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Photofacial, also known as photorejuvenation, is another name for IPL therapy. It uses intense pulsed light to treat skin with sun damage or excessive redness. LEARN MORE ›

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Interesting and Effective - Newport Beach, CA

Personal goals were to get rid of some of the spots and blotchy areas on my face. The procedure was fast and relatively painless. My skin felt very clean and alive afterward, and I believe it had a vibrant glow. I will definitely do the procedure again occasionally for skin health maintenance. I... READ MORE

Had High Hopes for Photofacial - San Francisco, CA

I had high hopes for photofacial..i did a ton of research before getting it done and after 2 treatments combined with bleaching cream i see zero results. at my last appt the dr even noticed that my skin wasnt improving and said that 3 more treatments might not work. she didnt want me to waste my... READ MORE

3 Photo Facials Later and my Giant Sun Spot is Still There! - Overland Park, KS

Last year, I developed a penny sized sun spot on my cheek. Because I'm so pale, it stands out horribly. I visited my local med spa and was told I would only need two IPL photofacial sessions to remove it. I went ahead and bought a package of three sessions, thinking my remaining session could be... READ MORE

1/3 Treatments - Chicago, IL

I just got back from my first of three treatments. I am of Chinese decent and initially the doctor said I wasn't a good candidate due to too much melanin (dark hair, dark eyes). But I went for a test spot anyway. Nothing adverse happened, so here I am now. I feel nothing out of the ordinary,... READ MORE

Not What I Expected - I purchased a package of photofacials and microderms - Virginia Beach, VA

I purchased a package of photofacials and microderms - 5 of each to alternate every two weeks. I didn't see any result from the laser. They aren't lying to you when they say it feels like a rubber band snapping on your skin. I did, however, enjoy the Microderm. My face always felt so nice after... READ MORE

Major Discomfort & Scared - Texas

I went to a medspa and had the photofacial on my face & declotte. This was three days ago. When they did it they stated the redness would go away in a few hours. My declotte started out burning for most of the first night. I spent the evening with an icepack on it. It's still red and it's... READ MORE

Not Sure It's Worth the Pain?!

I had my first photofacial treatment this morning at a susrgicare center after getting a recommendation for the procedure from my mother who went through 3 sessions 2 years ago. I have red hair, brown eyes and LOTS of freckles. I have a had a lot of sun exposure throughout my 29 years and... READ MORE

Loved It! Want More - Toronto, Canada

My first photofacial was offered to me for free after having a surgical procedure done by Dr. B in Toronto. Immediately after, I noticed my pore were really small and clean. Fine lines were less noticeable. I looked more awake. The results lasted 4 months so far in terms of fine lines. My... READ MORE

Hollywood Body Laser Center - Rip off on Photo Facial - Centennial, CO

With each of five treatments I was given a new reason why I wasn't seeing any results....had to start light in case I burned...waited too long between appointments (though I wasn't aware that that was a recommendation)...needed to go higher yet on the settings...need to try without the... READ MORE

3 IPL Photofacials - and Now I Look Sickly Pale!! - Capitola, CA

Initially I sought out IPL for stage 1 roscea on my nose/cheeks. I had a localized treatment in this area 10 years ago and it was very helpful. After some reserach, I decided to go for not only rosecea - but to target the hyperpigmentation on my chest, neck and face as well. In the initial... READ MORE

Not Worth It - London

I have sensitive combination skin. My skin felt tight after the facial and I was horrified with the results. Though the Rosacea improved considerably my cheeks are still rough and I have lost the dewy moisturised skin I had before. Having said that i did get complimented on my skin.Overall, I... READ MORE

Am Hopeful That This Will Be a Good Experience and I Can Put All my Foundations Away!! - Edmonton, AB

I have bad pigmentation from sun damage, and when I had my last son, I got a horrible pregnancy mask that never went away... For 5 years, I have been wearing a facial tanner to "try" to even out my face... But it didnt and I just clogged my pores ... Bad... So anyways, I Had a micro... READ MORE

IPL After 2 Sessions - Atlanta, GA

I wanted to get a photofacial because I heard that it can help get rid of broken capillaries. After the 1st session, I did notice alot of dark brown specks on the surface of my skin immediately after. After a week, they all flaked off. My bigger spots faded. My second session, my skin did... READ MORE

Terrified - Dublin, Ireland

Reason for choosing was it was a deal; 4 sessions for 300 dollars. Also because my pigmentation and fine lines are really getting me down. Im 27 but look at least 5 years older than all my friends my age. The lady in the salon pointed out my aging skin when i was getting a wax and told me about... READ MORE

Photofacial: Thumbs Up - Horseheads, NY

I am a 44 year old woman who has rosacea. My face always seemed red on my cheeks,nose and on my chin. I've had one session done a month ago and I can already see a difference. I have another session this week and I'm so excited. It worked for me :) READ MORE

IPL Hyperpigemented my Skin - Kansas

I had an IPL from a clinic by a licensed nurse practioner. Using an IPL vasculite by Lumenis, he hyperpigmented the melasma and sun spots on my face. They became much darker! I was so upset. Later on, a dermatologist said he could fix it with a Palomar fractional laser. He did lighten the spots.... READ MORE

Photofacial,So Far So Good - Pittsburgh, PA

I won a drawing for a free procedure at the place I have been getting alma treatments so I decided to try a photofacial. The procedure was done 4 days ago, so far I have had a lot of dark spots surface but I know that is to be expected. It felt like little snaps when I got it done, and I... READ MORE

Impressed - Pittsburgh, PA

45yrs young with sun damage and some freckles. I was very impressed. My aesthetician Cherry at The Skin Center in Pittsburgh was fabulous. I took one look at her skin and said "I want your skin". She prescribed 4 chemical peels and 4 ipl treatments on alternating months. I've... READ MORE

Very Happy with IPL Results - Los Angeles, CA

I am very satisfied with the results, I had it done two weeks ago and almost all my freckles and age spots are gone. I really recommend it, but find a good doctor READ MORE

Just Had my First Photofacial - Edmonds, WA

This price is for one IPL photofacial and one microdermabrasion combined. I have white/olive skin, had to stop tanning two months prior to treatment. (hard for me!, but was told I needed to do it). First they put numbing cream on my face, then cleansed my face and chest. It really wasn't... READ MORE

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