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Mohs surgery removes skin cancer by systematically working through the layers of skin until all trace of cancer is gone. It’s most effectively used on basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. LEARN MORE › Choosing a doctor? Ask 20 essential questions

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I have this mark on my nose for 4 years maybe more. It started as a tiny little red spot that would go away and come back a little bigger then it would sometimes bleed. None of my derms or GP questioned I think because of how young I was when it started (19). This last year it started turning... READ MORE

I had my BCC biopsied 4 years ago. The story behind my initial Moh's appointment is too long to get in to. I foolishly procrastinated out of fear of the surgery & because it's a benign skin cancer. I have psoriatic arthritis & in order to begin the more aggressive drugs, I was told the BCC had... READ MORE

My motivation for writing this review is that Dr. Pacella did an amazing job on my nose. I had a spot about the size of a pencil point that I felt was strange and needed to be looked at. I saw my regular dermatologist who took a small biopsy. The biopsy showed that I had squamous cell... READ MORE

Had Mohs Surgery on my nose at Manhattan Center for Dermatology- Dr. Robert Schwarz was the surgeon who performed the closure!!!!! His work required grafting skin from my right ear on to my nose!!! He did an amazing job- and was both exceedingly thorough and compassionate!!!!!!! The follow up... READ MORE

Had a recurrence of basal cell below my nose from 2006. Used imiquimod cream for 2 weeks before it reacted so violently that dermatologist said discontinue, you are probably fine. Not so. This year saw Dr. Renfro who determined it was either never gone, or had come back, so Mohs it was. Her... READ MORE

Dr Tarola saw me in his office and told me that my tumor needed to be removed.I explained I didnt have insurance or money for such a surgery and he did so out of the kindness of his heart which helped save my life. I am forever indebted to this man for his genuine kindness and his willingness to... READ MORE

Had a large basal cell removed on my left shoulder. Dr. Berardi had to perform a skin graft to close it. Had to do a skin graft from my left hip to close the wound left on my left shoulder from the removal. Was very patient and did a good job with the challenge he was presented. Had... READ MORE

Mr Gary Ross put me at ease from the minute I saw him He was professional friendly reassuring He talked myself and my husband because believe it or not we both had them at the same time My husband had one previously on the side of his nose which was quite unsightly I was very pleased with the... READ MORE

Dr. Nathan and his staff are amazing!! Very professional and made me feel at ease. I had a very large Facial Skin Cancer removed with Mosh Surgery, then I was sent immediately to Dr. Nathan. Being large and on the face the dermatologist recommend Plastic Surgery. Dr. Nathan was very... READ MORE

I hope that I help other not to wait when diagnosed. Cancer only spreads, it does not go away. It keep coming back to me about the cost and it was $30, 000 but insurance covered majority of it. I am on a payment plan with the above doctors and hospital to pay $3, 000. several cancer removal... READ MORE

I had a small carcinoma on my nose which had to be removed, conventional surgery would have left a scar which I obviously didn't want. So I had MOHS surgery followed a procedure to replace the damaged area of skin. Doctor Ross performed a procedure called a flap which didn't entail having a... READ MORE

I had a brown spot on my cheek under my eye. It had been there for probably about 6 years. I truly thought it was an age spot or sun spot. I had been to a dermatologist and he tried freezing it. That didn't work. I had been to another doctor and he had zapped it twice with a laser to try to... READ MORE

I had a small light brown area developing on my cheek for a few years, I tried over the counter bleaching compounds as it started getting bigger in size and more noticeable to no real effect. I had a dermatologist look at it and she said it was probably just due to age and to keep an eye on... READ MORE

Dr. Tutrone performed two levels of moh's surgery in long beach. I then went to dr. Lawrence Lin in great neck for reconstruction. Both doctors were pleasant and competent. I really liked Dr Lin though. He was very compassionate and made me asccomfortable as possible. The numbing needles... READ MORE

56 yo female. I had a pimple like spot on the end of my nose for 26 months prior to Moh's. The first 13 months my general practitioner thought it was related to my rosacea. It failed to respond and grew slightly larger, and bleed off and on. Around 13 months, I went to see a dermatologist, he... READ MORE

After discovering basal cell carcinomas on my cheek and nose, I had Moh's surgery performed to remove them. Unfortunately the procedure left a 3cm x 2.7cm hole in my cheek and a 1.5cm x 1.7cm hole on my nose. These were too large for the Moh's surgeon to close, so I was referred to Dr. Leland... READ MORE

I visited my Brother John one day, after finding a cute "Tony the Pony" type toy for his Grandson. I took it home, fixed it all up & when I went to deliver it with My Grand daughter- he noticed a lesion in my nose & said "you have basal cell there on your nose".... I replied, No; the doctors... READ MORE

The motivation was to address a recurring cancer on the end of my nose which had spread through my columella to my upper lip over a 23-year period. Since I contracted skin cancer in 1992, I had been treating this particular area with two different dermatologists yet it kept recurring. Dr. Khanna... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with skin cancer and a day later i called Dr ross and was booked in that day for a consultation. He squeezed me in between his appointments that day which was really kind of him....the following week i had my surgery and I cant thank Dr. Ross, vicki his secretary and all of their... READ MORE

I had thought that red mark was from my rosacea medicine - I mentioned it to my dermatologist's office and they had me come in for him to take a look at. Dr. Borenstein took a biopsy and sure enough - Basal Cell - his office explained what needed to be done and quickly set up my surgery date... READ MORE

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