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Photofacial, also known as photorejuvenation, is another name for IPL therapy. It uses intense pulsed light to treat skin with sun damage or excessive redness. LEARN MORE ›

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So today I finally worked up the courage to do something about my dark buttocks area. I had my first session of photo facial and as you can see from the pictures I have tiger marks I'm not sure if this is normal or if this is part of what is expected after the procedure. I felt a lot of burning... READ MORE

I had my first photofacial today. It took about 10 minutes for the entire procedure, she put on a cream before hand and then another one after. I could smell the skin burn when she was doing it. I had it done about an hour and a half ago and my face immediately felt sunburned...a bad sunburn. ... READ MORE

I wanted to get the IPL because I heard that it helps with the redness of your face, and other things. I do not have any acne or sun spots, but what I would describe as red patches around my nose, upper lip and chin area. The lady who performed my IPL ( a licensed esthetician) answered all of my... READ MORE

My face is red, after the first treatment, it seems get better. After the 2nd treatment, I noticed there were a brown spot on my forehead, no one told me what happened during the treatment. After few hours, the brown spot turned to a big blister. I don't think the doctor handles her mistake... READ MORE

I used to tan A LOT in my teens and twenties , - the result- brown patches and freckles, and I also noticed some melasma above my upper lip after using birth control. It was completely worth it to have this procedure done. My self confidence had been suffering because I felt like I looked like... READ MORE

I'm pretty happy with the results so far. They say I will continue to see changes until 10 days after treatment. I still have some flakiness on the very top of my forehead and my far left cheek. I think I'll go back for the other two treatments to see if they can get the deeper pigment from sun... READ MORE

I just turned 39 and really wanted to remove the sun damage from my face. I had it on both cheeks and a light patch on my forehead. I went to a reputable plastic surgeons office and felt very comfortable. The only thing that confused me was that I was told this wasn't IPL but it was laser... READ MORE

I've done 2 photo facial treatments so far, of the 5 I have purchased and 1 microdermabrasion, and my skin has never looked better!! I have always had red acne prone skin with large breakouts and cysts, I was told my a dermatologist that my only option was acutain but I feel I am on the road to... READ MORE

I’m 48 years young ;-) and have suffered with sun-damaged skin on my face, neck and chest for many years. I’ve been told by several estheticians that I have rosacea—though not confirmed by a dermatologist, I tend to agree due to the redness and small capillaries I experience. I once had a pre-c... READ MORE

I wanted to get rid of brown spots, and oily skin. I noticed after the first photo facial I got, the brown spots turned darker and in 5 days the coffee ground effect. They sloughed off and I did not pick at them but the spots were still there. The 2nd and 3rd photo facial was less effective, so... READ MORE

I used to be in the sun a lot and also used tanning beds from the age of mid-20's on. I am now 50 and really notice the pigmentation issues with my skin. In addition, I went through menopause fairly early in life and I started getting a darker pigmentation around my mouth and jawline, which... READ MORE

Felt like a sunburn for the first hour. Was prescribed Biafine Topical Emulsion cream to help with the healing process, and to reduce the burning sensation. Noticed immediate results after only one session. Worth every penny! I'm waiting on my sunspots to flake off, it's only been 24hrs. post... READ MORE

I started going to the Spa for photofacials and have had Whitney every session, which I believe I had 7. She was extremely professional and friendly every single visit. She explained everything and I am thrilled with my results!! I am going back soon and will be requesting her again!!! She is... READ MORE

I got a photofacial two days ago on my face/chest and I have what looks like burns to me. What's weird is my face doesn't have any marks like my chest does. I had a few treatments done a year ago and nothing like this has happened before. I have a few more treatments tgat I've already paid for... READ MORE

5 days ago I had the 2nd treatment of a Syneron Triniti package, again I have bar marks on my face, 1 particularly painful. Is this the correct result? I have appointment in 3 days to discuss results with owner / doctor, she did not do the treatment , a technician did. These marks result in pale... READ MORE

Yesterday afternoon I had my AFT Photofacial. Part 2/3 of my treatment plan. I am Japanese and part Irish, so I have freckles that seem "out of place" here in Hawaii where Asians mostly have "non-freckling" skin. So, I took to this treatment to reduce my freckles and look a little more "in... READ MORE

I had IPL 7 days ago and am amazing at the results. This was my first session, I will have a total of 4. It is slightly painful and my spots became very dark before coming off. I decided to do the IPL to remove sun spots and improve the overall look of my skin. READ MORE

I had my first Photofacial yesterday. To my surprise a few hours later I noticed a lot of dark spots on my face. I didn't see all of this pigmentation before because it was very light. I'm not happy with the dark spots but I know it's evidence of a good treatment so I am anxiously... READ MORE

I have done 2 of 3 Photofacials on my face, neck and chest area, which have truly refreshed my skin. Brown spots are lighter and some are even gone altogether. The specialist was incredible and I felt safe and in good hands during all my visits. I have one more visit this summer. It's so... READ MORE

I had a Forever Young BBl treatment yesterday on my face, neck and face for redness, broken blood vessels around the nose and some sun damage. First of all, this procedure should not hurt, if if does it probably means you are getting burnt. Do your research and ask a ton of questions. I did my... READ MORE

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The typical cost for a Photofacial ranges from $100-$1,125 with an average cost of $475. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 131 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more