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Fantastic Doctor with an Eye for Aesthetics!

I have had my lips done multiple times by Dr.Rhit Jaiswal. I'm in awe of the work he does! His attention to detail and eye for aesthetics is really hard to come by. We have tried different products and every time I'm pleased. I constantly get asked who does my lips. READ MORE

I had a wonderfully experience

It was Amazing I recommend her READ MORE

The best of the best! - New York, NY

Dr. Pober is truly amazing and gave me exactly what I asked for. He is phenomenal at keeping things as natural as possible but still giving you the enhancement that you want. I don't trust anyone else but him. If you get an appointment with Dr.Pober consider yourself lucky. He takes much pride... READ MORE

First Time Lip Augmentation Juvederm

I have been wanting fuller lips forever but I'm getting married in a few weeks and decided to finally take the plunge. I'm posting lots of pictures of the healing process. I feel that most of the lip augmentation pictures are before and after healing. None of the in between which can be quite... READ MORE

33 Years Old, Male, Surgasil Permalip 5mm, No Lips, Had Juvederm Before.

I never really had much lips and I always wanted to do something about it. When I talk my lips tend to disappear, luckily I got nice teeth. So, this year I decided to get myself Juvederm for my birthday. I knew that fillers are not worth it but I just wanted to know the size I want to be... READ MORE

Never Liked my Lips, I Did Not Have Much , and Upper Lip Have Mo Shape

I have done my lips many times, first it was filled with my own fat , and it did gime a little volume , but no a good shape. So then i got a few more times lip filler Amalian ha , last week i has my lups done and they looks like a duck bic .. but on the top of a duck lips i had a bad botox . My... READ MORE

I love my lips!

I recently had my lips done for the first time and I love them. I was really nervous because I hate needles and I want to make sure that I look natural. The whole process was pleasant and quick. I've had so many compliments so far and I've already booked my second appointment. READ MORE

Thank you Dr. Edween and to you're wonderful staff for taking great care of me!!

Hi I went two weeks ago to Dr.Julie Edween office for my lip injections. I am so happy with Dr. Edween professionalism and experience!!! Dr. Edween knew exactly what I wanted , she is truly the best!! I highly recommend her if you are looking for amazing results! Thank you Dr. Edween!! READ MORE

I found a true expert injector!

I have had a great experience with Dr. Julie! She is a natural artist! I had my liposuction done with her! Still loving the results! Now I just get my lips and nasal labials done regularly! She's an expert, my lips are defined and natural! So happy with her results, I refer my family as well for... READ MORE

"Ms. Duckie, Reporting Live"!

Don't have a full review as I'm almost 3 weeks into the recocvery of fat xfer to lips. - Do I LOVE that I've got nary a wrinkle around my mouth? Oh, hell yes! -Doin' the duck lip? Not so much. :( I would have hoped some swelling would've gone down a bit more than it has, thus far. Going... READ MORE

Great treatment

Overall, my encounter with Doctor Kim is great. She is very positive and supportive during the whole procedure. She has good patient. Also, she is a really expert. I am sharing this to help others from her. READ MORE

Highly recommend!

I contacted Dr. Rednam's office through realself, I was contacted the same day by her office about my inquiry. I was able to schedule a consultation that week and had the option to proceed with the procedure the same day. Dr. Rednam is amazing! Before the procedure she made me feel comfortable... READ MORE

Lip Advancement

I'm so happy!!! Dr. Eppley is wonderful! He talked with me at length about my procedure and we changed what I originally thought I wanted. Grateful for his knowledge, ethics, patience, thoroughness and care. If you are considering lips, I highly recommend Dr. Barry a Eppley.  READ MORE

Fuller Lips - Smithtown, NY

This was the second time getting my lips done by Dr. Marotta. He is so good at doing lips. I had a really bad experience with lip injections before I saw Dr. Marotta. He fixed my lips and gave me fuller lips. I had no upper lip and he used a whole syringe on my upper lip. He is so friendly and... READ MORE

Incredible expertise and demeanor

I love this man!!! He gave me the most natural-looking, beautifully shaped, perfect lip injections that I have ever had or even seen anywhere on the internet (and I've seen a lot of lip injections). He even took an extra 5-10 minutes just to chat with my 4 yr old son! He was so sweet and most of... READ MORE

UPDATE - 5 Months After First Lip Filler Treatment with Mr Rezai, Had Top-up with 0.5ml Juvederm Smile

So Mr Rezai did my first ever lip filler treatment back in November, which was great. 5 months on and I'd lost some of the volume and I went for a top up couple of weeks ago, he only used 0.5 ml juvederm smile this time. I've attached three photos, one before my treatment in November, one after... READ MORE

Karolyn was great with my lip augmentation and could'nt be happier

I am new to any kind of plastic surgery and decided to have my lips filled in (lip augmentation) and it turned out great. I met with Karolyn who was very helpful and explained everything to me and what to expect. she was very nice and easy to talk to - not to mention she did a fantastic job!! I... READ MORE

So far so good

My experience with him has been wonderful so far. I stopped in for a consultation with him maybe 3 weeks ago. He was very friendly. He's done one syringe of juvederm in my lips since then and they look beautiful! I plan to have my cheeks and genioplasty done by him later this year. He's also... READ MORE

My Long Sad Lip-- Age 58 - Atlanta, GA

I started to become very unhappy with the appearance of my lip. I proceeded to have it filled and plumped , but was never happy with the results. One day I realized that the length had fallen down down down --just like everything when we age. I began to investigate lip lifts , or lip... READ MORE

20 Yr Old Restylane Top Lip Patient - Claremont, CA

To start things off I wanna say that I've always want to get my nose and lips done. When I was little I didn't know about cosmetic procedures til I got older and at first was afraid of the idea of a needle or a knife or being put under. But now that I'm even slightly older than I was you can say... READ MORE

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