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LASIK eye surgery involves using lasers to change the shape of the cornea in order to correct vision. LEARN MORE ›

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I have worn glasses or contact for 35 years with a -4.75 and -4.25. I got tired of my glasses and couldn't wear contacts due to an unspecified eye allergy. I decided on Mann Eye Katy and Dr. Wright was my surgeon. Surgery Day - I was a little nervous as this is my only pair of eyes! They... READ MORE

This is the best investment I have ever made in my life. I have better than 20/20 vision now. The procedure was a bit terrifying but they gave me a pill to relax me and it didn't hurt. They kept my eye open and it felt like pressure and it smelled like burnt flesh but it wasn't bad at all. I... READ MORE

So after wearing glasses since I was 7 or 8 years old and contacts since I was 13 years old, I got tired of it. I was always having to count out contacts when traveling and then they would get dry, etc. I went for a consult in July 2016 where they took lots of pictures and measurements of my... READ MORE

Once I decided to go for it, I read every LASIK horror story I could find. Though 9 different acquaintances came back with nothing but rave reviews, I knew there would be risks. I knew the structural integrity of my eyes would never be the same. These risks could dramatically affect my quality... READ MORE

I have been wanting laser eye surgery for some time now, but life got in the way???? It did give me time to research what type of procedure I wanted. I did not know about the different type of vision correction there were, so I did a bunch of research. Ortho K was out, as I am too old for the... READ MORE

I won't get into the long and complicated saga of my vision history, but the basic facts that relate to my eyes and why I'm deciding to get LASIK 1. I have astigmatism that require toric lenses to see clearly with 2. I also have dry eye syndrome which left me with GPC (giant papillary... READ MORE

This reviewer is affiliated with RealSelf. The views expressed here are their own and do not reflect the views of RealSelf, Inc.I had lasik 4 years ago, and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. Before lasik I was -2.5 in each eye with no astigmatism. My prescription had been steady for... READ MORE

My bad vision started when I was in high school... Keeping my face much too close to the exam papers gave me a slight prescription of -1.75 in both eyes. As time went on and the doctors got better at checking my eyes I found out I also had a slight stig. In my left eye dropping my prescription... READ MORE

I had bad vision since I was 10. So bad, by the time I was 28 I couldn't see the largest "E" on the vision chart. (Vision was 300/20) My corneas were too thin so they chose PRK surgery (similar to LASIK") The procedure itself lasted about 10 minutes MAYBE! Nothing hurt during. All I saw during... READ MORE

Up until my LASIK surgery, I had been pining to have this surgery since I was 12 years old. I started wearing glasses when I was 4. I had experienced the lifelong struggle of wearing contacts and glasses, and my vision became progressively worse as time went on until eventually my vision settled... READ MORE

Ok, so like many people wanting LASIK, I am tired of wearing contacts/glasses. I began wearing contacts at 18, and honestly had bad eye hygiene, would sleep in them sometimes. I wore them until about age 25 when I noticed I was getting some pterygium. I was unsure if they were caused by my... READ MORE

The whole experience was perfect!!! Everyone at his office was top notch!! Totally the best decision I've made to date!!! I even cried, honestly, as soon as the procedure was done... I was able to see!!!!!! Haven't had any complications... Highly recommend Dr. Caster. Everyone should do it.... ... READ MORE

I've been wearing glasses since fourth grade and contacts since I was fifteen. After wearing contacts for eight years I couldn't stand the dry eyes and fluctuating bothersome of having plastic on top of my eyeball. My eyesight got worse each and every year. I finally decided to ditch both and... READ MORE

My prescription is -7.00 in both eyes, and I've worn glasses since grade school. Had my evaluation to see if I was a good candidate for LASIK first. They examined the shape and thickness of my corneas, and tested my prescription. I was given an informational packet to take home with me about... READ MORE

I've lived with glasses/ contacts since grade school and I'm ready to not have to fumble around for my glasses when I get up in the morning. My contact prescription is + 7.5, so that gives you an idea of how bad my eyesight is. I'm a bit worried about the possible complications and the healing... READ MORE

This reviewer is affiliated with RealSelf. The views expressed here are their own and do not reflect the views of RealSelf, Inc.I started wearing prescription glasses in the 10th grade. Always struggled with contacts because I was right on the cusp of astigmatism in both eyes. Toric lenses were... READ MORE

Hello everyone, Looking at all the negative stuff written about lasik, I thought I should share my experience, since it is a positive one. I wore contact lenses for about 14 years. I couldn't wear glasses because my diopters were so high (-7.5 and -8.0) I would get a headache right behind... READ MORE

Hi RS friends I just wanted to write a quick review on my LASIK procedure. I contacted The LASIK Vision Institute after hearing about them on the radio. I had a really bad astigmatism & I couldn't see far. I hated wearing contacts and never wore glasses. I felt Lasik was the best option for me.... READ MORE

I had Lasik done at the Mann Eye Institute in Sugarland, TX 2 days ago! And thus far I couldn't be happier! Easiest thing ever! Whole procedure for both eyes lasted 8 mins and I could see immediately after! At first it was a little fuzzy around the edges but very very mildly, everyday it... READ MORE

I stumbled across this website after googling "Is LASIK Safe?" "LASIK reviews" "LASIK FAQ" hours before my surgery. It is presently 01:48 Mountain time and my appointment is scheduled for at 10:00. After reading horror story after horror story, perusing the "LASIK Complications" website and... READ MORE

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