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LASIK eye surgery uses lasers to change the shape of the cornea to correct vision. It can also be called a refractive surgery, vision correction surgery, or laser eye surgery. LEARN MORE ›

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Dr Mandel is the Best - New York, NY

I have been considering LASIK for many years. I was really scared if something happens to my only pair of eyes then I'll be blind. Dr Mandel was recommended by a friend who just had LASIK with Dr Mandel so I said ok to go for consultation thinking I'll chicken out and not move forward with the... READ MORE

Monovision to Full Distance - enhancement - Long Island, NY

I am 55 and was wearing progressive lens glasses to accommodate my need for glasses for both reading and distance. My wife had received Monovision LASIK and is very happy with the results. She can now read and see full distance without glasses and raves about the results of her LASIK... READ MORE

Great Lasix! - New York

Dr. Saimovici was very gentle and professional. He informed me about all my options and what to expect afterwards. He was also honest about the cost. I had originally gone upon the recommendation of one of my friends who also had a good experience. I plan to continue to see him as my regular... READ MORE

Much Needed Lasik- New York, NY

Allergies prevented me from being able to wear contacts so I finally broke down and decided to have Lasik. The worst thing was not being able to get to sleep right after the procedure but as soon as I did most discomfort was gone. 100% would do it again, it's been a life changer for me. My... READ MORE

31yr Old Female -1.25 Lasik. Great Results. - San Jose, CA

I went to Dr Craig Bindi from a Referal. Procedure was so quick and painless. Really very easy. They numb your eyes and walk you into the room. It's dark and they clamp your eyes open, but you don't even feel anything cause you're numb. 10 minutes of lights and you're done! And my mom was able... READ MORE

Lasik Surgery - Davie, FL

I went Panny Laser and Vision Institute on 06/09/2016 Dr. Srini will be performing my lasik on 06/23 Since you get to the Institute you feel comfortable and they did all the exams and I am a perfect candidate for lasik surgery they answered all my questions in regards the recovery time for the... READ MORE

Now I Can Finally See - New York, NY

Let me start by saying I was so scared to even considered having lasik surgery.is it really worth it?could I be able? Would it hurt? These was all the things running through my head.my eye sight was -8 both eyes and on my right eye I had astigmatism.my glasses was so thick I didn't like going... READ MORE

LASIK - Successful but Suffering from Post-LASIK Anxiety - Florida, FL

Unlike many of you, I only started wearing glasses and contacts around 6 years ago. I likely needed distance glasses earlier but didn't really take action until I started to notice that I couldn't read the chalkboard in grad school. Even on my surgery date, I was only a -2.25 D in both eyes but... READ MORE

Had This Done when LASIK Was New--best Money I Ever Spent! Fairfax, VA

I had LASIK done in a mall clinic, of all things, where you could watch people get surgery while you ate your Mrs. Field's cookies. Not many alternatives then in Fairfax, Virginia, though, so I took the risk. Well, I was supposed to get 20/20 in both eyes (had astigmatism and moderate... READ MORE

Best Decision I Ever Made - Dallas, TX

I went in not being able to see more than 3 feet in front of me. I couldn't see street signs, etc. I could read just fine without any reading glasses. After surgery, I now need reading glasses, which is also normal for my age but coincidentally happened the day after surgery, but I'm fine with... READ MORE

Finally Got the Courage to Get Lasik at 40. Las Vegas, NV

I have been wearing glasses and contacts since i was 7 years old, and finally at 40 decided to take the plunge and get my lasik done. I have always been curious, but because watching too many youtube videos showing doctors cutting corneal flaps with a blade, i always chickened out. Fast... READ MORE

What a Difference 30 Seconds Can Make! Sugar Land, TX

I have been wearing glasses for as long as I remember. I don't remember a time I was not wearing glasses. Get teased as 4 eye durings my grade school. I've worn contacts but now my eyes are getting intolerant. They dry out and my eyes get red. Now that I am working, I spend alot of time... READ MORE

Bye Bye Glasses, Don't Need You Any More! - Beverly Hills, CA

After years of being nearsighted and not being able to tell a person from a tree I decided to give LASIK a shot. I made an appointment for a Pre LASIK exam, which took about 90 minutes of testing and meeting with Dr Caster to figure out what would be right for me. I must say I am so happy I did... READ MORE

31 Year Old Who's Contacts Started Bothering Her - Liverpool, NY

Just had my lasik done yesterday. I had advanced wavefront lasik which basically means blade-free. The procedure itself was pretty scary. The worst part was the part where they were removing the flap. There is a lot of pressure and everything goes black. Once that is over the laser part is easy.... READ MORE

31, Former Myopic - Bossier City, LA

Got sick and tired of glasses, and contacts were uncomfortable to me. I've been wanting to get Lasik for about 16 years, and was finally able to. The procedure itself... The only part that was actually very uncomfortable was when the doctor attached the "cone" to my eye to cut the flap. The... READ MORE

LASIK (1 Month Post Op) - San Antonio, TX

So I had my lasik done 3 weeks ago.. The first few days everything was perfect vision wise. - I was seeing 20/20 and 20/15 the next day which is better than perfect. Then almost about a week after the procedure I started having severe dryness and even eyedrops didn't alleviate anything. The... READ MORE

Lasik at 22. Ontario, CA

Best decision of my life. Went from around a -4 in both eyes, astigmatism in one eye, to even better vision than when I had glasses. Surgeon was absolutely calming and answered all my questions. Quick healing process, quick surgery (seriously felt like ten minutes), pretty painless. Would... READ MORE

Perhaps I Shouldn't Have Done LASIK - Hong Kong

It is nearly 2 weeks after my LASIK surgery. My vision is good, not crisp with minor haziness. Improvement is there but slowly. Prior to surgery I had -8.00 and -8.50 Dioptre. Upon my first post op check up Dr says my vision is better than with contacts before. Evenings my head and eyes are... READ MORE

Something Unusual - New York

Hi, I had the lasik on 1/7/16, not really a successful one as the surgeon first began with my right eye and after working on it for 10-15 minutes he told me that they cannot conduct laser on my eye right now as they are dry so they just put a lens on my right eye and told me that they will take... READ MORE

An IT Professional , with -4.5 Power in Both Eyes , Age 30

Hi Everyone, Hope you all are doing great. I was planning for Lasik surgery since last two years and finally last month (on 23rd Dec 2015) gone for customized lasik in my city. I was bit confused as there are lots of techniques available in market like normal lasik, customized, smile, relex etc... READ MORE

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