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Worth It But.....

I've had a black mole above my lip for pretty much my entire life. It started off looking like a cute freckle but over the years has gotten bigger and not so cute. I heard about radiosurgery mole removal and its benefits, so I went over to laser touch and had the procedure done. The doctor... READ MORE

Mole Removal on Left Cheek

I've had a large mole on my face my entire life, and I've had doctors say "keep an eye on it and let me know if there are any changes". Well, it's hard to know exactly if there have been changes, so I decided finally to just have it removed to be safe. I decided to go with the same plastic... READ MORE

21 Year Old.. Insecure of Mole - Columbus, OH

I have had a mole above my left knee since I was born and have been insecure about it ever since I can remember. To the point of covering it with a bandaid up until I was in high school when wearing shorts, etc. I finally decided at age 21 to get it removed with years of thought behind the... READ MORE

Facial Mole Excision Scar Healing Process

I had a large (thumb-sized), raised congenital mole on my cheek under my eye that was removed via surgical excision. The mole had dark, coarse hair and was protruding slightly, making it visible when viewed from the side or front profile. Although I'd had it my entire life, I felt like it was a... READ MORE

Definitely Not Worth It! - Seattle, WA

I had a cosmetic mole removal done in Seattle, Washington. I went in to have the mole looked at because I was concerned with some irritation I was experiencing off and on and they enthusiastically said many times "there's nothing wrong with it medically, but we can remove it!" "let us get you... READ MORE

Moles Removed Using an Ellman Surgitron

I have had two raised, flesh coloured moles under my left nostril for many years and have always wanted them removed but worried doing so would leave scarring on my face. Luckily a little while ago I came across a YouTube video showing scarless mole removal using radio frequency waves and even... READ MORE

Absolutely amazing.

I went to mr. Orlando because I was told about how much of a good surgeon he is. All through my childhood I was bullied for a mole on my face and I finally plucked up the courage to get it removed. Mr Orlando was very friendly and professional. I went on my own and he made me feel at ease at... READ MORE

Skilled, caring surgeon! - Miami, FL

I had a mole removed from my upper eyelid/brow bone area (see pictures). I did a lot of research prior to choosing a doctor, knowing that this was a sensitive area that would require very precise hands. I am so glad that I went to Dr. Rodriguez-Feliz. He did a fantastic job, and his assistant,... READ MORE

Phenomenonal Doctor!!!

I was referred to Dr Hayes by a friend of mine. I had a large pore and mole removed. I was absolutely impressed from the moment I called to schedule the consultation to weeks beyond my procedure. His staff is super kind, professional and helpful. Dr. hayes went above and beyond for me. He... READ MORE

So Happy with my Mole Removal

I had a fairly large mole on my nose for years, and I finally decided I wanted to remove it. It didn't hurt at all and the healing process was very easy and short! I'm so glad I did! He was accessable for follow up questions and checked in about my healing. He did an amazing job, there isn't any... READ MORE

Married 55

Have had 3 big moles on my face my whole life but pretty much live with them and was alright with them until the last few years. They have really started bothering me and seem to be getting bigger so I went in and had them laser removed. The doctor used a CO2 laser. He used a shot to numb the... READ MORE

Mole Removal on Face

Greetings! I took the plunge and had multiple moles on my face treated for removal with Cyro therapy. I'm recording my experience because I couldn't find a lot of examples with pictures during the healing process. I hope this helps others. The procedure was uncomfortable but very bearable.... READ MORE

31 year old with enlarged mole above right eye

My results exceeded my expectations, as every procedure I have undergone with Dr. John Connors and his staff. I started to develop a skin colored mole above my right eye when I was 19. It's gotten more prominent the last 3 years and I began noticing it more in pictures. I felt like it aged me... READ MORE

Absolutely delighted!

Visited Charles Durrant to decide on removal of unsightly mole by eye. He was so gentle and understanding of my fears and following an in depth consultation, gave me the reassurance I needed to feel comfortable to decide to have the mole, and a couple of others on the face, removed. His... READ MORE

Dr. Joshua Halpern

Dr. Joshua Halpern recently removed a large mole on the side of my face. The care and the time he took in looking at my skin and determining how the scar would be when I smiled and how it would heal with the grain of my skin was amazing. He pays impeccable attention to detail and he is an... READ MORE

Skin Coloured Facial Moles - 29 Year Old Fair Skinned Female - Bristol, GB

I remember the day I got my moles. I was about 11 and I remember thinking I was watching them slowly grow. They are skin coloured and I'm fair but they have always bothered me. People say they don't notice them - even my own sister says that, but I do. I had a breast reduction and when I was 21... READ MORE

My Mole Removal - Chicago, IL

So I have dealt with miles my entire life. I have had a dozen or so removed and biopsied over the course of my 20s. A couple on my face I had removed five years ago, and it really made a difference with my self-esteem. I was able to pull my hair back and not have to pose a certain way in... READ MORE

48 Year Old Female, Facial "Birthmole" Removed

I was born with a very cute birth mark on my right cheek that I used to be quite fond of up until the last 8 years or so. I actually used to pencil it in sometimes to make it more dramatic. As I grew older, my birth mark became not as cute. It started to protrude more and starting losing its... READ MORE

Beauty Mark I Want Removed - Williamsville, NY

I want to get my beauty mark removed, it makes me unhappy and uncomfortable. I was born with it and it makes my face look fat, is there an easier way to get rid of it besides surgery? It is quite useless and I thought it would compliment my face but it made it worse. Please let me know if there... READ MORE

Mole Removal - Oakville, ON

I had a mole growing on the side of my nose, it was removed several times before but kept growing back. The problem was becoming more than just cosmetic, my glasses were rubbing on it and the growth began to bleed. Dr Shortt took the time to understand my medical history, went through options,... READ MORE

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