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Photofacial, also known as photorejuvenation, is another name for IPL therapy. It uses intense pulsed light to treat skin with sun damage or excessive redness. LEARN MORE ›

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I had a fotofacial done by a medical doctor on Thursday. Today is Saturday and my face looks horrible right now. I have a medium complexion. Most reviews about IPL's tell you there is no down time and most can return to work. That is not true in all cases. I have reddish/brown spots and scabs... READ MORE

I have just started the IPL treatment and I am amazed with the immediate decrease in my hyperpigmentation. After years in the sun I developed the darkening on my forhead and around my eyes, I had tried all high end products available before venturing into the medspa. Truely, if your disturbed... READ MORE

I have had this done 2ce - I need to have a couple more but even after one "Photo facial" treatment, I saw marked improvement. At first, your skin looks awful but then as the old skin sloughs off, baby butt soft skin with less spotting emerges. I recommend having it done on a Friday... READ MORE

I'm 28 years old and a medium skinned hispanic. I have undergone a series of 4/5 treatments so far using a broad band light for my photofacial. I used to go tanning a lot in my late teens/early 20's and the sun damage it caused bothered me even though it was minor. My skin glows now without... READ MORE

I had the IPL photofacial. A series of 3 treatments. They threw in a fourth for free because it was even clear to the people providing the treatment that the first three had accomplished nothing. In fact, I think the hyperpigmentation is actually worse, brought more of the melanin to the surface... READ MORE

I worked in intense sun for many years and have many flecks of pigmentation. Results are satisfactory but not dramatic. but am still half way through a series of 5 treatments. The pigmentation spots are getting lighter. After every treatment tiny dark flecks of pigment come up from the spots... READ MORE

I had dark stripes of dark pigment on my neck from sun damage as well as broken capillaries on my chest, a genetic problem.  After 5 IPL treatments, the discoloration on my neck was reduced by about 50%; disappointing after being promised the treatment would eliminate it.  Although it... READ MORE

I'm Canadian and the price of the photofacial varied. I saw no difference in the results based on price. I would get the most reasonably priced one out there. I decided to get the treatment because of the non invasive quality and wanted a result that was me, but maybe a bit more bright and... READ MORE

I'm 52 and I've had 4 photofacials done on my face and two on my neck and chest and I absolutely love the results! I had them done to reverse some of the aging and sun damage. My facial skin is clearer and tighter, the crows feet around my eyes are almost gone and the lines around my mouth... READ MORE

Mild freckling runs on my mom's side of the family, and in my teens, I laid out in the sun. In addition, I later took the pill for a number of years. All these factors contributed to melasma and uneven pigmentation, especially along the cheeks and sides of the face. I underwent a series of... READ MORE

I had 5 photo facial treatments done, mainly for a rejunevation, but was exited about also getting skin tightening,a reduction in wrinkles and a lessening to the redness and broken capillaries. To my dismay, I got no tightening and no reduction in wrinkles, and a slight reduction in redness. I... READ MORE

I am a patient in Birmingham, AL. I was in to see the doctor for large pores, red/ruddy complexion, and uneven texture. He recommended the laser genesis treatment. It took five treatments and made such a huge difference in the way my skin looked. I received so many compliments on my skin. ... READ MORE

I had this treatment done to my face, arms, the back of my hands, chest, and under-arms. My pre-treatment involved the application of lidocaine cream to all the areas being treated. When the laser was engaged, it felt like a bee sting. My post-treatment discomfort was moderate and lasted for... READ MORE

So far, I have had one IPL photo facial done - about 5 days ago. I am being treated for melasma / brown spots of uneven pigmentation and some sun spots. The treatment stings alittle but is tolerable and you feel like you have a mild sunburn after. Immediately after one treatment, I noticed my... READ MORE

I had my first photo facial treatment 3/6/08 and I agree that the light is very bright even the patches/goggles can't help. There was a mild bee sting like sensation but otherwise not uncomfortable except on bony areas. I had my entire face, parts of my neck/chest, and both shoulders done! I... READ MORE

I got my first photofacial treatment 8 days ago. I am 40 and have freckly olive skin and wanted a more even skin tone. The treatment took about 30 minutes. Intense light zapped my skin, the slight sting did not bothered me a bit. The intense light bothered me more, eventhough I had goggles and... READ MORE

I had a photofacial with a photosensitizing chemical to amplify the effect. it hurt more than i expected, just like a rubber band snapping hard on my face, which was mostly uncomfortable under my eyes. spent 24 hours in the dark as per instructions, and had swelling for about a week. the... READ MORE

I really like the results of my FotoFacial treatments. Three years ago (I am 47 now) I had the butterfly zone (across my cheeks and nose) done.  I have very sensitive skin and many moisturizers feel like they burn my face. I also have rosacia. I use Metrogel and it usually controls it... READ MORE

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