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Photofacial, also known as photorejuvenation, is another name for IPL therapy. It uses intense pulsed light to treat skin with sun damage or excessive redness. LEARN MORE ›

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IPL Photo Facial Does Hurt - Dallas, TX

Well here’s my honest opinion about the entire procedure: Had my appt at 1:15 on a Tuesday afternoon and had every intention of returning to work after that. After all I had read there was no reason for me not to right.. WRONG! I am a 34 year old Hispanic Female with not quite medium... READ MORE

Worth It! - Miami, FL

I just had my photofacial done yesterday and I must say it was great. the staff was so professional. The lady who did my photofacial tested a small area first, it stung a little (it is not supposed to be painful, but it should sting). As soon as it was over, withing the first 10min I was the... READ MORE

Worth Every $$$ - Houston, TX

I had my second photofacial a week ago. Cost of first was $150, cost of second was $99. Shop around as they are often on sale. Both were done with Palomar Starlux, and both were on setting 5 out of maximum 6. Very little pain and no after effects except for slight feeling of being sunburned the... READ MORE

Worth It - California

I had the IPL facial to correct some minor sun damage. The procedure was a little more painful than I expected, but I'm very sensitive to pain. My skin looked great after a few days and I got a lot of compliments and questions about what I had done. I would describe my results as a glowing... READ MORE

Photofacial - Canada

I pay $50.00 per treatment in Toronto and get fantastic results.I do treatment every week for 6 weeks strait. READ MORE

PhotoFacial IPL Wrinkle Like Swelling - Lovettsville, VA

I just got home from an IPL. I am a bit concerned. I understand the spots but what about this rough texture. My skin in some places is swollen. It looks like I have wrinkles. Is this normal? READ MORE

I Signed Up for 5 Photo Facials - Washington DC

The 1st and 2nd photofacial was not bad. My face got red but my broken capillaries and age spots did not go away. On the 3rd treatment she did the max voltage. Both my eyes are swollen. My broken blood vessels exploded and I have red spots all over my face. I am wearing reading glasses to... READ MORE

Not Worth It - Vacaville, CA

I had a series of 3 Photofacial RF skin rejuvination procedures because I have hyperpigmentation all over my face. I was 30 yrs old when I had the procedure. I was also told it would tighten my skin & help with aging. I was NOT impressed in the slightest with the results. It did get rid... READ MORE

Shopping Around for the Best Deal - Scottsdale

I had my first photofacial last week and at first was a little scared by the results. My skin looked worse for the first few days, but since has become beautiful and smooth. I have a lot of sun damage such as redness on my cheeks, chin and in random spots on my face. I also have dark spots that... READ MORE

An Alternative to Surgery - San Antonio

I've been having treatments now for a year combined with microdermabrasion... results are phenomenal! It immediately lifted the brown spots caused by sun exposure, my skin is so smooth (pores reduced) and evenly toned along with a drastic reduction in wrinkles! I was seriously considering... READ MORE

Yes, Its Uncomfortable and It Temporary Leaves 'Burn' Marks...but I Already See Results

I've only had one treatment, with 4 more to go, and yes it did hurt, and afterward my face was very red and I had to go home after b/c I was not prepared what I would look like. The redness went down after a few hours and it helps to put light ice on your face after as well. The very next... READ MORE

Will Continue Treatment - Allen, TX

I am in contact with an aesthetician who just opened her own clinic. She needed a few subjects to do before and after pictures on and asked if I'd be interested in getting the treatment for free and writing a testimonial. I'm not one to turn down free stuff. This sucker hurts if done... READ MORE

Seeing Some Real Improvement from Photofacial!

Had a photo facial on Monday, August 2nd and am already loving the results. The pain was minimal but I have to admit - I cheated and used some numbing cream I had left from a prior cosmetic procedure. Felt like a little rubber band snapping then a slight burn for a second or two after each pulse... READ MORE

New Brown Marks on my Face That Were Not There Before Photofacial!

Just got a photofacial done yesterday, to try & help 2 brown spots I have on either side of my nose. Dr. said he thinks its melasma & that 6-8 treatments will help clear it up. This morning when I woke up I had brown marks all around my upper/ lower mouth. Looks like dirt/ mustache, its... READ MORE

First Treatment-- Initial Results Fascinating

First, my motivations: I'm young, but I have freckly skin, and am already starting to notice fine line around my eyes and forehead. Additionally, and more crucially, I wanted to reduce my acne scars and hope to reduce further acne as well. For my upper back, I got a very bad sunburn about... READ MORE

IPL Worked for Me at 57

I am 56 and noticed a younger [40's] friends skin looked amazing and asked her what she did. It ws IPL Photofacial. I'll start with the pros: it is two weeks later after one treatment and it cleared some red broken blood vessels on my cheeks and nose, lighted age/sun spots noticably.... READ MORE

Photofacial for Deep Lines - Love This

I had this done three weeks ago and I am so happy with the results. I will have to do it again because the technician concentrated on my forehead and not so much on the other areas. I think I will need another session on my face and will also do my neck and chest at a later time. My forehead is... READ MORE

Banished my Crows Feet & Gave Me "Porcelain Doll" Skin!

At 28, I noticed my skin didn't have the "glow" it used to have. I also had disliked the fine lines that started appearing around my eyes.I opted for a photofacial and I LOVE my results. It feels like a rubber band snapping your face, but I experienced ZERO side-effects. Two weeks... READ MORE

Worried About Results

Had One session 5 days ago, not noticing any flaking or darkening of freckles around my elbows, burning sensation lasted about 20 mins after session. READ MORE

Minor Long Term Skin Problems

I had a photofacial procedure done almost a year ago in March, 2009 as a birthday gift from my Mom. I was very excited about the procedure as I had developed some persistent hyperpigmentation after the birth of my second child.I went to a trusted and well respected dermatologist in the Los... READ MORE

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