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Breasts might get a lot of the attention but nipples matter too. In this procedure, doctors alter the appearance of the nipples, be it by rebuilding, reducing, or repairing. LEARN MORE ›
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I decided to have my nipples reduced in projection and width. They were enlarged due to having breastfed 2 babies prior. I just wanted them to look more like they did before, and to be able to go without a bra without my boobs looking like triangles because of them! Nipples also drooped a little... READ MORE

I had inverted nipples my entire life. Both sides, Grade 2 (maybe a 3 on right side). I am 51 years old, post menopausal. I decided to have breast augmentation due to some age related "deflation" and some sagging and wanted to take care of my nipples as well. The doctor who performed the breast... READ MORE

I breastfed 3 kids and my nipples looked tired. They pointed downward and looked too large on my small, AA-chest. For years I thought I needed implants to get my nipples back up from a saggy position but Dr Pousti fixed my saggy nipples with a nipple reduction. Such attention to detail. I'm much... READ MORE

Around the time I was 15 I realized my nipples were abnormally large. One breast is larger than the other and both are significantly "saggy". Would it be wiser to get a nipple reduction or breast implants and/or lift? I'm extremely self-concious about my breasts and therefore struggle a lot with... READ MORE

I've had inverted nipples all my life and to be quite frank, I was just plain self conscious about it. I never removed my bra, even when being intimate. It was something that made me feel less like a woman. I searched for the longest time, for the right doctor to correct this condition. After... READ MORE

I have had inverted nipples my entire life and have always hated my breasts because of the "slits" that I had for nipples. The size of my breasts and symmetry are perfect except for one thing, my nipples. I have done everything for my family, but nothing for me. Now... it's my turn and I... READ MORE

Breast reconstruction revisions. ABSOLUTELY pleased with Dr. Mesbahi's work. He won't disappoint! He did my breast reconstruction implant revisions and my nipple reconstruction. He's simply the best and I keep him and his staff in my prayers because we women really need his level of... READ MORE

The Surgeon performing the op was very kind and definitely knew what he was doing. Unfortunately I don't have the results I wanted but I realise he doesn't have a magic wand. I previously pierced my inverted (right) nipple which then got infected. Few years later 1st July 2015 I had the op to... READ MORE

Hi, my nipples were inverted and had some strange structure. Have a nipple correction done under local anesthetic. Location: The Netherlands (West-Europe) at a private clinic for plastic surgery. Didn't hurt at all during the operation, felt nothing actually. After the operation it was very... READ MORE

My nipples are flat. I feel like I'm missing something sexy and womanly! My boyfriend doesn't even want to touch my breasts! I just want a quote and I just want to fix it. I'm embarrassed to have my shirt off. They actually invert when I'm cold. I also want this surgery because I want to be able... READ MORE

Please help! Or any advice! I want a quote on how to fix this and what I'll have to go through, please. Im 18 and just need some help on what to do. Im so so so self conscious about this deformity. I plan on going through surgery but havent yet, any advice at all on what to do. Thank you so much... READ MORE

I knew my nipples were flat, but I did not realize just how bad they were until I started nursing school. I learned how difficult it could make breastfeeding, and the deeper the inversion, the more risk for infections like yeast and candidiasis. I began researching, and no local doctors even... READ MORE

This is a procedure I have been looking into getting for about 15 years. I have hated having inverted nipples. It seems to have tormented me since puberty. For me, it has made me feel like less of a women, like I'm missing a very sexual part of myself. This surgery is very significant for me. I... READ MORE

I was referred to Dr. Wong in the summer of 2012 by Dr. Nandagopal who did my tt. About 20 years ago I did a breast reduction with Dr. Connor Turely. I got an infection and loft my nipples. I simply had my areola left. It was a horrible experience. I did a skin graft with him but he actually... READ MORE

I really need some advice about what to do, I'm 18 years old and I've wanted smaller areolas for the longest time I'm not sexually active because I'm too embarrassed but my areola size, I don't wana to talk to anyone about it so I really need some help. I am okay with my breast size, about a 34... READ MORE

I'm so happy I did this!! I lost weight but my body just wasn't the same. I had a Mommy Makeover with full tummy tuck, lipo on hips, and a full breast lift. My areolas were huge from haing twins, so in my breast life my doctor made my nipples or areolas smaller. I love it, did't loose any... READ MORE

I have nipples reduction procedure done at Dr. Pousti's office a couple weeks ago, and the outcome was amazing! The size of my nipples were larger compared to other women, and after breast fed 2 kids, the situation got even worse. These oversized nipples bothered me a lot since I couldn't enjoy... READ MORE

I had it together with smart-lipo on the first week on june 2011. I had flat inverted nipple that went in when I was on or cold. And even been a DD I was very self conscious about my weird nipples. It was done under local anesthesia an I was looking; is better not to look. The worst part was the... READ MORE

I recently wrote a review for my breast augmentation done on Sept. 7th (which was a wonderful and flawless expericence) but I got so carried away with how great Dr. Pousti and his staff is that I didn't elaborate on my nipple reduction surgery. I had my follow up appointment yesterday, just 8... READ MORE

I have always had inverted nipples and at 20 years old I was ready to change that. After some research I found Dr. Pousti and made a consultation. The procedure is super simply and takes about 30 minutes. The only pain I experience was the shot for the numbing, other than that it was a piece... READ MORE

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