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27 Years Old from the UK Fixing Overcrowding

Hi everyone, After months of planning and research the time has come for me to get the first of my fourteen trays tomorrow. I've found this site to be really useful and the reviews have been really insightful, so thanks everyone for your posts! I've had overcrowding of my front two teeth... READ MORE

32 years old, finally fixing underbite and crooked bottom teeth!

I chose my provider from a recommendation provided by my Dentist. Forest Hill Ortho staff have been extremely friendly and accommodating and I can't wait to continue my treatment and get this show on the road! I started my Invisaligns in February of 2017 and so far it has been a great... READ MORE

24 Y/o Gaps from Not Wearing Retainers After Braces

I had braces twice as a teenager for a total of four years. I neglected my retainers and over time I had gaps form and my bottom row of teeth has forced my top row to stick out. I had my consultation done. I paid my down payment of $1000. I am responsible of making eight payments of $125. I was... READ MORE

Just Started my Invisalign Journey.... - Essex, UK

So, at the ripe old age of 36 I have finally taken the plunge to fix my crooked front teeth! I have always been very conscious of my crooked front teeth (not that anyone ever mentions it!) I heard a jingle on the radio and went for a free consultation, having not heard of Invisalign before! But... READ MORE

Back to Daylight, No More Vampire Teeth at 27. Bountiful, UT

November 2014. I went in for a consultation to Bountiful Orthodontics, which on a good day is a twenty-five minute drive away from my house and forty minutes from work. The office is in a very open and modern suite. The ladies at the reception desk greeted me right away and I was filling out... READ MORE

Needed Invisalign After Years of Not Wearing Retainer..

I was very hesitant to try Invisalign because it was set to take about 6 months longer than I originally anticipated. I had 24 trays at first, and was given an additional 7 trays for an adjustment.. looking back now (a year later) I have ZERO regrets.. my teeth are perfectly straight and the... READ MORE

30 Year Old Female from France. Gap Closing with Invisalign

I'm on tray 15/44 and I had a bottom tooth extracted to create space required to align my lower front teeth . According to my clincheck my doctor told me that by tray 24, the space should be closed. Now, 9 trays to go, I just don't see any way possible that my 0.5 cm current gap will... READ MORE

28 year old female uk starting Invisalign

I'm on day 6, tray 1 of Invisalign and finding it pretty tough. Iv got about 14 attachments, canines have two attachments on each tooth. I had conventional braces in 2010, treatment lasted about 14 months and they were off by May 2011, I had really good results as my teeth were really... READ MORE

47 Year Old Female - Losing Teeth Caused Shifting So Now Invisalign !!

I'm 47 and had to have a few teeth extracted. This caused my front two teeth to gap!! I also have some overcrowding on the bottom we are correcting as well. I'm on day 2 of my first tray. I opted to have the perforations done to speed up the process. That involved drilling small holes... READ MORE

Carrier Motion with Essex ,,and Invaglign - France, FR

Hi I have decided to go ahead and start ,, so I have the braces , with elastic ,,which create the gap which is already creating space for my overbite and front teeth to move in ...uncomfortable ,,due wearing the retainers and elastics and of course discipline is key,,but the bright side... READ MORE

35 Years Old - Need a Bit of an Adjustment

Hi everyone! I am a 35 year old mom of two. I decided to go with the Smile Direct Club for some adjustment to my smile. I was quoted $5k by two different dentists for Invisilign but I just couldn't justify spending that much money for what I needed so I thought I'd give SDC a try. Both dentists... READ MORE

Starting Invisalign March 2017

I'm a student graduating this Summer and finally got the courage to start invisalign, after researching it well before I even started Uni. I never had traditional braces, based on confidence, yet still was hesitant on starting invisalign for the same reasons. After lots of online research and... READ MORE

Smile Renovation - a 27 Year Old's Journey with Invisalign! - Canada, CA

I'm finally getting them done! Some people will never understand, esp those with perfectly normal looking teeth, but a nice smile does wonders for you! I used to suck my thumb until I was about 14/15, chipped and broken toot, wearing etc - I've had them all. A change had to come. I'm in Canada... READ MORE

Starting Invisalign Journey

I started this Invisalign Journey last Thursday March 23rd. Through the initial stages of decision making and first week of having the aligners, I have resulted to this website MULTIPLE times for advice. I thought that perhaps I could help someone else out in the future. I received the first 3... READ MORE

OMG I Have Finally Made a Decision! Sevenoaks, GB

Having already booked and cancelled invisalign three times in the past 9 months I am over the moon to have finally made that decision, thanks to lots of tips and support from you all and a lot of looking in the mirror and old photos and thinking do I really want to reach 50 with these wonky... READ MORE

Invisalign | 42 Year Old - Mom of 3 ... Looking Forward to 'New-normal' - Reston, VA

Tray 1 – 24 hours in :: Wow, those are some really bad pics of my mouth! But hey, I'm hoping at the end of this journey they will be a great reminder of how far I came and that it was (fingers crossed) totally worth it. I've never really *loved* my teeth – but didn't *hate* them either. The... READ MORE

25y/o Finally Investing in Myself

I received my first sets of Invisalign today along with aligner application after beginning the consultation process in November. So far I am happy with how it looks cosmetically and am only experiencing minor discomfort. Have yet to experience trying to remove and replace the molds to eat and... READ MORE

25 Years Old Female - Bethesda, MD 24/21 trays for top and bottom

First, after waiting for two months to get my trays, I was in very bad pain from pressure for 3 days. I has sore tong from Invisalign edges ( which I shaved down with a nail file) spoke with a lisp, and took Tylenol to help me sleep. Then I started getting used to it. Trays #2 to 4 were easier... READ MORE

40 and Ready to Smile - New York

Severe overcrowding and a refusal to break out into a full smile - that's me in a nutshell! I wasn't going to document my Invisalign journey but after getting so much out of everyone here who has, I decided I needed to pay that back. So while talking about the thing I'm most self-conscious... READ MORE

Invisalign Review(Crossbite and Gap) - Dallas, TX

Let's get straight to it! So I was quoted 5500 for the aligners which isn't bad. My insurance covered 3000 and I made a down payment of 200 to get the ball rolling. In the next couple weeks I will put 1000 down to bring my monthly payments to 25 over the course of a year. I was told my treatment... READ MORE

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