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Laser Genesis is a YAG laser treatment that's intended to improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles, reduce acne scars, and diminish pore size. LEARN MORE ›

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Bad Reaction to Laser Genesis/cutera - Manhattan Beach, CA

Had an ipl and laser Genesis treatment two days ago and now I have bumps ALL over my face!! I have had ipl two times in the past and it's been excellent for clearing dark pigmentation. Upon the suggestion of the med spa about how terrific Genesis is: no downtime, clears skin and fine lines! I... READ MORE

51 Year Old, Monthly Laser Genesis Treatments for 10 Years - Couldn't Be Happier with Results - Chicago, IL

I've been getting laser genesis treatments almost monthly for years and have never had a bad experience or adverse results. I definitely contribute my skin texture, reduced pour size and lack of wrinkles to these treatments. I had acne as a teen that lasted into my mid 20's. I have always had... READ MORE

"PURPOSELY" Blistered/HORRIFIC burns/permanent scars w/ laser that can't Be Fixed - Winter Park, FL

11/09/12 Kristin Occhiogrosso, Dr. Rotatori. I had a mini neck lift left with very obvious scarring and Dr. Rotatori hesitantly did steriod injections.I went to 2 doctors that said scarring was unacceptable I needed to go back to surgeon and have laser. I did and he had his PA Kristin... READ MORE

Laser Genesis for First Time - Sherman Oaks, CA

So today I was convinced to go with Genesis instead of IPL, I was told there is no downtime and the treatment itself is not uncomfortable as it can be with IPL and most importantly I would get better results with my skin texture (face only) and overall look of my skin. I am disappointed to find... READ MORE

Laser Genesis - Sioux City, IA

When I was 15 I was diagnosed with seb dermatitis and was prescribed w Hydrocortisone 2% which seemed to enlarge my pores. I have dealt with that for years but recently I was prescribed ellidel and now my pores are indented also which they never were. Looks like a lot of holes in my face when... READ MORE

I Finally Got Lucky! - Tampa, FL

After two years of pain and suffering all my efforts paid off.Just to think in start telling my story tears suddenly pop-up in my eyes as I remembered what happened to me. I had what most people called porcelain face, until a MD gave me the wrong meds which on a 4th of july gave me a bad case of... READ MORE

Laser Limelight and Genesis - Australia

I have Roseaca. I have been seeing a therapist for about 2.5yrs now and she had been the only therapist to ever improve and help my skin condition. I have had light therapy with her (blue light, red light - non invasive light therapy) along with using good products like cosmedix.My skin got to... READ MORE

Laser Genesis Vs Photofacial - Phoenix, AZ

I've had both Laser Genesis and Photofacial and have had excellent results with both. The difference is that Laser Genesis does not treat pigmentation issues such as brown spots and freckling. I went with Photofacial to treat those issues, but will go back to a maintenance with Laser Genesis as... READ MORE

Bad Reaction to Laser

I had a laser genesis procedure done last week. I had a bad reaction. Looked like a red, raised, bumpy rash everywhere on my face. The rash came after 24 hours. It got worse for two days. Some turned into pimples. I was told it could be folliculitus.The pros - I really felt my skin looked... READ MORE

Save your money

Has the work done by her esthetician. After 3 treatments, didn't see any positive changes. I got a lot of redness around my nose that I never had prior which is why I stopped treatment immediately. I still go to Dr Reina but not for laser genesis. READ MORE

Many Untold Side Effects

I'm a 25 year-old female who had a series of 4 Laser Genesis treatments in 2013. The set of Laser Genesis treatments left my skin with an orange peel texture, fine lines around the mouth, wrinkles under my eyes, and uneven skin texture. These "side effects" started to manifest throughout the... READ MORE

Pretty Good - Buena Park, CA

I bought 3 packages of Genesis laser treatment with facial. 46 years old and fair asian skin 9/2/16 -- 1st session I had facial first to prep for Genesis. Procedure was simple. it wasn't painful. My face feels brighter but Im not sure if its the facial. Make up applies better. I like the... READ MORE

Is Laser Genesis Worth It for Pink Acne Scar? New Philadelphia, PA

Im thinking about doing laser Genesis. Does anyone has any good advice? I have a few acne scars on my chicks and chin. I still break out once in a while. Does laser Genesis irritate your skin? I have a sensitive skin, and consider myself very easy to have scar and pigmentation. Is laser Genesis... READ MORE

69 Years Old Retired Teacher - Ponchatoula

I have suffered from Rosacea most of my adult life. Laser Genesis at QnA has worked both medically and cosmetically Dr.Benson, Dr. Malinsky, Esthetician Meghan and the entire staff are all first-rate. The procedure takes about forty-five minutes and is not painful. I receive monthly... READ MORE

47 Female Accutane Patient. New York, NY

I am taking 20 mg of Accutane daily, My face is breaking out on one side where I had existing issues I am a picker which does not help at all . My dermatologist recommended Laser Genesis. I have done so much research on Accutane and every site says NO LASER, No Peels. Apparently there have... READ MORE

Is Laser Genesis Worth It? - East Greenbush, NY

I am a 25 year old female struggling with acne for the VERY first time. I went from having absolutely clear skin to an insane breakout all over my face, I place blame on coming off of birth control which I was never informed by my Gyno could do...Anyways I am back on BCP and have been using... READ MORE

You Can Tell It Works! - Denver, CO

When I turned 50 and was dating again, I wanted to look my best. I also don't want to look unnatural. And i should mention I don't have much of a budget for non essential spending. I went to my neighborhood medical spa and talked to Dr Waples. She is an outdoorsy kind of gal, who looks great... READ MORE

Laser Genesis Works Great but Slow for Pigmentation on Asian Skin. Gold Coast, AU

I have been treating pigmentation on my upper cheek towards eyes on both sides for about 3 years now and roughly had treatments by Genesis for 54 times as I do treatment fortnightly to monthly. I get about 70% back from medicare (from government) so I am very lucky that I can have these... READ MORE

18 Y/o College Kid. Spring, TX

I had Rachel perform all of my Laser Genesis treatments and first of all she is phenomenal! She is so gentle with everything she does and has a true passion for what she does. She makes everything comfortable and relaxing, I love her! As for the treatments themselves, they were 100% effective!... READ MORE

Disappointed in Laser Genesis/microdermabrasion for Texture - Old Bridge, NJ

I've had 5 out of 6 treatments of laser genesis with microdermabrasion in between. My treatments were 2 weeks apart with the last one a little over a week ago. My esthetician told me my skin "is not as smooth as it could be" and recommended the genesis/micro combo. I so badly wanted to be a... READ MORE

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