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Invisalign aligners are used to straighten crooked or crowded teeth, as well as close gaps and adjust overbites. The treatment involves wearing clear, plastic trays that are custom-designed for your mouth, making Invisalign a less-noticeable alternative to metal braces. For best results, it's recommended that you wear the aligners at least 20 hours per day throughout your entire treatment, switching to a new set of aligners roughly every two weeks until you've reached your desired results. LEARN MORE ›

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22 Years Old, Female with Crowding and Open Bite.

My Invisalign Journey: The Beginning To start out here's some background: my teeth have never been perfect but they also weren't severe enough for me to join the "brace face," team with my friends during childhood. As I grew older my teeth started to shift and overlap each other, this in turn... READ MORE

Finally Getting my Teeth Sorted!! :)

My top teeth have been crooked for as long as I can remember. Years and years and my mum never took me to the dentist, let alone the orthodontist. So it was time for me to bite the bullet. And for purely vain reasons I decided to go with Invisalign. I had my first tray fitted last Friday and... READ MORE

Invisalign at 29 Years Old for Overcrowding - New York

Hello All, I recently started invisalign on 8/21. I've wanted to straighten my teeth for a really, REALLY long time. I went to a dentist years ago when invisalign first appeared in the market and was told I was not a candidate. Over the years, my bottom row, which st least used to be straight... READ MORE

Invisilign + Propel = Great Results! - Omaha, NE

I had quite a bit of over crowding and my upper front teeth were pushed forward quite a bit. I decided to get Invisilign to straighten everything out. My orthodontist discussed Propel with me and I decided to go for it. Propel basically injures your jaw a little to create an inflammatory... READ MORE

Starting on July 26, 2017 - 54 Years Old!

I had metal braces when I was in college, starting Invisalign tomorrow! I have TMJ and my bad bite causes ear ringing, which has gotten out of hand. I am hoping getting my teeth and bite straight again will help with it! I figured if I could stand the old metal braces this would be OK. I am 54... READ MORE

Starting Invisalign!!

Hi all, This is my first post here. There are two reasons I have decided to post. 1. Is to be able to have a time line of my experience and 2. to see how many people have the same crowding and cross bite issues I have and has had success with Invisalign. I am getting my Invisalign tomorrow... READ MORE

Invisalign-26 years old

My dental story: I've had braces before but I had to have them taken out after 10 months because I needed gum surgery, when I was 15. My bottom teeth never got straightened out and my top were perfectly straight but I stopped wearing the retainers so my teeth shifted. Phase 1: After my... READ MORE

Finally Changing my Smile After Hating It for So Long

So today I started Invisalign, have my first Tray in for about two hours now. It's fine but I know there will come more... I am actually a little bit afraid of that, but we will see :) and I know I will cut my tongue with the trays.... I have 22 trays in total, so, if everything goes well, I... READ MORE

Invisalign for my 45th Birthday! - Melbourne, AU

Had my attachments done today and it's day one of tray one! Super excited to get through the next 27 trays. My tongue was sore by the end of today but my teeth aren't bad, just a pressure feeling rather than pain. Better than I expected. I will update my journey regularly as I found reading... READ MORE

Finally Decided to Get Invisalign, 21 Years Old, Having Rapid Palatal Expansion First!

I have great expectation so far. I had braces from ages 9-11 (too young for any permanent results) and have never been happy with my smile. I have an open bite, a crossbite, crowding, and one canine that didn't grow in until I was 17 and so it grew in rotated almost 90 degrees and far to the... READ MORE

Female from England - Teeth Very Overcrowded and Crooked, Crossbite

I have not liked my teeth for years but have never really been in a position to do anything about it....this time last year (December 2015) I decided that my 2016 New Years resolution would be to fix my teeth. It has taken a whole year of work to get my teeth to a point where the... READ MORE

21 YO Married Wanting a Perfect Smile :) - Gold Coast, AU

Hello! So I have what I believe is called an ectopic canine which is protruding out above the retained right baby canine - I hate it! I see it in photos and in my wedding video and it just ruins them for me. I've had the issue since I was probably 13 and it's just gotten worse and worse,... READ MORE

Invisalign beginnings- Belfast, GB

Hi there! I have started Invisalign and am on tray 2. I have found the following tips helpful - start wearing the trays at night. - use a Scholl battery powered nail file to smooth the edges of the trays. - at night time use first aid sticky tape over your mouth -no dry mouth and a good night... READ MORE

First Invisalign Tray

Well, I must say I am super excited about this process. I have wanted straight teeth my entire life, but didn't have a good dental plan to support it. I got Invisalign at age 34. I am in my first week, but am already feeling and seeing a shift, especially when it comes to flossing my front teeth... READ MORE

My Experience with Invisalign

So far, I have gone to my orthodontist to get my impressions done. They took about 6 different impressions, taking about 30 minutes total. They scanned my head, and showed me a neat picture of my entire head as an X-ray. I was called 2 weeks later to show me the 3-D pictures depict what my... READ MORE

Adult Braces - Invisalign

After many consultations, finally agreed to "bite" the bullet with Invisalign. So far mostly good, although each of the three trays I've had so far have been very different, so hard to normalize the discomfort and find a routine. Because two lowers never grew in, I have crowding and rotations... READ MORE

29 Year Old Female Seeking a Great Smile

So I have just started. From the right angles my teeth look pretty straight. But a big old smile and revealed my front teeth to start crossing and my incisors never grew in completely. So I decided to go for the refinements to have a smile I would have to think about (I also go acting and... READ MORE

36 Year Old Female, No Kids, No Partner...not Sure if I Can Handle This, but Here Goes - Shepparton, AU

Cost in Australia: $8990 Tray 1 - Day 4 I was so excited about getting my new smile. Even on the day of fitting my first aligners, I wasn't nervous. Just excited.Then I was shown my treatment plan... 27 sets of aligners (54 weeks of invisalign treatment), 15 attachments to start (8 on the... READ MORE

Invisalign Treatment - Livonia, MI

Just had my consult, I owe $2,497.50 for my first visit that I get my impressions/scans/x-rays. Then $166.50 for 15 months. I will be really detailed with pictures as well. I also did not grow tooth 20 (2nd bicuspid) on bottom left side. So I have a large space from where my baby tooth was... READ MORE

Very Happy

First of all I can't believe how fast the time went. Luckily my treatment was only five months. One tray a week. I can finally smile showing my teeth in pictures. I still have another week and tray left but couldn't wait to share the results. I lost over 5 pounds and my eating habits changed... READ MORE

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