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Harnessing the power of light, laser resurfacing treats a variety of dermal conditions, ranging from acne scars to age spots. Listen for these two categories of lasers: ablative (ones that remove thin layers of skin) and nonablative (those that tighten skin and stimulate collagen growth). LEARN MORE ›

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Pro's... one treatment versus several with FractionalCon's.. more down timeI did it because I had lost alot of weight 6 years ago, had no fat left in my face, tons of sun damage and some pre-cancerous skin lesions on my nose! Wrinkles be gone.Went to a couple consults and liked one doc more... READ MORE

Since it's been so soon since I've had the procedure, I can't provide a recommendation as I need time to heal before assessing the results. I'll repost in a month or so. I am now 21 days post op and while I feel much better, I am still very red, flaky, tight and itchy.... READ MORE

I had laser skin resurfacing and my face looks worse than it did before the surgery. I had always wanted to remove freckles. Instead, I got hypopigmentation and clear scarring from the laser.What can I do to fix hyperpigmentation/scarring from Laser Skin Resurfacing? READ MORE

I've had two treatments so far... I pay $500 per visit without a contract, which I like. I don’t want to waste my money on packages that I don’t see any results. So far, I haven't and I don’t know if I can handle doing five as recommended for my scarring. This laser... READ MORE

I recovered really quickly! The first week was a drag...frozen pea bags for an hour on an hour off all day...applying Aquaphor, taking it off to do vinegar soaks every 3 hours...The goo was a mess...I had NO pain-didn't even take a Tylenol...My eyelids were swollen for a few days, but never... READ MORE

Dr. Rucker lasered my lower eye areas and also did nose re-shaping surgery. He is very professional, explains everything and is very supportive throughout the process. Both surgeries healed quickly and gave me the results I was hoping for. He is very skilled as a plastic surgeon and has... READ MORE

The procedure took a little longer than I expected, but I did not feel very woosy after it. There was some pain but it is worth it because I have such great results. The Laser Skin Resurfacing machine did exactly what it was supposed to and my wrinkles around my nose, eyes and mouth are better.... READ MORE

Dr. Burns was professional and realistic in explaining what he could do. He delivered on each promise and plan. Follow up was excellent, and his nurse is caring and capable. My results exceeded my expectations. While he could not smooth out all of my acne scars, he knocked every wrinkle off my... READ MORE

Dr. Papantoniou made this procedure as painless and efficient as she could for me. The results are stunning! She warned me that it may sting, numbed areas first to alleviate pain and gave me a rest period between areas. Her staff attended to me with ointment after the procedure and gave... READ MORE

As a rule, I always get multiple estimates for any type of job. I was actually excited to try this practice, as multiple docs were highly rated, but it turned into a ripoff. The whole practice is geared towards high end sales or overpriced products. Fabi wanted to charge almost $8,000 for a... READ MORE

Dr. Goldman is perfection personified. His skill level is exceptional and his demeanor, as well as the demeanor of his entire staff, is genuinely kind and caring. I would not have had this procedure with anyone but Dr. Goldman. After meeting him, he had my utmost confidence and trust and he... READ MORE

I was searching for a local office to get a facial laser resurfacing and a chemical peel. A friend of mine suggested Dr. Katzen’s office and I’m glad she did. I followed the instructions post op to the tee. My recovery was fast and quite easy. I’d recommend his office for any type of work.... READ MORE

I am sitting in the waiting area of the hospital waiting to go into have laser resurfacing surgery on my full face. I will have a general Apprehensive about what is to come. More worried about the recovery as I will have to wear a facial bandage for 7 days. I am staying overnight mainly to make... READ MORE

DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICES! Linage is just around the corner from my office and they have great specials for laser treatments, so I decided to give it a shot. I called the office about the Groupon and they encouraged me to not purchase it, but rather come in and they would honor the price.... READ MORE

I had laser surgery with dr colin campey of all about face north lakes.I saved all year so i could make myself look better or so i thought.I was assured they had the best machine.I was told that i would be happy with the results.They seemed really nice people honest and trusting.So i went ahead... READ MORE

I am extremely happy with the results thus far. I constantly get comments about how amazing I look lately. I just look refreshed and just with an overall younger look without that "fake, swollen, pulled look". Dr. Soro is amazing at recommending the right procedure for each individual given... READ MORE

It has been 10 days since my Co2laser resurfaresurfing for acne. I don't have to wear vasoline on my face anymore. So now I can see my face better. I see a little improvement. I wasn't expecting 100% but were my deeper scars were they are still visible. The doctor said my skin is still... READ MORE

Spectra was developed to help those with darker skin types to rejuvenate and disturb the collagen in the skin. The team tested spectra on over 600 individuals finding excellent results for over 94 percent of those who tried it, try spectra!! It specifically heats up around the areas where hyper... READ MORE

For most of my life, I neglected to properly care for my skin by wearing sunscreen. I would put it on if I went to the beach or went hiking, but it wasn't an everyday thing, and I started noticing brown spots on my face in the past few years. Finally I decided to try to do something about it,... READ MORE

As a mother of two, exhausted and tired, I began noticing my skin needed a boost. I decided it was time to take my skincare and upkeep seriously so I started asking around for a doctor. My girlfriend told me about Dr. Zuliani and I thank her all the time for doing so!! For the past few years... READ MORE

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