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Laser eye surgery, like LASIK, involves changing the shape of your cornea using lasers to permanently correct your vision. LEARN MORE ›

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I have wanted to have my eyes lasered for a number of years, however in the UK; it costs over £3000 for both eyes. I found myself on a journey to Istanbul for health tourism and decided if I could find a good clinic I would also get my eye surgery. I checked out some reviews for Istanbul and ... READ MORE

I was in an unfortunate accident and was looking at a life of seeing only out of one eye. I was immediately referred to Dr. Bowden and he saw me that day. He explained the road I was looking at and that many surgeries would be needed. He educated me at every visit and answered all my questions.... READ MORE

Glasses since 7th grade. I've wanted this surgery since my early 20's and now at 27 I finally was able to find the funds to get it! Everyone in Dr. Ellis office is so friendly and accommodating. The surgery itself was a little scary for me especially when they cut the flap and your vision goes... READ MORE

I'm writing this to reassure anyone who is nervous about Laser Eye surgery, as I was. Before my procedure, I read all the horror stories, became familiar with worst case scenarios, and then took the plunge. I'm 45 and have worn either glasses or contacts since I was 10. Now I'm getting older,... READ MORE

I had my procedure recently at Dr. Chynn's office. Dr. Chynn is extremely sharp, very nice and is always ready to answer questions. The staff are professional and nice too. When I visited for the consultation, I was introduced to a "buddy patient" via email (after her consent of course) so that... READ MORE

Yes this is what happened to me and I would like/at least try to save who all are reading my review. I wore glasses for more than 20 yrs until the day of Lasik 16 Nov 2012 when I decided to get rid of the spectacles and get my C-Lasik done at VAC (Visual Aids Centre, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi).... READ MORE

Was wearing glasses since i was 18 (im 26 now) and notice that my vision was getting worse so decided to get laser done. I was very nervous about the procedure since it is my eyes! I did a lot of research and checked out different doctors and found Dr. Bansal to be the best! Glad I did it and... READ MORE

From my experience as a patient at Park Avenue Laser Vision. Dr. Chynn is fixing extreme cases that no other surgeon in the U.S. let alone NYC can touch. Dr. Chynn can do this because of the no-flap LASEK technique he invented at Harvard I flew in all the way from Albania because no surgeon... READ MORE

Hi All - This is my 1st post here so i apologies if i have posted in the wrong place. I also feel that this forum is maybe used more frequently by Americans where as i am based in the UK, London/Bristol. So I had Lasik 12 days ago after much consideration and talking to many people. Everyone i... READ MORE

I had my procedure over a year ago, and i absolutely love it! Going from -4.00 contacts to nothing was amazing! Their staff is great and Dr. Rampona is so nice. I like how he compared supralase to lasik. If you are considering vision correction, DO NOT GET YOUR EYES CUT with lasik! supralase... READ MORE

I was very happy with Dr. Gordon at Westchester Eye Associates! I went in to see Dr. Gordon because I could not see out of my left eye, the only thing I could see were fingers held up in front of my face. After having a consultation with Dr. Gordon he reassured me that he could restore the... READ MORE

Dr. Scheiner is worth the time and travel to Tampa, even if you have to travel across the country! I was impressed with the before and after photos of patients on his website: I liked seeing real people that became a youthful, more attractive version of themselves. It was a welcome change from... READ MORE

I went in for a routine annual checkup. No complaints just wanted to update my prescription. However as the exam progressed she was confirming with her assistant the Medical insurance I had, to keep adding unnecessary procedure codes. Furthermore, she told me that I needed to have Prophylactic... READ MORE

I've been thinking about LASEK for a while now so I finally took the free consultation with PAL. I must say the staff at PAL are very polite, knowledgable, helpful and professional. My eye doctor told me that I was not a candidate for laser so you should always check with the specialist first to... READ MORE

I wanted to have this procedure because I wanted a rejuvenated look under my eyes, to appear fresher. Although the burn marks took a little longer than expected to heal, the ultimate outcome is exactly what I wanted! The staff was fantastic, as well, and remained steadfast with me all the way... READ MORE

The doctor was very kind and informative. He checked on my eyes and told me that they were healthy. The doctor was very knowledgable on how I should be seeing things and made me feel more comfortable. He seemed like somebody I could ask anything. He helped me prepare for this big procedure and I... READ MORE

I have worn glasses/ contacts for over 15 years. I always considered lasik and finally had insurance that could help me cover part of it. The next day I was able to see so well! I am so happy I went through with it, and I recommend the procedure and Global Laser Vision. I went in for a... READ MORE

Very professional and highly educated. Doesn't try to talk you into multifocal lenses like some other eye surgeons do on everyone. He did what was best for me. He didn't seem hurried and sat with me to answer all my questions. Very personable. The OR staff was very good and very calming. Have... READ MORE

Motivation: I had really bad eye sight. Pros: really fast recovery time. Very Well done. I CAN SEE. Cons: I live far away from actual location and there isn't an office nearby, so I have to travel quite a while for a check up. Outcome: I'm only 28 days in, so there is still faint blurriness in... READ MORE

I've been wearing glasses since the age of 7 years old. I started wearing contacts at 14 years old. I'm ready to see without contacts or glasses. I don't think my vision is going to change now at 37. I'm in the process of researching doctors. Two things I'm worried about is something going... READ MORE

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How much does Laser Eye Surgery cost?

The typical cost for Laser Eye Surgery ranges from $900-$5,000 with an average cost of $3,175. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 44 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more