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30 on my Perfect Smile Journey!! - Augusta, GA

Decided to go with Invisalign to straighten my teeth. Braces weren't an option as a kid as I was the middle child of 5 and was the only one to inherit a large midline diastema from my mother and grandmother. I despised it but had to deal with it. I knew at some point when I got the opportunity I... READ MORE

First time having braces: Invisalign - Some tips for the young adult

I am 26 years old and have always had a major overbite and gapped front teeth since childhood. I never received orthodontic treatment/braces. A week ago I started Invisalign and I couldn't be happier! I'm being treated by Dr. Saba in DC. I have a 18 month treatment plan and will be starting tray... READ MORE

INVISALIGN JOURNEY - Straightening My Teeth - 14 Trays.

SO, today is my second day. So far, I have found the trays to scratch my gums and cause blisters and cuts and bleeding... so i took advice from others and filed the edges with a nail file. Its worked massively. I would recommend this if youre struggling with them. My only gripe right now was... READ MORE

19 Y/o College Student

I have been very insecure about my smile for a while. It has prevented me from smoking in my pictures and just being as confident as I would like to be. Since I am in College I didn't want to get the metal braces because I felt like it would get in the way of my social life (not that it really... READ MORE

I Really Only Need Five Teeth to Get in Order - Burbank, CA

I had braces in high school, but lost my retainer and my top front teeth moved back. I'm starting invisalign express- 10 trays, five months- today and will update as I go. I have 6 attachments total with 5 of them on the top. The attachments make the invisalign looks less invisible. It took 4... READ MORE

51 year old Female starting Invisalign

I never had braces and am so self conscious of my smile that I decided to go ahead with Invisalign. I just received my first tray. My dentist said I will wear this tray for 2 weeks then I will return to the dentist to have the attachments put on and get my next tray. I will be changing out my... READ MORE

Invisalign - Finally straightening my teeth!

Day 1 - I got my attachments put on and a couple of areas between my upper molars shaved to create space. Was not painful like I expected. Was actually no feeling at all. The attachments were fine to begin with but became annoying as the day went on - not painful though. Once I put the aligners... READ MORE

Long in the tooth but still got Invisilyn!

This is week 2. I now have the buttons which are very sharp & painful. If I had known this would be the case, I would not have invested in this. I have straight teeth with a crooked lower tooth. I cannot eat at all. Week 1 was challenging because the edges of the liners are very sharp . Thanks... READ MORE

52 y/o 43 trays

I wasn't sure I wanted to journal my Invisalign journey but after seeing so many other people post their story I figured why not. Currently I have just started tray 7 out of 43. So far I don't see any change whatsoever. My orthodontist has me changing trays every WEEK although a couple times I... READ MORE

36 Years Old, Invisalign Worked!

As a teen and into my adult years, my teeth have always been severely overcrowded with a terrible cross bite. My jawbone structure and arch was wider on the bottom and my top arch was extremely narrow. At 33 years old I was finally in a position financially to begin a treatment. I researched... READ MORE

24 Year Old Finally Getting Teeth Fixed!

Just started Invisalign! I got my trays in yesterday and they went ahead and put the attachments on too. I think I had to get 11 but she couldn't get one to stay so I hope it doesn't affect anything! So far my mouth is very sore. I've only eaten twice today because taking the trays out and... READ MORE

Before getting invisalign, there are some things to think about (month 1) - Richmond, VA

Invisalign Month 1: Initial Treatment Where do I start? Picking up my trays was the best feeling, knowing that I was about to begin my long journey to a better smile and greater confidence was amazing. I had read that many go through the initial pains of starting the treatment. Although,... READ MORE

56 Years Old and Just Gets Invisalign Braces Oct 2014 - Fairwood, WA

Have been wanting to get braces for 40 years. Almost got metal braces three years ago but chickened out. My orthodontist assures me that invisalign will fix my overbite, overcrowding, and correct my bite. In the first two days I broke the back molar in half. I don't think this will make a... READ MORE

Ok so I finally plucked up the courage to go ahead...

Ok so I finally plucked up the courage to go ahead and get my horrendous teeth straightened. I've hated my teeth for 20 years. When I was 14 my dentist removed two teeth - on from top left hand side and one from bottom left hand side. So obviously I have more teeth on my right side then left... READ MORE

21 Year Old W-Arch Expander and Invisalign Treatment - Centerville, OH

I had wanted to fix my teeth for a while and finally took the leap to do so in January. My main issues were cross-bite and crowding, but my teeth weren't too terrible to begin with. Before beginning, I has also noticed that my cross-bite affected my outer appearance when looking at my jaw. I... READ MORE

My Invisalign Adventure

I have always had an overbite - it's nearly 100%. I did have braces as a teen which straightened them out but that was a million years ago and treatments have advanced considerably. After years of feeling and seeing them shift into a more and more crowded space, I started getting chronic... READ MORE

My Invisalign Journey! Correcting Overjet/overbite - Australia

So i've wanted braces all my life and now at 24 I can finally/somewhat afford them! I went into 3 orthodontists and they all said completely different things. The first orthodontist told me they could do clear upper 6 braces and the rest metal, with 4 extractions (and could get them put on the... READ MORE

A Walking Talking Text Book of Dental Issues - Matthews, NC

Im 41 years old. I've never had really straight, straight teeth, but they never bothered me- Still don't. Around 1997-98, I had a second molar extracted and a bridge put in. I was 22-23 then. My wisdom teeth started to act up around 2004. They had no room to erupt, so they started to push... READ MORE

36 years old , pregnancy and Invisalign - Poulton, UKd

I have just found this website and I'm surprised that if wasn't told about pain at all. This is my second day with Invisalign and it hurts. Putting them on is not bad but taking off is a nightmare . My gums are actually bleeding every time I'm taking my trays off. I so hope it will go better.... READ MORE

Invisalign Lite

I have invisalign lite , 1 arch, with 14 trays and 1 refinement with 14 trays. Doctor say that can not order any other refinement and propose to finish the treatment with partial traditional braces or with a tray made in laboratory (payment in additional to the payment made for invisalign lite... READ MORE

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