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Laser resurfacing uses an intense light beam to treat several skin issues, from acne scars to age spots. There are two categories of lasers: Ablative, which removes thin layers of skin and is more invasive, and nonablative, less invasive lasers that tighten skin and stimulate collagen. LEARN MORE â€ş

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After Co2 Laser Effect - Indore, India

Hello i m Ravi, from indore.i got the laser co2 fractional. 20 days before .and i am very sad that i did not get the desire result.on 15 days My whole face is seem to be the black .it looks like like pigmentation .i forget to apply before treatment cream. Like hydroquinone ,and glycin acids .etc... READ MORE

On Day 3-feel Great! - Illinois

I was scared to death after watching the videos of the proceedure on utube. I prepared myself with lanacain all over face for half hour before treatment and 2 xanax that I usually take before a flight. My Dr. explained with my skin tone ect... she would go light to moderate depending on the skin... READ MORE

Totally Worth It! - Reston, VA

First, I did A LOT of research before I had the CO2 Fractional Laser resurfacing done. I researched how skin heals, the laser types, costs, etc. I am also very intelligent about skin care and overall health. I am 35 and wanted to wake my face up a bit - a gift to myself. I had eye surgery a... READ MORE

MicroLaserPeel with ProFractional - Memphis, TN

I was looking for a way to get my youthful skin back with little down time. This was the best investment I could have made. It has left my skin fresh looing with a youthful glow. READ MORE

Got the Wrong Treatment Instead of Pearl Laser I Got a Fractional CO2 Resurfacing - Birmingham, AL

I have a laser treatment 3 days ago. I think the MD have a more agressief treatment done. I thought they recommend me to have the Pearl Laser Resurfacing treatment because is the best for my skin. After they finished the treatment, the price was 1250 more. I was shocked... I realize now that... READ MORE

Great Experience - Burlington, MA

I had a lazer face resurfing procedure I was back to work within 5 days. The results so far have been very positive. I recommend it to anyone that is thinking about it. I did because I want a more smother younthful less wrinkles look on my face and I saw results from week one. READ MORE

Palomar Laser - Loved It, but It Takes Time to Show - California

I did 4 sessions of Palomar laser, which is a different brand of fractional laser. It doesn't require the blue gel like the Fraxel. I had some mild acne scars, a small dog bite on my cheek, and brown spots. The brown spots were the first thing to go, right with the first treatment. But... READ MORE

Laser Resufacing is Slightly Painful (W/video) - Roanoke, VA

I went to have Fractional laser performed on my entire full face. The Master Esthetician performed the procedure. My face was numbed with topical numbing cream. I orginally was going to have 3 full passes over the entire face, but after only two passes - the second pass was even lower settings... READ MORE

Erbruim Yag Laser Face Resurfacing and Extensive Fat Fill Great!

Pro's... one treatment versus several with FractionalCon's.. more down timeI did it because I had lost alot of weight 6 years ago, had no fat left in my face, tons of sun damage and some pre-cancerous skin lesions on my nose! Wrinkles be gone.Went to a couple consults and liked one doc more... READ MORE

Had the Procedure 2 Days Ago and the Pain is Getting Worse - Augusta, GA

Since it's been so soon since I've had the procedure, I can't provide a recommendation as I need time to heal before assessing the results. I'll repost in a month or so. I am now 21 days post op and while I feel much better, I am still very red, flaky, tight and itchy.... READ MORE

Laser Skin Resurfacing to Remove Freckles - my Face Looks Worse Than It Did Before the Surgery

I had laser skin resurfacing and my face looks worse than it did before the surgery. I had always wanted to remove freckles. Instead, I got hypopigmentation and clear scarring from the laser.What can I do to fix hyperpigmentation/scarring from Laser Skin Resurfacing? READ MORE

Matrix RF - Still Waiting to See Results on Scarring - Scottsdale, AZ

I've had two treatments so far... I pay $500 per visit without a contract, which I like. I don’t want to waste my money on packages that I don’t see any results. So far, I haven't and I don’t know if I can handle doing five as recommended for my scarring. This laser... READ MORE

Laser Skin Resurfacing/chemical Peel

I recovered really quickly! The first week was a drag...frozen pea bags for an hour on an hour off all day...applying Aquaphor, taking it off to do vinegar soaks every 3 hours...The goo was a mess...I had NO pain-didn't even take a Tylenol...My eyelids were swollen for a few days, but never... READ MORE

32 Years Old with a DEEP Nose Scar

Thanks to Brian, Manager of Dr. Torgerson’s clinic and Michelle, Registered Nurse and Laser Aesthetician at Dr. Torgerson clinic. Today is a day to remember. I had a very deep scar on my nose for over 25 years and I had a consult at Dr. Torgerson’s clinic to see if it can be removed, and tod... READ MORE

Laser Reurfacing for Acne.

I have had laser resurfacing for adult acne on two occasions. I requested that it be done to make my skin look better. Dr. Michael Mall did the procedure twice. Both times the desired effect was obtained. I was most pleased by Dr. Mall's preparation, technique and after care of the procedure. My... READ MORE

Was looking for a refresh... pores, texture challenges, etc.

I actually had the same attempted procedure twice. The first was in April of 2016. I originally went in to see about a HALO treatment, but it was suggested that would require multiple visits, so I chose the most aggressive treatment available, using a Sciton Tunable Resurfacing Laser (TRL). ... READ MORE

55 year old Smart Skin Laser Experience

Thought I would start my journey here to help others. I had Smart Laser CO2 done to my complete face and neck. My appointment was yesterday at 11:00am The phycisian that did my procedure made sure I was as comfortable as possible. I did take some prepcedure medications: Ativan 2mg, 1/2... READ MORE

Aerolase Lightpod Neo for rosacea, capillaries, and acne

I'm 35 and have stubborn cystic acne that had finally been under control for the last ~2 years, but had a flare up. I also have yucky red capillaries around the bottom and sides of my nose, and my nose tends to stay red. The technician was great. It did hurt pretty bad. If I get this again,... READ MORE

Laser Resurfacing

Hello Everyone, Ij ust had my laser treatment and it is the third day. I am RED, swotten, burny, can hardly see and have been putting, no slathering Aquaphor on every two hours evening thru bedtime; it slides off. How long will my face stay red?When willI begin to notice a difference? Thank... READ MORE

Laser Skin Resurfacing - Chicago, IL

Been coming to see Dr Shah for almost 10 yrs. Dr Shah is such a great plastic surgeon and a great person. The staff is very friendly and makes you feel at home. I would highly recommend using him for fillers laser and face. I do laser with him at least twice a year and it really makes a... READ MORE

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