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Laser Genesis is a YAG laser treatment that's intended to improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles, reduce acne scars, and diminish pore size. LEARN MORE ›

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46 Year Old Mom of Three. Connecticut, CT

I had laser genesis at advice of dermatologist. I was worried about aging and wrinkling under eyes. I had this done a month ago and am devastated by the adverse results! Not only ha ve wrinkles gotten deeper, they have increased in number and further down below my eyes. I can feel my skin... READ MORE

Subcision and Laser Genesis for Acne Scars - San Ramon, CA

I had my first subcision and laser genesis treatment today at a dermatologist office. I had deep acne scars (combination of ice pick and boxcar) for over 10 years on my forehead and cheeks. These scars have caused me to hide from mirrors and sun light. I was nervous about the subcision since... READ MORE

I Wish I Hadn't Done the Laser Genesis Treatment

Just after I turned 29 I started to freak about the idea of aging. Nothing about my face was aging but I obsessed over when it would. After both my sons were born I noticed a few sun spots. I wanted a more even skin tone. I went to the doctor to ask about microdermabrasion and how to get ride of... READ MORE

25 Y/0 with PIH and Mild Adult Acne - Sacramento, CA

I had 4 laser genesis treatments over the course of a few months. It did make my skin appear less red, but that wasn't really my concern in the first place. It made no difference in my pinkish/brownish PIH (from acne) and a few brown spots. I had 4 treatments and the cost was $400 total. A nurse... READ MORE

30 Years Old, Dull Skin/enlarged Pores - New York

I started coming to Dr. Krant for general skin issues -- acne, keratosis pilaris, sun damage, etc. She saw me every couple months until all my unpleasant skin issues had been completely resolved -- my acne is completely gone, redness and texture issues resolved with antibacterial facewash and... READ MORE

Laser for 37 Year Old with Redness and Enlarged Pores - Montreal, QC

I have always had rosacea and oily/acne prone skin. I lived in New York and I have tried many types of peels, IPL and skincare with reputable doctors over the years and this is definitely the most effective treatment for both of my problems so far. It took 6 treatments, once every 2 weeks with... READ MORE

Helped reduce the size of my pores and reduce redness - Laser Genesis - Gahanna, OH

I have had 4-5 Laser Genesis treatments and I am very pleased with the results. The actual treatment feels good and there is zero downtime so I was able to go back to work immediately. This is the only treatment that has helped reduce the size of my pores and reduce redness not to mention the... READ MORE

Not Sure - Ontario, ON

I had a series of sessions and to be honest, I don't know if it did anything at all. Didn't really notice any huge difference in texture, colour or fine lines. Don't think that I would do it again although it was comfortable and I had no side effects or down time. It is an easy procedure and... READ MORE

do not get lasers! - Santa Ana, CA

I had acne. Bad case of acne on my forehead. It was horrible. It damaged not only my appearance but also my confidence as well. I was extremely insecure. I wanted a solution and decided to opt for Laser Genesis. It was a MISTAKE! Here's why. At first i only wanted to have only my forehead... READ MORE

Try It. Its Perfect -Richmond Hill, ON

I got a perfect result. I feel younger and my skin is much softer now. I just got one treatment and it worth it. Amazing that you could see the result immediately after the treatment. They provided initial consultation and before and after care instruction. It took about 30 minutes for my face... READ MORE

I could already see and feel a difference in my skin - Great Experience - Los Angeles, CA

After barely 2 treatments i could already see and feel a difference in my skin. No more looking in the mirror and feeling bad about what you see. No down time after the procedure. Only mild redness shortly after that only lasts about an hour. And this is one of those procedures that produces... READ MORE

My Laser Genesis Experience - Birmingham, AL

The medical spa had a month long $75 special on the laser Genesis (regularly $150). I did the procedure on a whim. The process itself was relaxing. The staff was very nice. There was the occasional sting, but nothing that caused discomfort. Within 2 days, my face was covered in a bumpy rash.... READ MORE

Brilliant - Highly Recommended - Crawley, UK

I have just had my 3rd treatment and cannot wait for the next one! My skin is looking fantastic and pores are really shrinking and the surface texture looks smoother and firmer. It really is well worth the money. My skin had recentlystarted to look aged and open and the skin texture was... READ MORE

Stay Away from Laser Genesis!!! - Bulgaria

I had just one LG treatment to remove some redness I had on the cheeks which was easy to cover. What I got is redness all over my face, enlarged pores all over my face, orange peel texture, skin that even the most emolient creams can hydrate, fine lines on my cheeks, deep lines on my chin,... READ MORE

Laser Genesis -NYC

My Background: I suffered from moderate cystic acne for eight years that caused boxcar and icepick scaring and as well as hyper-pigmentation on my cheeks. Now that I'm finally clearing up I talked to my dermatologist and he told me the only solution for the severity of my indented scars (which... READ MORE

Planning to Do Genesis Plus Laser. Need Advice - California

I had a terrible experience with laser hair removal in 2009 and now have ingrown hairs and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation all on my lower legs. It's so embarrassing that I haven't worn skirts, dresses, or shorts since then! I'm only in my 20s and do want to get married and have kids but... READ MORE

stay away from this laser - Philadelphia, PA

One treatment to remove a few lines in between my brows. Or so I'd thought. Treatment was (so I've been told) within recommended range of joules /pulses. Not sure I believe it. But I never would have expected the outcome with this type of laser. After 4 days, my pores opened up like... READ MORE

Worth It - Redondo Beach, CA

Had one treatment done and plan on having two or three more (I got a really good special, 4 for $600). No down time, face was red for about 20 minutes afterward. Saw immediate results on one side of my face, but still have some remaining redness on the other side from old acne scars/broken... READ MORE

Excellent Service, Staff, and Facility - Birmingham, AL

HPS has a wide variety of services with the most knowledgeble staff that make you feel awesome after the service. READ MORE

Laser Genesis Experience - Part 1

Hi guys After a couple of years of looking for the right procedure to get rid of my acne scarring (I was looking for the least invasive procedure as I would never go through CO2, considering the side effects and down time), I finally decided to go through Laser Genesis. Firstly,... READ MORE

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