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Invisalign aligners are used to straighten crooked or crowded teeth, as well as close gaps and adjust overbites. The treatment involves wearing clear, plastic trays that are custom-designed for your mouth, making Invisalign a less-noticeable alternative to metal braces. For best results, it's recommended that you wear the aligners at least 20 hours per day throughout your entire treatment, switching to a new set of aligners roughly every two weeks until you've reached your desired results. LEARN MORE ›

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22 Years Old, Female with Crowding and Open Bite.

My Invisalign Journey: The Beginning To start out here's some background: my teeth have never been perfect but they also weren't severe enough for me to join the "brace face," team with my friends during childhood. As I grew older my teeth started to shift and overlap each other, this in turn... READ MORE

21 Years Old, Gaped Teeth, Starting the Invisalign Journey!

I have had gaped front teeth all my life and have wanted to get braces/fix my teeth ever since I was about 15 or 16. My parents wouldn't get me braces when I really wanted them when I was younger and self conscious about my teeth. I used to always smile without showing my teeth then after I got... READ MORE

First Invisalign Tray

Well, I must say I am super excited about this process. I have wanted straight teeth my entire life, but didn't have a good dental plan to support it. I got Invisalign at age 34. I am in my first week, but am already feeling and seeing a shift, especially when it comes to flossing my front teeth... READ MORE

Invisalign Journey Tray 1

Hello! Just started my Invisalign journey a couple days ago. I am on Tray one of 30. I'm excited to get this process going and get a beautiful smile. The first few days have been pretty painful. Bearable, but painful. Hoping the pain subsides in a few days. I have my next two sets of trays with... READ MORE

Starting Invisalign!!

Hi all, This is my first post here. There are two reasons I have decided to post. 1. Is to be able to have a time line of my experience and 2. to see how many people have the same crowding and cross bite issues I have and has had success with Invisalign. I am getting my Invisalign tomorrow... READ MORE

Invisalign-26 years old

My dental story: I've had braces before but I had to have them taken out after 10 months because I needed gum surgery, when I was 15. My bottom teeth never got straightened out and my top were perfectly straight but I stopped wearing the retainers so my teeth shifted. Phase 1: After my... READ MORE

Female from England - Teeth Very Overcrowded and Crooked, Crossbite

I have not liked my teeth for years but have never really been in a position to do anything about it....this time last year (December 2015) I decided that my 2016 New Years resolution would be to fix my teeth. It has taken a whole year of work to get my teeth to a point where the... READ MORE

36 Year Old Female, No Kids, No Partner...not Sure if I Can Handle This, but Here Goes - Shepparton, AU

Cost in Australia: $8990 Tray 1 - Day 4 I was so excited about getting my new smile. Even on the day of fitting my first aligners, I wasn't nervous. Just excited.Then I was shown my treatment plan... 27 sets of aligners (54 weeks of invisalign treatment), 15 attachments to start (8 on the... READ MORE

27 Years Old from the UK Fixing Overcrowding

Hi everyone, After months of planning and research the time has come for me to get the first of my fourteen trays tomorrow. I've found this site to be really useful and the reviews have been really insightful, so thanks everyone for your posts! I've had overcrowding of my front two teeth... READ MORE

Before getting invisalign, there are some things to think about (month 1) - Richmond, VA

Invisalign Month 1: Initial Treatment Where do I start? Picking up my trays was the best feeling, knowing that I was about to begin my long journey to a better smile and greater confidence was amazing. I had read that many go through the initial pains of starting the treatment. Although,... READ MORE

24 Year Old Finally Getting Teeth Fixed!

Just started Invisalign! I got my trays in yesterday and they went ahead and put the attachments on too. I think I had to get 11 but she couldn't get one to stay so I hope it doesn't affect anything! So far my mouth is very sore. I've only eaten twice today because taking the trays out and... READ MORE

37 YO, 95% Overbite, Slight Overcrowding in Front

So here I am. After years of wanting to do something about my teeth (they are very slightly overcrowded on lower front) I have decided to go for it. But that prompted me to take action is my overbite (95%!). I had no idea it was so serious because none of my previous dentist ever mentioned it to... READ MORE

32 years old, finally fixing underbite and crooked bottom teeth!

I chose my provider from a recommendation provided by my Dentist. Forest Hill Ortho staff have been extremely friendly and accommodating and I can't wait to continue my treatment and get this show on the road! I started my Invisaligns in February of 2017 and so far it has been a great... READ MORE

36 years old , pregnancy and Invisalign - Poulton, UKd

I have just found this website and I'm surprised that if wasn't told about pain at all. This is my second day with Invisalign and it hurts. Putting them on is not bad but taking off is a nightmare . My gums are actually bleeding every time I'm taking my trays off. I so hope it will go better.... READ MORE

42 and getting braces

Started 2 weeks ago with Tray 1 and thought I was going to hate the experience of removing the trays to eat. I have attachments and the first time attempting to take off the trays was horrible. 10-15 min of panic that "they will never come off" and "how am I going to eat". It took a few days and... READ MORE

Starting Invisalign Today - Santa Rosa, CA

Well, I am almost 50 years old but... it's never too late, right? I always hated my front teeth but, given that it was mostly a cosmetic issue, my parents did not fit me with braces when I was young. When I visited the orthodontist with my son, I finally decided to bite the bullet and get my... READ MORE

24 Y/o Gaps from Not Wearing Retainers After Braces

I had braces twice as a teenager for a total of four years. I neglected my retainers and over time I had gaps form and my bottom row of teeth has forced my top row to stick out. I had my consultation done. I paid my down payment of $1000. I am responsible of making eight payments of $125. I was... READ MORE

First time having braces: Invisalign - Some tips for the young adult

I am 26 years old and have always had a major overbite and gapped front teeth since childhood. I never received orthodontic treatment/braces. A week ago I started Invisalign and I couldn't be happier! I'm being treated by Dr. Saba in DC. I have a 18 month treatment plan and will be starting tray... READ MORE

27yo Female, Invisalign for Crowding & Unilateral Crossbite - Brisbane, AU

I used this website heaps when I was researching orthodontic treatment so figured I should return the favour. I'm currently just over 2 weeks into Invisalign treatment. I've hated my teeth my whole life and finally decided to do something about it! I only heard about Invisalign last year, I... READ MORE

Just Started my Invisalign Journey.... - Essex, UK

So, at the ripe old age of 36 I have finally taken the plunge to fix my crooked front teeth! I have always been very conscious of my crooked front teeth (not that anyone ever mentions it!) I heard a jingle on the radio and went for a free consultation, having not heard of Invisalign before! But... READ MORE

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