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Invisalign aligners are used to straighten crooked or crowded teeth, as well as close gaps and adjust overbites. The treatment involves wearing clear, plastic trays that are custom-designed for your mouth, making Invisalign a less-noticeable alternative to metal braces. For best results, it's recommended that you wear the aligners at least 20 hours per day throughout your entire treatment, switching to a new set of aligners roughly every two weeks until you've reached your desired results. LEARN MORE ›

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Stephen Papas Imagine Orthodontics - Careless with teeth, avoid! - Brisbane, AU

This was my second set of invisalign. I had them years ago and stopped wearing the retainer so they shifted a bit. They weren't too bad but I thought I could fix them once and for all, and hopefully stick to wearing the retainer this time! I told Dr Papas very clearly that I was concerned about... READ MORE

A Little over a Month In!

This is more for me than anyone else, but I've always wanted braces. I remember being in middle school watching my friends go from awkward to beautiful thanks to orthodontics. I felt like I got jipped. Now, at 24, I'm making my childhood dream come true...on my way to straight teeth! Here's... READ MORE

Botched Childhood Braces, Finally Attempting to Fix with Invisalign

I had traditional metal braces when I was young (middle school - high school), with it resulting in complications on my teeth, despite going to a well regarded orthodontist in Manhattan, New York. Not sure if it was bc I just had weak teeth, or he moved too fast and it resulted in trauma in one... READ MORE

Can't Wait to Start my Invisalign Trays!!.. Now with Acceledent!!

I am a 33 y/o with a "gummy" smile, (ie, small-looking teeth), an overbite with front tooth spacing (childhood thumb-sucker), and a grey front tooth (trauma caused the discoloration, root canal did not fix the color). These are my issues that I plan to have fixed within the next year and half... READ MORE

Starting my Invisalign Journey. - Manhattan, NY

Looking forward to starting my 37 week treatment with Dr. Kenn M. kakosian in NYC. Although, I would be lieing if I said I wasn't both anxious and excited about what's to come. I would really appreciate any advice anyone can give me about what to expect, from their own experience with invisalign... READ MORE


After having braces I was a little unhappy with my lower teeth and bite down. So I decided to have 13 trays of Invisalign over 26 weeks. If you can afford it going for braces and then Invisalign gives great results in a fairly short time. Here's a video of how my teeth changed over time. READ MORE

My invisalign journey - extraction and midline correction

Hi everyone, So November of last year, I had a consult for begin Invisalign. I chose an elite Invisalign provider because I wanted to be sure that I would be getting the best treatment plan for my situation. To begin with, I never was fortunate to afford braces. I finally decided to use my... READ MORE

Finally Starting My Invisalign Journey - Lexington, KY

Day 1 (4/12/16) The trays are killing me. I recommend filling them down which helped me get better audjusted to it. I'm looking forward to keeping this updated! I'm so excited to finally start this long process. I have 40 trays and I change them every two weeks. Check back in to see me along... READ MORE

26 Year Old Invisalign Case for Crooked Teeth

My invisalign treatment has been so easy and painless! I love that the trays are not noticeable and that I can remove them whenever I want (for my age this was a huge deal to me). I changed my trays out every 10-12 days and started to notice improvements almost immediately. I would recommend it... READ MORE

25, Complicated Invisalign Case - Iowa

My top teeth were straight during childhood, I was never uncomfortable with them. The bottoms were okay since no one saw them. I lost my last baby tooth in highschool. It was an eye tooth and came in too big and a different shape than the baby tooth. Neither eye teeth grew in down where they... READ MORE

Invisalign Failure, Moving on to Damon Braces

After going my whole life with severely crooked teeth, I have reached a point in my life where it's time to take charge of my life and make myself happy. I am ready to be able to smile in photographs and hopefully by my son's high school graduation in May 2016 my outside will finally reflect my... READ MORE

21 Years Old, No Extraction, Crowding, Overbite, Attachments, Elastics. - Singapore, SG

Invisalign was a privilege. I couldnt afford braces when I was younger but made a promise to myself that I will get teeth fixed with my own hard earn money. (My dentist in school did a referral for me for metal braces, but due to my dental traumatic injuries, I decided to decline it). I had a... READ MORE

Taking the Plunge with Invisible Orthodontia - Tucson, AZ

So...I'm a procrastinator/perfectionist. It's bad. This is why after a couple months of treatment I finally decided to make an account and share my experiences with a bunch of strangers on the internet. I've wanted for years to have straight teeth, but my parents could not afford braces and... READ MORE

Great Results! - Humble, TX

I have always wanted straight(er) teeth. I wasn't able to get braces as a teenager, we couldn't afford it. I finally can for myself now that my youngest is 18 and won't start college for at least another year. The doctor's office showed me a ton of information about straight teeth, the... READ MORE

Just Getting Started - Washington, DC

Pretty serious overcrowding that needs two tooth extracted prior to start of Invisalign. I have 39 aligners but was told there's a chance I won't need the last threes as they are for "over correction"? Not sure. My ortho said he used to sell acceledent but not anymore since he thought it didn't... READ MORE

Soon I Will Smile in Front of a Camera Again - Halifax, NS

I'm on my first day of Invisalign, and I already feel the aligner working. I took it out for lunch today and my teeth felt very strange, so yeah it is totally living up to expectations so far. I'll have the aligners in for about ten months, so it is going to be a while. From the renderings I... READ MORE

100% WORTH IT! My Invisalign Experience - Greenwood, IN

I purchased my invisalign treatment on groupon! It was $2,800 for the whole treatment including 3 revisions if needed. I think the price was fantastic but I think my dentist is new to the process. I don't care at all bc it's working GREAT so far! I am 6 trays in so I'm about 3 months in and my... READ MORE

46 Weeks Until Im Done - Maine

I have been a thumb sucker for 44 years, with a failed attempt of braces when i was about 12 (they were the removable ones, so i removed them a lot) My 2 front teeth stuck out quite a way. And once i hit my 40's i was really conscious of it. Ive been petrified of the dentist for as long as i... READ MORE

The Invisalign Journey!

Hi all, I've been reading many reviews which has helped me massively, so I thought I'd also share my Invisalign journey. I'm roughly 10 days from starting my 23-stage Invisalign plan and my approx. completion time is 10-11 months, excluding any refinements if needed. Until recent, I've never... READ MORE

20 Years Old, Invisalign for Cosmetic Appearance and Night Grinding.

Hi everyone, so I started invalign roughly 3 weeks ago, meaning I am halfway through my second tray. I'm gonna go ahead and comment as though I'd been doing it right along, though. I have a crossbite and all of the pressure of my teeth goes on my molars because of the way my front teeth sit. I'd... READ MORE

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