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Lip augmentation increases the fullness of the lips, using one of a variety of surgical or minimally invasive techniques. While the most popular methods use fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm, fat grafts, and lip implants may also be options.

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Had No Lips! Now I Do :-) - Chevy Chase, MD

Before I came in I had no lips and when I smiled it was even worse. Now My lips are full and I get compliments all the time. When I smile my lips do not completely disappear anymore! I had Such a great experience with no pain! Thank you Dr. Chang for making me feel so comfortable and look great!... READ MORE

Omg I Got my Lips Done - Portland, OR

I have always felt meeehhh about my top lip. It had a gorgeous shape, a perfect Cupid's bow, and nice proportions... It was just super small! I started researching products and options on and off for the last year. I did a lot of lip liner drawing on which made me content enough but honestly who... READ MORE

Amazing Experience with Dr. Gordon

Dr. James R. Gordon operated on my mother and I loved the results. I flew in from China just for him to inject my face with Botox and fillers. He was professional, informative, kind and gentile. I am posting a photograph of my lips, because this was my biggest problem. Dr. Gordon used several... READ MORE

30 Year Old Juvederm 1/2 Syringe Lip Injection. Roswell, GA

Wanted more fullness, but not fake duck lips. I went to a nurse practitioner in Roswell. She numbed me with lidocaine injections first. That's the worst part pain wise. About 30 min later, it hurts and you feel like you got punched in the face. I had no bruising. Very pleased. She said it would... READ MORE

Love the Fillers Techniques from Dr Todd and Staff

Love the way my lips and face look . Going into your thirties you see a lot of changes on your face . Dr Todd and his staff work so amazing together and help you achieve that youthful glow . Maribel works with dr. Todd so perfectly and always gives me the super plump lips I want. This office is... READ MORE

45 Year Old Aging Lips

Hello are I'll be 45 in a couple of days and for the past year I've been debating if I need to do something for my lips .im genetically blessed with full lips but they were aging .my lipstick would run into the little wrinkles that sits above my lips so I made an appointment to see a specialist ... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation

Dr.Greene is a amazing! This was my first time getting my lips done so I was a little nervous, him and his medical assistant made me feel very comfortable and walked me through the whole process. I definitely recommend him!! I'm obsessed. Here is a picture of my lips literally right after the... READ MORE

New Lips!

I had this procedure done 4 days ago (Sat 2/18) however my provider was not listed and when I reached out to they recommended I put that I'm in the planning stage. I am 34 yrs old and I had nice lips to begin with, but always wanted something a little more. I decided to get one... READ MORE

First timer & couldn't be more happy!

My results are exactly what I have been looking for for years. This was my first time getting anything like this done. He eased my nerves, told me exactly what to expect, & his staff was even more amazing! I ended up going back for a second treatment to be exactly where I wanted. READ MORE

Totally Worth It!!

I had my lips done with Dr. Yovino. I'm really happy with the results, very natural but definitely could notice the difference, plum and pretty, very torable procedure specially with a doctor that takes his time and doesn't rush through it. He also did a follow up to make sure I was healing good... READ MORE

So Excited About My Lip Augmentation with Dr. Catherine Winslow Facial Plastic Surgery, Carmel IN

I have beautifully-shaped lips but they're smaller than I desire -- especially the upper lip. So I've been getting filler injected into my lips to make them really pop. Nurse Triste at Dr. Winslow's office does a fabulous job; she's the only ACE-certified injector in the state. But darn filler... READ MORE

Lip-augmention by Dr Rahda Mikkilineni NYC

My upper lip is very small and asymmetrical. She use Restylane on both my upper and lower lip. At first it kind of felt firm for about 2 days and I was diffidently swollen. With in a few days the swelling started going away. Dr. RM differently made my lips look sexy and beautiful. I am very... READ MORE

5 mm Perma lip implant

1 day post op The surgery was painless and fast it took about 45 minutes. My Dr. prescribed for me to take 1 hour pre op , one 10 mg valium , one 2 mg Klonipin & one 4 mg dilaudid This really help me relax , he also used dental block. Top lip is very swollen and tinder to the touch, no... READ MORE

36 year old lip filler

Amazing results. Couldn't be happier. Natural and great results. My friends all love them! Dr. Arash Akhavan has been doing my botox for the last 5 years and this year I decided to get lip filler and Cellfina (waiting for my before and afters to be send to me- but super excited about those... READ MORE

Teosyal Rha 3 and Teosyal Lip Augmentation

Hey guys. So for all who knows me on real self and have come across my previous rhinoplasty review, I am back again for another cosmetic review. LIP FILLERS! My first taste of fillers was roughly 1 year and a bit ago when I had them done with a lovely lady called Rebecca boye rowe at Dr... READ MORE

Upper Lip Augmentation

I've always had nice lips. My lower lip has always been fuller than the top though. The first time I had fillers, the doctor did an amazing job. My lips were really swollen and I freaked out a bit, but they settled in very nicely after a few days and then as time passed, settled in ever... READ MORE

Wish I Would've Done It Sooner

This was my second procedure with Dr. Taher, he first did a wonderful job with Restylane for my tear troughs and was very honest and humble in his recommendations for that one procedure plus future fillers. He explained that my face was petite so I should be careful and never let anyone convince... READ MORE

Lip Filler Juvederm - Showing You the Pros and Cons

I had lip fillers yesterday after seeing them on a friend and making her look amazing. I got 0.4ml of juvederm injected on my top lip only. I had asked for a natrual look so nobody would notice apart from my self. I have experienced a lot of swelling and bruising as shown in my pictures. I... READ MORE

Best Decision I've Made

I had my lips done on Saturday after finally choosing somewhere to get them done. I chose Room 15 in Hatfield - previously known as The Mint Clinic. I had my consultation and explained what I wanted, Naomi knew exactly what I meant and she made me feel so comfortable. I had a cup of tea and a... READ MORE

Lip Fillers. Scottsdale, AZ

I'm on day 2 post filler. So far my top lip is pretty swollen and I hope it goes down a bit more. I have little indentation on one side as well. I'm going to give it a few more days and then make my decision. I really hope that by Friday it will be less swollen and the dent not as noticeable. I... READ MORE

Nervous Lip Client

I wanted to give myself a little boost in the lip department as I have noticed them thinning over the past few years, but I was nervous of having them look over plumed and artificial. I was recommended to Dr Kinsella at the FAB Clinic by a friend and went along for a consultation after which I... READ MORE

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