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LASIK is eye surgery that corrects nearsightedness by using a laser to reshape the eye's cornea. LEARN MORE ›

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Five Years Post-Op: Wearing glasses and needing Restatis...should have saved my money!

My results were just as expected the first year or so . . . I was so delighted!! But then, I noticed that my close-in vision was going bad very fast. Then I noticed my astigmatism coming back. Now, five years post-op, I need glasses again to see clearly, for near and distant vision. If you... READ MORE

18 yr old lasik plus

Best thing I've done so far!! I have 20/20 vision and no more glasses would recommend to anyone who doesn't have issues driving at night already! The surgery was pain free I did have discomfort for 4 hours after the treatment but that resolved soon after. READ MORE

Lasik at age 22. Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Best decision of my life. Went from around a -4 in both eyes, astigmatism in one eye, to even better vision than when I had glasses. Surgeon was absolutely calming and answered all my questions. Quick healing process, quick surgery (seriously felt like ten minutes), pretty painless. Would... READ MORE

Had LASIK, Both Eyes Back in January - Q and A for All. Thanks for Your Help and Information - Milwaukee, WI

Started out pretty good, 9 months later issues with my right eye and possible creeping in of left eye. I'm looking to see if my healing process is normal and also with some slight issues with my right eye I was told that I may need an enhancement but it may need to be done with PRK VS another... READ MORE

Very Dificult Recovery for Someone That Needs to Use the Computer All Day Every Day - Barcelona, ES

Before I decided to do the lasik surgery I looked in here to see people's opinions. As it was mostly positive I decided to go for it. If I have known how the recovery would be, I would not have done it. I did not have much eye sight problems, -1,75 and -1,5 nearsightedness plus 0,25 and 0,50... READ MORE

Great Experience - New York, NY

I wore contacts and glasses for the past 12 years. It was beyond annoying touching my eyes everyday trying to shove little pieces of plastic in or wearing glasses that weighed down my face after long hours of seeing patients. I took the dive yesterday (that's right just yesterday) and received... READ MORE

LASIK for Short Sightedness.

Had it done in london tuesday .saturday today contacts lenses were-9 left right -650.from check up next day worse eye better than my better eye.u would think it would be other way round.reason they said was dryness.but surely dry in both eyes.no glasses on so a big improvement.drops can be a bit... READ MORE

Best Money Ever Spent! - Irvine, CA

I had always thought laser eye correction was out of reach. My spouse had told me it wasn't and so I began to research different practices and procedures. I visited many offices, narrowed it down to three and then did some more research. One opthamologist who has solid reputation and a cornea... READ MORE

LASIK Does Drift After a Few Years - Olympia, WA

Pros: Easy Painless Instant vision correction Cons: Not permanent Can drift after 5-6 years Does not fix presbyopia Best thing I've done in years. After 5-6 years I have noticed that my eye sight is gradually returning to my original near sighted problem. After I got the procedure I noticed... READ MORE

LASIK Done in my Late 30's. Williamsburg, VA

I've worn glasses since I was in grade school. Astigmatism made it unbearable. Glasses slid down my face, just making daily activities irritating. As a teen, got contacts. So, more freedom but the hassle of cleaning, expense of purchasing and sometimes infection. I did quite a bit of research on... READ MORE

20/200 Vision to 20/15 Vision Overnight!! - Puyallup, WA

At 30 yrs old, I was tired of always scrambling to find my glasses in the morning and contacts just didn't work for me. I am probably the worst eye patient ever but I was determined to improve my vision. I had heard how fast the procedure was, and there was a blade-free option, so I decided to... READ MORE

100% Recovery - Burlington, MA

I am 18 years old. I was heavily nearsighted and wanted a fix. The doctors were helpful and knowledgeable, the procedure itself is scary but quick and 100% painless. I now have 20/20 vision! Recovery time was a literal day. I went home, took a nap, and when I woke up the next day it was like I... READ MORE

21 Year Old Who Loves Water Sports. - Charleston, SC

Since I was about 12 years old I began to wear contact lenses. At that age until I was 16 I didn't have many problems with my contact lenses until I started doing water sports. Every time I spent the day at the beach and tried going tubing or jet skiing my eyes would turn red and irritate me... READ MORE

Thinking About Lasik - Russia, RU

My vision has fallen sharply in 13 years. Less is not very big - only minus 1.5. I wore glasses is not always just to see what is written on the board (in school and university) and to watch TV. In principle, this is not bothered me. This is such a negative in which you can walk without glasses... READ MORE

Married 23 Yr Old - Brooklyn, NY

Bad!!! They will scew you with money and convince you that yoi have problems and have to pay more. Very bad !!! Dont care about you after surgery. They will push you to do it before your ready. Day of procedure found out wveryone paid less and they took advantage of my lack of research. Ve... READ MORE

It Doesn't Get Better Than Dr. Sharpe! - Bellevue, WA

Dr. Sharpe truly is as good as it gets. I was petrified of this procedure and waited WAY too long to do it. The first impression you get is of the office. WOW. It's like heaven. Everything is pure lily white, clean, and cool. Everyone there is insanely sweet and helpful and very calming, which... READ MORE

Dr Mandel is the Best - New York, NY

I have been considering LASIK for many years. I was really scared if something happens to my only pair of eyes then I'll be blind. Dr Mandel was recommended by a friend who just had LASIK with Dr Mandel so I said ok to go for consultation thinking I'll chicken out and not move forward with the... READ MORE

Monovision to Full Distance - enhancement - Long Island, NY

I am 55 and was wearing progressive lens glasses to accommodate my need for glasses for both reading and distance. My wife had received Monovision LASIK and is very happy with the results. She can now read and see full distance without glasses and raves about the results of her LASIK... READ MORE

Great Lasix! - New York

Dr. Saimovici was very gentle and professional. He informed me about all my options and what to expect afterwards. He was also honest about the cost. I had originally gone upon the recommendation of one of my friends who also had a good experience. I plan to continue to see him as my regular... READ MORE

Much Needed Lasik- New York, NY

Allergies prevented me from being able to wear contacts so I finally broke down and decided to have Lasik. The worst thing was not being able to get to sleep right after the procedure but as soon as I did most discomfort was gone. 100% would do it again, it's been a life changer for me. My... READ MORE

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