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Lip augmentations involve both surgical and non-surgical techniques to increase the fullness of the lips. Think of dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm or, in more extensive cases, lip implants and fat grafts.

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I've always had very thin lips, and I have a small indentation on my top lip. It is something I've been insecure about for a long time. I believed getting a filler would give me more confidence. I had restylane ( 1 syringe) injected 3 years ago, and it gave good results. Now I had juvederm ( 1... READ MORE

This will be my first time getting any fillers. I'm 29 years old and unhappy with my upper lip, it's been thin my whole life. Hollowness under my eyes and in my cheeks are starting as well so I'm doing fillers and some in my upper lip. I'm scared of looking like a duck or a weird clown, I have... READ MORE

I've always had fairly thin lips and finally decided to take the plunge and try fillers. I have never had any cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures before so I was a little nervous. Dr. Heng and I agreed on 1cc (1 syringe) of Juvederm. Dr. Heng offered sedation during the procedure but when I... READ MORE

12 weeks post op review of the procedure. I underwent lip augmentation along with a fill of my nasolabial folds both using my own fat harvested from my inner thighs. I opted to use a local anesthetic instead of general anesthesia for two reasons. The first reason being that I've been under... READ MORE

I want to thank the amazing staff in this office for a wonderful experience. My lips look so natural and the staff made me feel so comfortable. Not only do my lips look great but the procedure was painless, I left the Dr. feeling more confident. Will certainly be visiting again very soon! Thank you. READ MORE

I am totally in love with my new lips! Granted I never had very small lips but Dr Weintraub gave me the extra pout I was looking for. The first time we went very conservative with only half a syringe for both upper and lower. Went back yesterday for the rest and I must say they look amazing!!!... READ MORE

After having braces, my mouth and jaw shape changed. My upper lip curled inward even after having them removed (no longer needing to clench over the brackets) and my face looked longer. My mouth became more harsh and tight looking. My lips were also always out of balance my bottom lip is quite... READ MORE

My lips have always been rather thin causing me to be very self conscious. I did tons of research on doctors in my area and decided that Dr. Basu was the best choice! All of his reviews were great, when I called to make my appointment at the Cypress location Paulina helped me with any questions... READ MORE

46 yr old loss of lip fullness and wrinkled line. All I wanted was some youthful fullness and to try to reduce the wrinkles on my lip line. I was super worried about the 'duck look' and only wanted my upper lip done. Doctor gave me a full syringe bet upper and defined my bottom line line ONLY.... READ MORE

I recently had lip filler by Dr. Stephen Weber at first I was very nervous about the procedure but Dr. Weber along with his staff made me feel very comfortable. It was a very pleasant experience and I love the outcome I've bee very unhappy with the way my lips looked for a while and finally... READ MORE

I had my lips done last year by a different doctor. I had black and blue lips for two weeks! I thought that was normal so when I scheduled my appointment at UFP I made sure my schedule was cleared so I could hide out with my monster lips. Little did I know that the lip master worked here. Alfie... READ MORE

Hello, I had 0.55ml in my top lip on Saturday afternoon and 3/4 days now and I was just wondering how long does it take the filler to set? And can I touch my lip and move it just carry on as normal? The filler won't mould and move? should I avoid anything now I have filler or just carry on as... READ MORE

I like the shape of my lips, but I wanted more volume, as when I smile, I have no top lip! Lol These photos are 2 hours after the injections with one string of Juvederm, so there's still swelling. The end result I want is a bit more drastic, so I'll be back for another syringe in 4 weeks.... READ MORE

I had a few surgical procedures done with Dr. Urzola and he did an amazing job. I asked for just a little bit of fat so that my lips looked natural and that's exactly what I got. He used PRP which helps to retain the fat. I had this procedure done 3 months ago and my lips still look amazing.... READ MORE

I had a terrible lip injection with a different doctor, my upper lip was not even moving properly when I was talking, and lower lip was deformed. After researching for plastic surgeons who are experienced in facial area, I chose Dr. Gutowski and dissolved my lips with hyaluronidase. I could see... READ MORE

I am 26. I would like to get my lips done but I don't know who to go to in my area. I've seen people I know go to 2 different places but after researching it I found out the injector was not a dr but a nurse practitioner. Do you think it's still ok to have a NP do the injections for me? I'm... READ MORE

When I smiled before, my top lip would be lost. With fuller lips, I feel my smile looks so much better and the results look so natural. My bruising and swelling went away in less that 24 hours and after a full week post procedure, they have matured and look flawless. Just the act of applying... READ MORE

I saw Dr Kapadia on March 31st for the first time. I went to see him because I was concerned with my bruising and swelling from the previous procedure. In my previous procedure I got 1 syringe of Juvederm Ultra Plus by Dr Bentkover. Apart from bruising/swelling and immediately visible... READ MORE

This was the second time getting my lips done by Dr. Marotta. He is so good at doing lips. I had a really bad experience with lip injections before I saw Dr. Marotta. He fixed my lips and gave me fuller lips. I had no upper lip and he used a whole syringe on my upper lip. He is so friendly and... READ MORE

I had lip fillers done yesterday half a syringe on the top lip it was fine when I left the clinic 3 hours later it began to swell more than normal now 24 hours later I'm freaking out is it normal for it to swell up this big!? I received the temporary fillers and was told that they only last 6 months READ MORE

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How much does a Lip Augmentation cost?

The typical cost for a Lip Augmentation ranges from $300-$2,000 with an average cost of $825. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 401 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more