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Photofacial, also known as photorejuvenation, is another name for IPL therapy. It uses intense pulsed light to treat skin with sun damage or excessive redness. LEARN MORE ›

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What an amazing experience! I am so pleased with Dr. Kim and staff! They are ALL so professional! Dr. Kim took the time to explain the procedure, my before and after expectations and also listened to all of my concerns! I couldn't be happier that I found a surgeon I can count on for the rest of... READ MORE

I did SculpSure with good results and decided to go back to Dr. O for my PhotoFacial. He had just added the new laser and it was easy. I was a little nervous about it being Summer, but my sunscreen and visor and protecting my face...and I'd do that anyway. So all in all a thumbs up for laser... READ MORE

I have done 2 of 3 Photofacials on my face, neck and chest area, which have truly refreshed my skin. Brown spots are lighter and some are even gone altogether. The specialist was incredible and I felt safe and in good hands during all my visits. I have one more visit this summer. It's so... READ MORE

I had a Forever Young BBl treatment yesterday on my face, neck and face for redness, broken blood vessels around the nose and some sun damage. First of all, this procedure should not hurt, if if does it probably means you are getting burnt. Do your research and ask a ton of questions. I did my... READ MORE

I purchased an ipl photo facial through groupon after checking out the reviews on the place. I had no idea what to expect but was hoping to rid of my dark freckles from years of living in California and not using sunscreen daily. My freckles were starting to not look so cute anymore. After I was... READ MORE

This was a very good experience, the aesthetician was very informative and explained the procedure every step of the way. Also very caring and friendly. I had very good results with one session. I would definitely return back to her when needed. The cost was affordable for the procedure that... READ MORE

I had 1 treatment (waited a few months), and then I had 4 more treatments spaced out 30 days. I was expecting this amazing improvement, but to be honest my chest still looks the same to me. It may have improved but it is not that of a radical difference. A couple of my sunspots actually... READ MORE

I received 2 Photofacials about 4 months ago, 2 weeks apart, but it was only suppose to be for a Post Inflamatory Hyperpigmentation mark that I caused on my cheek from exfoliating too hard. The mark is on my cheek and it is about the size of my pinky nail, maybe smaller. At the time I had no... READ MORE

Personally, I love photo facials. I love how it brings up past sun damage and then sloughs off to reveal flawless looking skin. However, photo facials are not the only procedures I have done with Dr. Ort. I have tried micro needling, chemical peels, Botox, and fillers. The reason I would... READ MORE

I'm motivated by wanting to look as good as I can for my age. I am not able to have a facelift, so these procedures make it easy to get the results I am seeking with mostly no down time. I take care of myself diet and exercise wise, and want my face to reflect health and vitality that I feel. ... READ MORE

I am always very careful in the hot Texas sun but enjoy boating most weekends. My fall ritual is always several rounds of IPL to my face , neck and décolletage . I have recently been treated by Dr. Jeff Angobaldo's staff at Renaissance Plastic Surgery. The staff is friendly and professional and ... READ MORE

I purchased a groupon for 2 photofacials and it was very cheap. Prior to purchasing, I got the info about their brand new Monaliza laser and upon research I found that the place seemed legit. The had good reviews and the laser they use is not a cheap or old one. It is a very nice one from what I... READ MORE

I'm in my forties, and because I've been religiously wearing sunscreen since I was thirty, doing procedures, and have an excellent dermatologist (Nissan Pilest, Total Dermatology, Irvine, CA), my skin actually looks pretty good for my age. However, I have broken capillaries around my nose, an... READ MORE

Go online and look for reviews of the providers you are considering. I've had numerous photofacials/IPL procedures, and I can tell you that you should definitely do your homework before choosing a provider. There are so many med spas around these days it's ridiculous, and I don't think half of... READ MORE

I am having my first BBL treatment tomorrow with the 'Sciton Forever Young BroadBand Light.' I am so excited! I have darker spots and redness due to acne my entire young adult/adult life. I am hoping to see some lightening of my spots and a more even skin tone after the first treatment. The plan... READ MORE

I had the best treatment for my acne with a laser. It not only got rid of my acne but also my scars.i had the Photofacial laser. Now I go about every 6 months just to maintain. I am so happy. I did not want to take oral medication and this worked. I had terrible acne. It took awhile but it was... READ MORE

I had done different treatments in the past to improve dark spots in my hands. From laser to peels to different light treatments and never got the results that I was looking for. Until I met Amanda at Simply Skin Med Spa and she explained the photofacial procedure and showed me the machine. She... READ MORE

This past summer I've really noticed a lot of age spots from the sun on my face that I hate. I tried the photo facial. It does feel like a rubber band flicking your face. A few spots were a little uncomfortable. The age spots popped up everywhere and my makeup was really heavy for a few days to... READ MORE

Dr Dellinger performed BBL (Broadband Light Therapy) on my face, neck and chest on the 5th of December. Now, less than 2 weeks later, the majority of the brown sunspots have disappeared! The treatment was pain free and there was absolutely zero downtime...I went to work immediately after... READ MORE

As a man in his early sixties coming from a macho family of all males, I was hesitant going forward with my want and need to do some minor facial enhancements. Many summers of my youth spent under good old SOL came back to haunt my skin, and damage started to show up in my 50’s. When I got t... READ MORE

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