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Harnessing the power of light, laser resurfacing treats a variety of dermal conditions, ranging from acne scars to age spots. Listen for these two categories of lasers: ablative (ones that remove thin layers of skin) and nonablative (those that tighten skin and stimulate collagen growth). LEARN MORE ›

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I am very picky about my appearance, and I consider cosmetic surgery as the best friend for women who care to look and feel great. I am also interested in reading articles about the new technologies for facial surgeries and improvement applications (lasers/ultrasounds/ botox/fillers etc.), but... READ MORE

Dr. Rahimi completed a full face and neck laser resurfacing treatment less than one week ago. My main areas of concern were sun damage, skin latiscity and volume loss. I am VERY HAPPY with the results thus far. I consulted with a number of Los Angeles surgeons that are experienced with CO2... READ MORE

At 55 I have taken really good care of my skin and don't look my age. But still the signs of ageing were starting to show and I could see what my skin would be like in a few years and wanted to keep that from happening. I really did my due dilligence and read up on all the proceedures and... READ MORE

I desired to remove wrinkles, scars, and discolorations that were due to age, 63, and to loss of 90 lbs. I had my face and chest done. My results were better than I expected. Not only did I achieve what I hoped; but I also received an amazing amount of lift around my eyes and chin. To achieve... READ MORE

I've just had my first ever laser skin resurfacing treatment and I'm on day 5. I can only describe it as brutal!! I've been in and out of hospital almost everday. I've been in agony and no amount of tramadol or anything else would help. I've got severe dizziness and its actually difficult to... READ MORE


I had this procedure done 5 days ago and, WOW, I can already tell a huge difference! The last bit of brown, peeling skin washed away today. I have a big pain tolerance, so it wasn't as bad as other reviews make it sound. I applied numbing cream 2 hours prior, and then my dr gave me 8 shots in... READ MORE


I covered my face one hour before the procedure, and then 1/2 hour before the procedure with Lidocaine. I took valacyclovir took 2 tablets twice a day, one day before the surgery, and the day of surgery, and one day after surgery for infection. I took 2 OXYCODONE 5.325 MIL. AND 2 HYDROCODONE 5... READ MORE

Great doctor who did a great job on my eyes. No other doctor knew how to get rid of my dark circles. Its been 4 years and everything has held up very well. READ MORE

I went to see Dr. John Bitner about having laser skin resurfacing to even out my skin tone by having my age spots and freckles removed. I was so impressed with him and the time he took to explain what procedure would work best for me and the results I could expect. Just a few days after having... READ MORE

I paid $1,800 for a CO2 facial rejuvenation and can not tell any difference. I was told it would tighten and help fine lines. After the procedure I was red and my chest looked like it had red scratches on it for quite some time. When that dissipated and I completely healed, my skin looked just... READ MORE

The recovery was fairly easy. In my case, you just have to make sure to wear a lot of sun block after the procedure, especially that when I did it in September. It was still pretty warm weather, so I just have to make sure to follow all of the instructions. Basically, you wear a lot of Vaseline,... READ MORE

My experience was less painful then I anticipated, and currently I am anxiously waiting for positive results regarding my appearance. I will update since today is only the second day after my procedure which not only encompassed Fractional CO2 laser, but 2 Perlane Filler and 2 Restylane fillers.... READ MORE

I got Dot laser 3 weeks ago and Have NOT seen any change or results. My face looks exactly the same as before. I went in to minimize pores and old acne scars. My skin hasn't changed. I don't know how long the wait is till you see results, but from ready other good reviews most people seen... READ MORE

I had laser skin resurfacing in October for acne scars. My doctor said she used erbium on my cheek where I had deeper scars and fraxel for the rest of my face. I was pretreated with hydroquinone to prevent hyperpigmentation which I was really concerned about. It's been 3 months and what a... READ MORE

I had this done last May and would not wish this experience on my worst enemy. I had some acne scarring, for the most part very shallow and thought this would smooth out my skin. I had a Profractional microlaser peel at 30 microns done with very few positive results. The machine the doctor used... READ MORE

Do not do this to you face. It is so not worth it. Money racket. I had it done 3 weeks ago and I am scarred. I feel really foolish for putting my lovely face in the hand of a girl barely out of nappys!! These machines are very powerful and should only be handled by a trained professional such as... READ MORE

I had Botox and a Profractional Laser treatment done in 12/12. The botox was done with absolute perfection and my 40 something crow€™s feet diminished over night. The Profractional Laser treatment was done with care, complete accuracy and I couldn't be happier with the results. It smoothed out... READ MORE

Had a Fractional CO2 total face resurfacing done 3 weeks ago. I was told it would hurt, but even with meds I'd put the pain level up there with childbirth. I was told I could wear make up and go out after 4-5 days. Not so. As some of the others have posted, I was still scabby and oozy after a... READ MORE

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