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Lip augmentations involve both surgical and non-surgical techniques to increase the fullness of the lips. Think of dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm or, in more extensive cases, lip implants and fat grafts.

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I love makeup and would constantly draw my lips in bigger. Especially my upper lip because it was so much smaller than my pouty bottom lip. Finally decided to get injections. The pain is bearable. Just like having a needle stuck anywhere else. Eventually the product itself numbed my lips and I... READ MORE

The girls at the office and Dr. Devani himself were super friendly and helpful. His assistant helped me relax before the procedure (it was my first time getting lip fillers), and I was really nervous. She helped me laugh and walked me through the process a bit before the actual procedure. It... READ MORE

Dr.Undavia is amazing!!!!!!! He went over everything with me twice before he did the injections. He was very gentle. I am so happy with how my lips look now. They look natural and full. I went with the recommendations he gave me. He suggested I only did my top lip because my bottom lip is full... READ MORE

It takes a lot for some one to trust another with the one thing you can't hide from the world, your face. I never thought i would be brave enough to actually under go any type of facial augmentation even though i have always wanted to and had some real insecurities. I was a make up artist for 14... READ MORE

I had lip augmentation (with Juvederm) done with Dr Matousek. I am so happy with the result! My lips still look natural and have the perfect amount of volume now! Dr Matousek explained the procedure to me in detail and gave me a really good numbing cream so the procedure was virtually painless.... READ MORE

I loved it! It did not hurt like most people say the lip fillers hurt. I used numbing creme before and only felt a few small pinches. One syringe was the perfect amount! I'm so glad I did not let the pain worry me beacuse it was not bad at all. No bruise. Just alittle sweeping! Deffinetly recommend. READ MORE

I received my first lip augmentation with Restylane from Dr. Naderi this morning and I could not be happier. The entire experience was wonderful. I was greeted by the most endearing office staff and was promptly escorted to the office. Shortly after, Dr. Naderi arrived and greeted me with a... READ MORE

I went to this doctor based on the reviews. I was soooo nervous about getting my lips done, but I wanted to give it a try. First of all, the staff were all so extremely friendly and answered all my questions patiently, and they were able to calm me down in no time. I also wanted filler in my... READ MORE

I had an appointment with Dr. Dobryansky on April 8, 2016 at 8:00am and the receptionist greeted me with a smile had an amazing attitude considering how early it was. Before I could sit down Dr. Dobryansky was all ready for me! His Registered Nurse guided me to the room where he would be... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker (Atlanta Face and Body). She gives an Awesome consultation and really takes her time. I been to other Dr and was very impress by her and her staff. I set my appt date. Dr. Whitaker gave me oral sedation. I needed a little extra, but she did not start until I felt... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Plant to undergo hydraulic acid filler so I could achieve more symmetry in the bridge of my nose and more symmetry in my upper lip. I wanted natural results because it was my first time having injections. He successfully achieved the results I wanted. I had no swelling or bruising... READ MORE

I had very thin lips and after i got engaged with the consent of my fiancee we planned for a surgery to enhance the size of my lip and got in contact with Dr Ajaya Kashyap . At my first approach itself I could feel the spark in his eyes and a positive attitude towards me and he had a solution... READ MORE

Today I underwent lip augmentation by Dr. Kulbersh. It was quick and I love the results. He explained everything in detail and addressed my questions and concerns, also made sure I was comfortable. I highly recommend him for this procedure (the first cosmetic one I've ever had). I personally... READ MORE

Dr. Dhir has such incredible training; he is smart, careful and the most caring doctor I have ever dealt with. He never makes you feel rushed and he explains everything in such detail, while listening and addressing every and any possible concern. Beyond lip augmentation, I had Botox and some... READ MORE

I had thought about lip injections for awhile but was afraid of getting the horrible duck look and it coming out unnatural. Dr. Kulbersch was awesome, answered all my questions and made me feel so at ease. I liked the fact that he uses the blunt cannula technique so it makes for a smooth,... READ MORE

My motivation to get filler in my lips was for a confidence booster, so I wanted them fuller and plumper. I was told exactly what to expect and what to do before the procedure. In my experience, the injections were not painful and I had no bruising. They were swollen for roughly 4 days but the... READ MORE

I had no upper lip, at all. I had top lip augmentation. He used ice to numb the lip, the pain was mild. The following day I had swelling, but used ice and 24 hours later, the swelling was gone. When I made the decision to go forward with this, I knew I had to find the right Doctor for the job. I... READ MORE

I received a lip augmentation (juvederm) by Nurse Brooke. Although the process was slightly painful, it was a better experience than the the first time I had lip enhancement. Brooke was patient and took her time evaluating me lips before she outlined and filled them in. It's been almost a month... READ MORE

This was my first time getting filler in my lips... actually, this was my first experience with filler at all! I was very nervous as I didn't want my lips to look like a "duck". I read great reviews on Dr. Wright and decided to go see him for a consultation. My first impression of the office... READ MORE

I went to him years ago. I was 27 years old. I went to him for Rhinoplasty which he done a fabulous job on. He talked me into lip revision due to my cleft lip. My upper lip is now very uneven and my bottom lip has a deep indention in it. My smile is now very unattractive and made my confidence... READ MORE

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How much does a Lip Augmentation cost?

The typical cost for a Lip Augmentation ranges from $300-$2,000 with an average cost of $825. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 401 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more