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LASIK eye surgery involves using lasers to change the shape of the cornea in order to correct vision. LEARN MORE ›

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I had Lasik eight years ago in 2001. Best thing I have every done!! Totally happy with it. Before I was so near sighted clear vision stopped 24" from my nose. I had worn hard contacts for about 15 years because of a stigmatism. In prepping for Lasik I wore glasses or soft contacts for... READ MORE

This was the best money I have ever spent. I hated wearing glasses and they cost me a fortune. I was forever changing them and having optical lenses put into designer sunglasses. I liked contact lenses but they kept splitting and that cost me even more. I had this done around eight years ago and... READ MORE

I had the new custom LASIK surgery. I can now see better than when I wore my contact lenses. I used the best surgeon, the same as advertised that Tiger Woods used. I then referred my friend and my sister to the same surgeon. They also both had excellent results. I also have no halos at night... READ MORE

My doctor was great and I think the doctor makes the experience what it is. It's a scary procedure, and there is discomfort at first, but if you follow the aftercare, it's short lived and worth it. I wanted to be able to wake up and see the clock, or be able to tell if that black spot on the... READ MORE

I had Lasik surgery in 1999 by a doctor who had done 50,000 surgeries and seemed knowledgeable. He told me being out of my gas perm. contacts for 3.5 weeks would be enough time for my eyes to relax prior to surgery. I have since learned that for every decade you are in gas perm/hard contacts,... READ MORE

I had Lasik done about 5-6 years ago and am so happy with the results.  I am now in my forties and have had bad eyesight since childhood with over -5 in each eye.  I had researched this for YEARS before making the decision to go through with it.  I actually would interview... READ MORE

I had recently had lasik out my eyes feel like they have been burnt, as if I have been staring at a bright welding rod all day. I have pain when I sleep as well but its the worst when I am trying to read or working on the computer. Eyes don'y seem to want to work together. I'm worried that I... READ MORE

There are some very important things to remember when getting Lasik.  I had my surgery 5 years ago (at age 27), my eye sight is still 20/20.  As a mom, it is SO nice to not have to reach for my glasses during a 4 am feeding, or have to put contacts into bloodshot eyes after being up... READ MORE

Pros I can actually see street signs in the day and night time. I don't have to wear or keep up with eye wear. Most importantly, I feel safer because of better vision. I no longer squint all day when trying to look at something or someone. I Can finally judge distances between... READ MORE

I had LASIK at 21 as a graduation gift. My vision was pretty bad, I needed contacts or glasses everyday. Because I did not have a consistent eye doctor, I only did the consultation with the LASIK doctors. Make sure you meet with an optometrist or an ophthalmologist to ask their opinion! My... READ MORE

I went in for Lasik surgery on Feb. 12. I have had 20/20 vision since that day with no problems whatsoever! The staff is friendly and helpful and my husband was able to watch the procedure in a waiting room on a television. READ MORE

I have wanted to have my eyes corrected for many years but have been afraid of the risks and the possible pain. The staff educated me on the differences between PRK, Lasek and Lasik. Prior to the procedure, I had a full exam, I was not a suitable candidate for Lasik but I was for Lasek. The... READ MORE

I did my lasik in 2003. Before my prescription was 4.25 L - 4.50 R and both eyes had stigmatism for 2.75  I have needed glasses since I was 9 or 10.  Lasik is a big relief.  I wanted to do it earlier, but my ex boss (optometrist) insisted that I should wait till I was... READ MORE

I had lasik surgery 3 years ago and it is the best investment you can ever make. I started using glasses because I couldnt see the black board in college from far and immediatly purchased contacts. I used contacts for about 5 years before building the courage to do the surgery.  I was... READ MORE

I had my Lasik eye surgery performed in 2001. I don't remember what my prescription was before hand, I just remember that I required corrective lenses 24/7. I couldn't see much of anything without them. I also had astigmatism in both eyes which was corrected with the Lasik procedure. The... READ MORE

The idea of having one eye dominate your long vision and the other your near vision may seem foreign, but somehow the mind makes it work well... No glasses needed anymore for anything! One thing I wish someone had told me before... Really, don't mess with waiting for pain meds to work (they... READ MORE

I had only nearsightness -6.25 & -6.0 before my 2 lasik surgeries did 4 years ago. I was nearly perfect after the surgery except my right eye after the surger became -.75 astigmatism. As years go by, my nearsightness comes back, now -.1 & -.75+1.25 astigmatism. I went to get contact lens... READ MORE

My eye sight had gotten to the point where I was legally blind without glasses. Everything was fuzzy! I hated glasses with a passion and I hated waking up and having to put them on to see across the room. I hated having to take them off before I could sleep and I hated them misting up, getting... READ MORE

It has been just short of a year since i had it done and my vision is EXCELLENT!!! I never cease to be amazed at what i can see. It is a life changing experience. If you are active and truly feel like you are hindered by glasses or contacts do your research then get it done. If I recall my... READ MORE

I didn't have a bad experience. I was so happy I didn't have to wear my contact anymore and that I can actually see in the morning without my glasses. My Dr. made sure that I was the right candidate and made me wear my glasses for month before letting me do my surgery. She said that since... READ MORE

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