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Lip augmentation increases the fullness of the lips, using one of a variety of surgical or minimally invasive techniques. While the most popular methods use fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm, fat grafts, and lip implants may also be options.

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Emervel Lip- 0.8ml Used Yesterday and my Lips Are So Swollen! Is This Normal?!

I had 0.8ml put in my lips yesterday to just naturally plump up my lips and the swelling is so severe. I have had Lip injections before but a different filler and I had no swelling whatsoever. Is this normal?! The treatment itself was good and the pain was bearable, but I am not sure how I am... READ MORE

Small Lips All my Life, Now is the Time to Change - Tokyo

I booked my hyaluronic lip filler for Friday at a beauty clinic in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. Since reviews on this site for Japanese services are rather rare, I want to contribute to the search of fellow foreigners living here. The booking was via their website, but I didn't get an email... READ MORE

Lip Lift Revision and Fat Transfer to Lips and Nasolabial Folds

I had my lip lift revision and fat transfer to lips and nasolabial folds with Dr. Osuch in Poland because I was not satisfied with my previous procedures with another surgeon. I knew from realself that Dr. Osuch was very experienced with lip lifts. We had a consultation right before the surgery.... READ MORE

Feel Myself a Bit Kylie Jennerish

When it comes to my lip filler I had thought it would merely add a bit more of volume but it also worked to my lips colour and texture. They got a bit more bright and gloss which is natural as seen in the pic. I'm absolutely satisfied with it and I recommend anyone who are interested in getting... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation with Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj - Is There Any Hope Left? :((

I had lip augmentation (silicone injections) with Oleh Slupchynskyj and he did a truly dissatisfying job. My lip (only upper lip) is super asymmetrical (you can see/feel that the actual silicone bumps are on one side of the lip inside/behind the wet line, while on the other side of the lip they... READ MORE

Hydrelle Lip Injections - When Will This Nightmare End?!?!

I have had Restylane injected in my upper lip twice before with no complications, by the end of the day the swelling and soreness was gone and I had great results. After moving I had to find a new Dr and he offered a newer product that had the lidocaine mixed in to make it almost pain free... READ MORE


Hi, I just recently got juvaderm in my lips on June 12, 2017. I have huge bumps and an on even lip. It effects my smile and the bumps on the inside are noticable. I also have brushing. I called my doc and he said give it two weeks. But I am freaking out. What can I do? Someone please help. I was... READ MORE

First Time Lip Augmentation Juvederm

I have been wanting fuller lips forever but I'm getting married in a few weeks and decided to finally take the plunge. I'm posting lots of pictures of the healing process. I feel that most of the lip augmentation pictures are before and after healing. None of the in between which can be quite... READ MORE

33 Years Old, Male, Surgasil Permalip 5mm, No Lips, Had Juvederm Before.

I never really had much lips and I always wanted to do something about it. When I talk my lips tend to disappear, luckily I got nice teeth. So, this year I decided to get myself Juvederm for my birthday. I knew that fillers are not worth it but I just wanted to know the size I want to be... READ MORE

Never Liked my Lips, I Did Not Have Much , and Upper Lip Have Mo Shape

I have done my lips many times, first it was filled with my own fat , and it did gime a little volume , but no a good shape. So then i got a few more times lip filler Amalian ha , last week i has my lups done and they looks like a duck bic .. but on the top of a duck lips i had a bad botox . My... READ MORE

"Ms. Duckie, Reporting Live"!

Don't have a full review as I'm almost 3 weeks into the recocvery of fat xfer to lips. - Do I LOVE that I've got nary a wrinkle around my mouth? Oh, hell yes! -Doin' the duck lip? Not so much. :( I would have hoped some swelling would've gone down a bit more than it has, thus far. Going... READ MORE

Lip Advancement

I'm so happy!!! Dr. Eppley is wonderful! He talked with me at length about my procedure and we changed what I originally thought I wanted. Grateful for his knowledge, ethics, patience, thoroughness and care. If you are considering lips, I highly recommend Dr. Barry a Eppley.  READ MORE

Fuller Lips - Smithtown, NY

This was the second time getting my lips done by Dr. Marotta. He is so good at doing lips. I had a really bad experience with lip injections before I saw Dr. Marotta. He fixed my lips and gave me fuller lips. I had no upper lip and he used a whole syringe on my upper lip. He is so friendly and... READ MORE

UPDATE - 5 Months After First Lip Filler Treatment with Mr Rezai, Had Top-up with 0.5ml Juvederm Smile

So Mr Rezai did my first ever lip filler treatment back in November, which was great. 5 months on and I'd lost some of the volume and I went for a top up couple of weeks ago, he only used 0.5 ml juvederm smile this time. I've attached three photos, one before my treatment in November, one after... READ MORE

My Long Sad Lip-- Age 58 - Atlanta, GA

I started to become very unhappy with the appearance of my lip. I proceeded to have it filled and plumped , but was never happy with the results. One day I realized that the length had fallen down down down --just like everything when we age. I began to investigate lip lifts , or lip... READ MORE

20 Yr Old Restylane Top Lip Patient - Claremont, CA

To start things off I wanna say that I've always want to get my nose and lips done. When I was little I didn't know about cosmetic procedures til I got older and at first was afraid of the idea of a needle or a knife or being put under. But now that I'm even slightly older than I was you can say... READ MORE

Juvederm Lip Augmentation!!! - Indiana

I had 1 Syringe of Juvederm injected in my lips! I am on day 6 and they look great.. they were sore and swollen for the first 3 days. No bruising at all. She did mix in a little extra lydocane which helped greatly with the pain. Only the first 3 injections hurt the others I could barely feel... READ MORE

Omg I Got my Lips Done - Portland, OR

I have always felt meeehhh about my top lip. It had a gorgeous shape, a perfect Cupid's bow, and nice proportions... It was just super small! I started researching products and options on and off for the last year. I did a lot of lip liner drawing on which made me content enough but honestly who... READ MORE

Amazing Experience with Dr. Gordon

Dr. James R. Gordon operated on my mother and I loved the results. I flew in from China just for him to inject my face with Botox and fillers. He was professional, informative, kind and gentile. I am posting a photograph of my lips, because this was my biggest problem. Dr. Gordon used several... READ MORE

30 Year Old Juvederm 1/2 Syringe Lip Injection. Roswell, GA

Wanted more fullness, but not fake duck lips. I went to a nurse practitioner in Roswell. She numbed me with lidocaine injections first. That's the worst part pain wise. About 30 min later, it hurts and you feel like you got punched in the face. I had no bruising. Very pleased. She said it would... READ MORE

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