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Lip augmentation increases the fullness of the lips, using one of a variety of surgical or minimally invasive techniques. While the most popular methods use fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm, fat grafts, and lip implants may also be options.

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I have had Restylane injected in my upper lip twice before with no complications, by the end of the day the swelling and soreness was gone and I had great results. After moving I had to find a new Dr and he offered a newer product that had the lidocaine mixed in to make it almost pain free... READ MORE

I found a great doctor; who is friendly, curteous,great bedside manners and very talented. As a teen I always noticed I had no bottom lip and a little upper lip. I then was introduced to a outstanding plastic surgery. After two treatments a great thing happened. As you will see in the... READ MORE

I had .5 ml of Restylane injected in my top lip 4 days ago and the swelling seems quite severe especially on one side of my lip. Is this type of swelling normal? I called the clinic and they told me "its just swelling", wait longer. My top lip was significantly smaller... READ MORE

I wrote a similar version before, but I've updated the review with photos. I had Restylane in my lips over year ago. The bottom lip went down over time, but my top lip is still very plumped even after 13 months! I went to a different doctor to even it out and I was very pleased with the... READ MORE

There is this lady that is apparently experients, and she does any part of the body using fotelis extra, ( its like restalayne) and people dont get allergies to the substance she uses it. So i did it the first time with her and the results were great, we used half of the 1 cc and then we put it... READ MORE

So I have been thinking for quite a while about having my lips done. I was able to smooth talk the husband (finally) into letting me get my lips done. I was very anxious and excited to get the procedure done. I was a little scared and quite concerned about a few different thing when it came to... READ MORE

I wish I had been asked if I had taken any blood thinning medications before my procedure. I had taken Ibuprofen for back ache, and had no idea it was a thinner ( im still not 100% sure on this). I am a bleeder of sorts and tend to bruise easily at the best of times. This was noted to the person... READ MORE

I had my lips injected with Restalyne. I had it done 4 days ago. I did it for MY SELF ESTEEM. No one else. I have thin lips, and I'm 27 and was tired of being told I looked like a little kid. I have a young looking face, and I have always thought that poutier lips were sexy. I made a... READ MORE

I just had Juvederm to my upper lip yesterday and It went well. I had to have 5 injections of novocaine and some parts of my lip were still not completely numb, but it did take away most of the pain. Most of the injections I didn't feel at all and what I did feel was tolerable. I usually... READ MORE

Im happy with juvederm! iam 28 this year and have nice lips already but i always use lip plumper to get a fuller look. As of march 4th 2009 i was injected with this filler and the pain from the needles are annoying but not too harsh. My lips are still swollen with minimal bruising but i am... READ MORE

I'd always had a really thin upper lip, so I decided to get lip injections back in January '08. I went in for Restylane, because that's all I'd heard about, but my doctor ended up giving me Juvederm Ultra. I had one syringe injected over the course of two visits about a week... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Azar for a correction of two botched filler procedures done by another doctor. I talked with two other physicians prior to seeing Dr. Azar, both of which provided inaccurate information, which I knew was false from my own extensive research. One refused to provide treatment and... READ MORE

I've always been very self conscience about my thin (not very attractive) looking lips. That was until I found a Doctor that I trusted enough to inject them without making me look overdone. Dr. Farias has done such a wonderful job giving me fuller NATURAL looking lips! I have been seeing him for... READ MORE

I am so happy to report that within a week of practitioner, Shannon Wood, enhancing my lips with Restylance I have the perfect amount of fullness while still looking completely natural. People keep asking my if I've lightened my hair color. In other words, they know I look relaxed and not... READ MORE

Dr. Couch did an exceptional job on my lips. There was very little pain and him and his team were nothing but professional. I am highly satisfied with how my lips turned out. My upper lip was more of the problem but they are perfect now. I would definetely recommend Dr. Couch and will certainly... READ MORE

I love the outcome! Very natural and i relay like the new look! I always wanted to do this but never did it until i met Dr Wu and he was very professional, he answered all my questions and he was very patient! they put numming cream on my lips before the procedure, and i barly felt any pain... READ MORE

I have been flying in from the Dallas / ftw area just to got my lips done for over 2 1/2 years . I would not truth another doctor . dr naderi does amazing work and takes his time to talk to you and make sure your comfortable with what you want to do . He knows what is best for your face . The... READ MORE

Although I have been having Botox for about 7 years now, I was having other issues that Botox just can't deal with, static under eye wrinkling and loss of lip volume and the beginnings of marionette lines. After having a discussion with my praticioner, we decided the best course of action would... READ MORE

I have had lip filler for quite a while, I absolutely loved the look of big lips and was spending a small fortunate on lip filler every month. Juvederm, was a good temporary alternative however my body seemed to dissolve it with a few months therefore it felt like I was constantly spending money... READ MORE

My first time getting a cosmetic procedure done could not have been better. I came to Dr. Dhir and his team for a very natural lip augmentation. The problem was that my top lip was thinner than my bottom lip. I was afraid to end up with a different shape of lip or the infamous fish lips, but Dr.... READ MORE

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