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Laser resurfacing uses an intense light beam to treat several skin issues, from acne scars to age spots. There are two categories of lasers: Ablative, which removes thin layers of skin and is more invasive, and nonablative, less invasive lasers that tighten skin and stimulate collagen. LEARN MORE ›

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Laser Resurfacing Pimples, Swelling!! - Mishawaka, IN

I just had my second of three fractional laser resurfacing treatments. First, I want to say it is a very painful treatment. The first treatment I had swelling and some redness and a little breakout for about 4 days. This treatment I am experiencing excessive swelling especially around my... READ MORE

DEKA CO2 fractional dot laser---Hope this is worth it---Golf Lady, Colorado Spgs

I am 63 and have spent mu entire life in the sun. I was raised on the beaches in California; backyard pool, 3 ,miles from the beach, water skiing and on our sailboat. I came to Colorado. became a ski instructor, backpacker, hiker, bicycle rider and am now an avid golfer. Needless to say a LOT... READ MORE

I Look 15 Years Younger but Like Myself! - Boca Raton, FL

You will not regret going for a procedure with Dr. Felder! I had work done with him 15 years ago and again last month. He always makes me feel comfortable and does just the right amount of work to make me look refreshed, not changed. I love the results and you will too. He is also the nicest... READ MORE

40 Years Old, 2 Kids, Loves the Outdoors. Charleston, SC

I'm grateful to Charleston Facial Plastic Surgery for such a positive experience. Dr. Rodwell took his time to listen to my needs and explained step by step what I could expect throughout the procedure. His impeccable bedside manner immediately put me at ease and more importantly I'm thrilled... READ MORE

Mid-forties Mom of Two Tweens. Not Sure How I Feel About This Whole Aging Thing. - Seattle, WA

I went to get a skin tag removed from my eyelid on a referral from my family practice doctor. When Dr. English was done with that procedure she asked if I’d like anything else done. I asked for feedback and she suggested laser resurfacing to brighten and even my skin tone. Best of all, she s... READ MORE

Laser Disaster - Naples, FL

Staff was nice, doctor was, in my opinion, completely dishonest in what the expectations would be for laser. I asked him straight out, what would I look like the following days after the procedure. He showed me a photo of a woman with a slight sunburn. Not bad at all. So I went through with it.... READ MORE

I Have a New Face! - Toronto, ON

I had laser resurfacing done, physician recommended! Day one was visually intense, very red, hot and uncomfortable, then it was over! The next 2 days, I needed to hibernate because it looked a bit scary, but it did not hurt, it was very tight, and needed to follow the directions of Dr.... READ MORE

Laser Resurfaceing - Fort Myers, FL

Met with Dr Stephen, Prendiville and his wife and staff, they were all very friendly. I am not at all satisfy with this procedure. I had the procedure done and the doctor was scheduled for his vacation time, so when I went for my visit, not sure in what order they were in but earlier this... READ MORE

Doctors Offices...rude..push Info from Most of Them on Cost, Etc - Santa Monica, CA

I finally got a ball park figure from 3 doctors i thought might be good. called late in afternoon to talk about a appointment with dr howard liu. a man answered cedar sinai and i stated what i wanted. he said a $100.00 consultation and i said i needed a answer of the costs prior to paying him... READ MORE

Note of Thanks! - New Orleans, LA

I was not happy with what I was seeing in the mirror!! I wanted to look younger, like most women my age. I work in a Dr's office and see many people daily, selling eye wear to them. Plan and simple I no longer felt good about myself. I thought I had lost my edge! Since my procedure, my... READ MORE

My Family "Baggy Eyes" - Saint Louis, MO

In my family many of us have “baggy” eyes, you know the wrinkles that give you the “you look tired” look all the time. And after years of having fun in the sun my face needed some TLC. I was nervous (like most people) not knowing what my options would be and if I would feel pressure to conside... READ MORE

Cold Day in Hell - Tampa, FL

Went for acne scars. Some of the scars & the dent that was left aftr the surgery And that's just the left side More on right Still dealing with the scars from the Erbium Laser. Going on 5 yrs this March. On my 4th treatment of Restore Dual. Seeing a little change but too soon to tell... READ MORE

Awesome Job!! - Little Rock, AR

I had laser resurfacing almost 6 months ago. I'm so happy with the out come. Dr Yee is the best of the best! Her office staff are great always willing to answer any questions and concerns I had . I would recommend anyone that wanted to have laser resurfacing to go see her and her office staff .... READ MORE

Laser Resurfacing with "Laser Peel" by Dr. Markus Forsythe MD Was Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! - Las Vegas, NV

I have had other laser procedures done by other doctors over the past years. I had devolved some mild scarring on my chin area as well as some acne. My skin is little darker and in the past all the doctors would use IPL or some type of similar technology. I was referred to Dr. Markus Forsythe... READ MORE

This Cost Includes Anaesthetic, Botox and Filler. Tampa, FL

Absolutely fabulous office all around. I have been a client for many years and would not go anywhere else. Several members of my family have had procedures at this office and all had great experiences. The staff has become like family and they are all concerned with the person not just a... READ MORE

Years of Sun Damage - Why Did I Bake in the Sun and Tanning Beds?!? - Raleigh, NC

Now, I wouldn't be caught dead in the sun without a great SPF and hat! But, the damage is done. A very trusted friend suggested I have a treatment called Clear & Brilliant Permea. I was not hesitant because I have worked with the staff at Davis Plastic Surgery in the past and knew they would... READ MORE

Horrible Results or I Should Say No Results Except Red Spots from my Laser Resurfacing - Costa Rica, CR

I went to a board certified dermatologist who was highlt recommended. I asked many questions before leaving for CR. I was told that I needed to stay for one week after my deep laser resurfacing as there would be quite a mess on my face. I had almost no obvious results from the procedure except... READ MORE

Laser Scarred Entire Face - Las Vegas, NV

This is the first review I've ever left. Dr. Weiland performed Erbium resurfacing on me 6 years ago. Since then, I've been working hard to save money for treatments that could repair/improve the damage and scars. It was obvious after the healing had finished, that I was left with severely... READ MORE

53 Year Old Age Spots and Face Tightened - Smyrna, GA

Several years ago I started having routine laser skin resurfacing done at Paramount Plastic Surgery. I have very light freckly skin (my mother was a red head) and at over 50 I am beginning to show age spots (those freckles aren't so cute anymore!) and moderate rosacea. Interacting with his... READ MORE

Television News Anchor - Raleigh, NC

I pile on the products to try to make my skin smooth and healthy. Then I pile on the makeup to cover what the products can't. I have sun damage I'm trying to cover too. I thought the Clear & Brilliant treatment, for me, was like a gentle eraser. It took away the little lines driving me crazy... READ MORE

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