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Harnessing the power of light, laser resurfacing treats a variety of dermal conditions, ranging from acne scars to age spots. Listen for these two categories of lasers: ablative (ones that remove thin layers of skin) and nonablative (those that tighten skin and stimulate collagen growth). LEARN MORE ›

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I realized it was time to do something about the wrinkles around my eyes, when people began to ask me why I looked so tired, even after a restful night's sleep. Initially, I was very nervous to have someone treat my face, knowing how hard it would be to hide any resulting complications. However,... READ MORE

I have wanted this treatment for 20 years and never had the opportunity..up until now.. I came to the Real self site and got ALOT of good and useful information regarding the procedure. I had the C02RE ablative facial resurface with 2 passes.. After 2 Valium, (necessary) - 28 shots and 3... READ MORE

I have been waiting for my PS office to get a new laser & I knew they were trying out several different models. They called me a couple of weeks ago & wanted to know if I would like to be one of the test cases for the Scion Laser that they were thinking of purchasing. And I said YES! ... READ MORE

I had only mildly noticeable lines around my mouth and mild acne scars. CO2 took out all my pigment, (think ghost), destroyed skin laxity, pitted and left lesion like marks all over my skin. Four years out and I've aged 20 years. Its only getting worse. Skin is waxy, dimpled and mottled. This... READ MORE

I went to my doctor for the first time thinking I was getting botox to look and feel my best just before my wedding. She recomnended doing laser resurfacing to get the best result for my money. I felt I could trust her after just a few minutes of talking with her. She's was very genuine about... READ MORE

Background: I've had a series of birthmarks on my legs since birth. I believe they're called cafe au lait. They're flat and brown in color and, since middle school, I've grown increasingly self-conscious and depressed about my birthmark. I don't expose my legs. I'm currently a 17 year old... READ MORE

I'm a 40-something guy who is starting to show some age lines/wrinkles, plus I've had some mild scars and textural inconsistencies on my face due to different pore zones, young adult acne and also getting chicken pox in my 30s. I had previously tried chemical peels to some success, but decided... READ MORE

I've had deep under-eye bags for as long as I can remember. Some of it may be from good 'ol Texas allergies, some inherited, and some from gravity (notice I didn't say age haha). As part of my makeover, I selected for some facial resurfacing. I choose to use the same PS facility that ... READ MORE

I purchased a groupon package of 3 DOT laser procedures from Aura The first time I had no results but bought the package and thought I would give it another try. Second treatment was less successful than the first Third treatment I complained about the first two not working and that was a... READ MORE

Amazing doctor who was very responsive to my needs (dark spot removal). The results were visible as soon as the first laser procedure was done. I feel younger and more beautiful than ever before. If I ever have any other future problems, I'll make sure to refer to Dr. Boris. Highly recommended.... READ MORE

I had wonderful experience when I gone to clinic called Linline. I hear about this clinic before, my neighbor say about it. My problems was very big wrinkles and all my skin looked very old, I am 62 years. But most I hated my nasolabial lines. One time I understand that I not want see me become... READ MORE

Like many women in their 40's, I feel super young and am in great shape but when I look on the mirror I get more and more critical of my aging appearance particularly my sin damage, "ruddy" complexion, wrinkles (the knows around my mouth really drive me crazy. I have done Botox, filler and had... READ MORE

I had suffered with sun damaged skin from years of past sun exposure. I thought there was such a thing as a healthy tan, but I was so wrong. A dermatologist who was treating me told me about Dr. Scheiner, and I was thrilled when I met him. He told me he could help me reverse the years of sun... READ MORE

As I close in on retirement, I wanted to get rid of my wrinkles and look more youthful. It's almost time to really enjoy life. Most of my wrinkles are gone or almost gone, but I have been left deformed. One side of my lip is much higher than the other. Dr. Salzman's fix is I can pay for more... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Kates due to wrinkled skin around my eyes and aging skin on face. He was exceptional! Very patient with all my questions, has a great personality and is clearly an excellent dermatologist. He discussed pros and cons of laser resurfacing so that I knew what I was signing up for... READ MORE

It's not exactly a walk in the park. Not that there's pain but it's very very uncomfortable. Your face feels tight and swollen and slightly burned. All you do is grease it with aquaphor And cleanse it with Cetaphll....after a couple of days you feel very crusty and itchy. The keyword here is... READ MORE

Bought into the benefits of V-shape and pixeling for my aging skin. Had approx. 5 treatments total and saw absolutely no difference. The pixeling hurts so badly, I wanted to come off the table a few times. Numbing cream does nothing for the pain either, (I did it both ways.) Oh, and sorry... READ MORE

I have struggled with back acne my whole life. I would tan to hid the scars and that seemed to work till I stopped tanning. Once I got pale all I could see was scaring. I decided to have laser resurfacing. Before I got it done I did 3 chemical peels between 3 months on my back to remove some... READ MORE

I came to Dr. ERICKSON a few months after a terrible motorcycle accident. I landed on my face fracturing my right eye socket and 40 stitches in my forehead over my right eye. After healing, I was left with uneven eyebrows and a scar. I looked as if I were questioning everyone. I also had age... READ MORE

I travel often to Prague for spa and thermal bath treatments. Was looking for aesthetic clinic in Prague but was not sure about the staff, and in foreign country unless you do not read review and have no recommendation it is quite difficult to decide where to go. I met the lady from Saudi ... READ MORE

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