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Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a technology used in various skin treatments, including hair removal and photofacials. A handheld flashgun is passed across the skin, delivering a spectral range of light that targets the hair or skin issue. These types of treatments may also be called laser skin rejuvenation, photorejuvenation, or laser resurfacing.

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Rosacea Treatment with IPL/YAG

Lauren is an absolute master at treating rosacea/redness with IPL and YAG laser. I have experienced tremendous improvement over the past few years with both diffuse redness and visible blood vessels thanks to her skill and expertise with the most current equipment. If you have not had success... READ MORE

IPL Works

I had an IPL Laser Treatment done by Dr. Lanchoney and am extremely pleased with the results. It really helped diminish some scarring and brown spots from sun damage. Dr. Lanchoney was very thorough and made sure I understood the aftercare. I decided to purchase a series and am looking forward... READ MORE

Dr. Kusuma and His Staff Were So Kind

I was referred to Suria Plastic Surgery by my dermatologist office for treatment of a spot on the tip of my nose. I was nervous and unsure about the laser treatment. Dr. Kusuma explained the process to me as well as what to expect in between the next to two treatments. He was thorough and... READ MORE

NOT Worth It - Beverly Hills, CA

Pros: FIRST SESSION did seem to lighten some of the brown spots and sun damaged areas of my skin. i was encouraged. they said this process of lightening would continue as the "laser brought the pigment to the surface and it was exfoliated or flaked off" they recommended using... READ MORE

IPL Facial Fat Loss and Enlarged Inflamed Pores

Let me first of all say that I was already experiencing fat loss under eyes and in upper cheeks. My aim with ipl was to improve skin in cheek area which had become crepey. The beautician recommended that this would improve the appearance including the production of new collagen which I was very... READ MORE

Great Experience at CLD!

I had a great experience at CLD. I went in for a consultation on how to reduce the appearance of sun damage on my face. Dr. Wu has great expertise and made me feel at ease right away. He had great recommendations on treatments and was able to get me in for an IPL procedure immediately! It was... READ MORE

66 Year Old IPL and Wrinkle Reduction Laser Combination Treatment

I am so pleased with results of my second visit with Dr. Lanchoney. Brow lines, smile lines around mouth, and crow feet have been noticeably softened. Age spots on cheeks are disappearing and overall skin appears much younger. I would recommend the center for this procedure and their other... READ MORE

Freckles Galore and Need a Cleaner Surface to Work With - Huntington Beach, CA

This is my first cosmetic review and I couldn't find a better business to start with. I am absolutely thrilled with my experience at Luxury. I had IPL (laser treatment) on my face to treat my freckles. I didn't know that my skin could look so good! After just one treatment, all of my freckles... READ MORE

Scarring from Stephanie Jones Skin Revitalizing Center - Grand Rapids, MI

I have had IPL for broken capillaries 4 times before this treatment. I have never had complications before or the side effects I had with my treatment from Stephanie Jones at the skin revitalizing center in grand rapids mi. I have since started seeing a new dermatologist one of the best in grand... READ MORE

Lumecca IPL, 1st Treatment for Sun Damage and Rosacea. Portland, OR

I am 45 yrs old and have moderate sun damage from my youth. I also have thick, ruddy Irish skin that is prone to acne, large pores, the whole bit. I decided to get the IPL package with my aesthetician, whom I really trust. For $400, I can have multiple treatments. This way she feels like she can... READ MORE

IPL - Good for Redness but Left Skin Fine Wrinkly - Seattle, WA

I'm in my 50s and I purchased a package of 3 full face IPL treatments for mild rosacea and few age spots. My skin is very light and the age spots were very light brown, both about 5-7 mm in diameter. It worked very well for the redness. The brown spots were additionally treated with the laser.... READ MORE

Limelight IPL - Marina Del Rey, CA

I've suffered from hyper pigmentation since I was a teenager. It something I've always been self conscious about. I've tried so many different products and nothing ever seemed to work. I decided to try a laser and I can honestly say I was shocked by the outcome. Carla at Marina Plastic Surgery... READ MORE

Laser Tx - New Albany, IN

I found the office staff are exceptionally friendly and helpful than most office staff. They take that extra step to make you feel valued and not an inconvenience. Dr. Chatham is informative, conscientious, skillful and extremely kind in the care I received. He explained procedure, made sure... READ MORE

Best IPL Around - Newport Beach, CA

I'm a Groupon junkie and shop around for treatments but now can honestly say I would rather pay Dr. Bunkis' reasonable fee because it works better than any other IPL I've had done anywhere else. Their office and staff are professional, his appointments are always on schedule and his treatment... READ MORE

What a Different! - Newport Beach, CA

I have always felt I had to wear cover up makeup to have an even skin tone. After having IPL treatment with Dr Bunkis I had such a dramatic improvement with my freckles and dark spots I can actually go out of the house with out putting cover up on and feeling good about the way complextion ... READ MORE

IPL Treatment - Solana Beach, CA

I had my IPL performed at Dr. Palm's office. I am extremely happy with the results that I am seeing. The procedure went really well. I was given a numbing cream before hand, and had no discomfort. My face was slightly warm for a few hours afterwards. The entire treatment took maybe 15-20... READ MORE

IPL Treatment - Charlotte, NC

Colleen performed an IPL treatment on me to remove sun damage and redness. I LOVE the results! I am going to get 2 more treatments to fully remove all of my sun damage. Dr. Peleaux also does botox which I plan on getting from him soon! The office is very clean and inviting, and creates an... READ MORE

IPL is Dangerous and Life Altering Toronto, ON

Did not do my research. Do NOT let anyone go near you with this device. Radiation burns from the radio frequencies in this device. My eyes have sunken in with my entire face changing shape. Go to laser damage support forum. This is real and doctors refuse to acknowledge the severe reactions... READ MORE

Waste of Money - Saint Charles, IL

Had 4 treatments to remove spider veins on my cheeks; did absolutely nothing! Cost of procedure was for 2 treatments $435 and the following 2 were done at no charge because there was no improvement. Was told after the 4th treatment 'we have already tried 4 times so we are done, after all you... READ MORE

IPL Damage to Skin - Doc Blamed It on Sudden Aging - Danville, CA

I had two IPL treatments at Elite and deeply regret trusting them with my skin. I developed fine wrinkles all over my face from the laser treatment and the doctor came up with every excuse in the world about why the damage had nothing to do with the IPL. She claims it is sudden aging which... READ MORE

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