pixel ruined my life - Los Angeles, CA

Pixel was the single worst choice I've ever made. Since getting procedure my skin has been slowly falling apart. I have been severely depressed since. My skin used to have mild scarring. After one treatment I saw horrible results and stopped, thank goodness. Any help, insight or support is... READ MORE

Pixel Treatment in Richardson, TX 4 Days Ago and Still Beet Red! - Richardson, TX

I had Pixel treatment on Monday (today is Friday - four days after) and I am still incredibly red. I'm blonde, blue eyed and fair. Fitzpatrick II skin type. I numbed about 30 minutes prior and the treatment wasn't too bad. The areas stacked were a bit uncomfortable but bearable. Hated the... READ MORE

23 Old Years Old Face Full of Scars - India

Before doing pixel laser treatment apply toplap cream for one hour after that they willl start treatment .For the first time laser treatment it gives so paining .they do 20 min i think so after that they will give cool bags for keeping on face for half an hour . my question is will how many days... READ MORE

PIXEL RF Laser -Stretch Mark Reducer. Forest Hills, NY

I began my first treatment on my abdomen and I don't see too many reviews here about this. If you have gotten pixel rf laser on stretch marks or any laser please read my review and share. First time doing this procedure I was numbed for 20 mins and told it would be painful and that my belly... READ MORE

Pixel Laser Ruined my Life

I had a baby in July of 2013....happiest day and months of my life. Until December of 2013. I thought I would finally follow through with a round of laser treatments as I have had two Fraxels done in the past but never in succession like derms recommend for the best results. Well I had pretty... READ MORE

I had just my face done - Pixel Laser - Portland, OR

I had just my face done for $250. I bought a package of three for $750, but I haven't decided whether I want to use the other two on my face again. I might do neck/chest.First of all, it hurt. I wasn't offered anything to numb my face beforehand and if i do this again, I will insist on it. In... READ MORE

I Have a Question Please.. Re Aftercare?? Pixel/IPL Together Same Visit

In 2006 I had a full face resurfacing in Czechoslovakia uder general anesthesia. Everything was smooth as silk. I had 4 days dripping and healing.. and on day 5 you would not believe my skin . 56 yrs old, no makeup.. you'd be amazed. I have great photos. I have no idea why we are all being... READ MORE

Pixel Perfect - Hingham, MA

I had and still have some deep depressions from both acne on my forehead and chin, and then just pores enlarging on my T-zone next to my nose. Also, right after pregnancy, I developed melasma like crazy. See my photos. I tried every form of treatment there was to improve all these issues. ... READ MORE

I Look Ten Years Older Too, After Pixel - Daphne, AL

I had four Pixel treatments, starting in June this year. After my Pixel treatment, I look ten years older. It's been a couple of months and it's not getting better. I don't know what to do; my face is ruined. Con: My face is now crepey and wrinkled. See pictures. I wish I had known that... READ MORE

Pixel Laser Resurfacing - Sydney, AU

Bio: 22 years old, Caucasian skin- pale/ yellow complexion, no wrinkles, enlarged pores, some freckles. Last thursday at 4pm I had laser resurfacing done on my face done at the Cosmetic Medical Clinic NSW, Pitt St Sydney. The physician used The Pixel® Fractional Laser (with properties of ... READ MORE

I Am Glad to Share my Experience, Knowledge and Suggestion with You! - New York, NY

My experience: I am the same with everyone who has acne scar and wants to remove the terrible scar. At first, I always compare Pixel Laser and Fraxel Laser. Finally, I choose to try the Pixel Laser. It depends on you. I cannot instead of you making a decision. My experience as... READ MORE

1st Time Towards Chemical Free Face - Honolulu, HI

Cost for Pixel treatment involved $130ish 1st time Hydrafacial for prep, $499 Pixel, $135 Skin Medica Post Procedure system = appx $765. Why: I have alot of bad product allergies and want to reduce freckles, pores, fine lines, etc. I needed a way to vanquish some aging signs that is relatively... READ MORE

After aggressive laser, scars and large pores are absolutely no different 8 days later. Waste of my time and money. See photos.

It's hard to tell in the before picture (it's the only one I have), but I have lots of mild to moderate rolling scars on my cheeks, an ice pick, and a box car scar, and some rough textured skin, plus large pores. I'd been contemplating laser's for a long time, then a saw a... READ MORE

Had Pixel 13 months ago - Los Angeles, CA

Do not get any laser resurfacing treatment close to your period. I had Active FX (A similar treatment) twice before this .. .the first time was tolerable, and the next was absolutely awful - and my period had just started that day. My Pixel treatment was also horribly painful. I got my period... READ MORE

Pixel Laser - Oregon

The cost reflects a package I purchased of 3 face, neck and chest Pixel treatments actually I purchased the 360 laser treatment but this is just the pixel part of the 360 laser. Day 1 I had my first pixel treatment done today. I went to a med spa where I have gone for glycolic peels and some PDL... READ MORE

Pixel Laser with Radio Frequency, Skin Resurfacing - Cremorne, NSW

Extremely painful Little improvement Expensive I did it to treat pigmentation and scarring. In August 2009 I went to Clearskincare in Cremorne and I was advised by the clinic to buy 3 pixel treatments for pigmentation. The treatment was extremely painful and I had to stay home for... READ MORE

African American Pixel Laser - Hinsdale, IL

After getting my "Feeling Good" Tummy trimmed, My surgeon took one look at me and said Pixel would work. I was a bit afraid because of my skin color. We tend to hyperpigmentate and if you tap my arm to hard, I bruise! .. What I am thinking is a Risk, my Surgeon whom I trust to the... READ MORE

Good Not Painfull Til After. Pain Level 4 out of 10

Pros: After 2 treatments, my skin texture improved and the acne scars were almost gone Cons: Sunburnt sensation, Red face, Peeling, Skin feels like sanpaper for 5 days. I'm happy with the results and would recommend pixel. I also like the photo facial treatment for redness. I've had the... READ MORE

Scars All Gone After First Treatment, Gettin Excited Too Early?

Pained like hell for the first hour, but all good since then. Had my first pixel treatment on saturday (1st Aug) and only yesterday washed my face. right now skin feels tight, wth a bit of flaking of, but worried will it all go away before i go back to work on monday (10 august)My right cheek... READ MORE

Trying to improve skin

I stopped in Richmond at sculpture total skin care for laser hair removal and talked to the woman doing the treatments about my skin. She suggested that I do the pixel resurfacing, a perfect 10 peel, along with a monthly hydrafacial. I haven't done anything like that before. I currently use... READ MORE

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