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Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a technology used in various skin treatments, including hair removal and photofacials. A handheld flashgun is passed across the skin, delivering a spectral range of light that targets the hair or skin issue. These types of treatments may also be called laser skin rejuvenation, photorejuvenation, or laser resurfacing.

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40 Year Old with Redness & Sun Spots - Honolulu, HI

I've been looking to have the Ipl for awhile. I have some sun damage, even though I avoid the sun. Also redness and some broken capillaries on my nose. Jeannie Chu performed the facial. She did a thorough consult beforehand. I'm not gonna lie, it hurts. Because of my sensitive skin she only did... READ MORE

Obsessed with IPL - Darien, CT

A few months back, Danielle and I got laser certified and started practicing on one another. Being that I've had many rounds of the fraxel laser in the past the IPL was very easy for me to tolerate. I love that it addresses sun spots, and post acne marks and tightens the pores. It has minimal... READ MORE

Laser Damage is True Regardless of What They Tell You. Alexandria, MN

I h ad just turned 30 years old One month prior I always look like I was 22 had no wrinkles around my eyes whatsoever I just had some brown spots from where my sunglasses and dad that I wanted to get lasered off cuz I was too impatient to keep trying a bleaching cream. that day was the single... READ MORE

Maria is the Best at Mountcastle Medical Spa! - Virginia, VA

Maria did an IPL treatment on my face for redness and post-acne scarring and I am so pleased! It was only my first treatment following a chemical peel 6 weeks previously, so my full results should begin to show in the next week. So far, it's beautiful and my skin has been better than it ever... READ MORE

33 Years Old 3 Kids Acne Scaring and Breakouts and Brown Spots from Sun Damage

Dr. Summer Black recommended this to help with my concerns of acne scarring, which is red marks all around my chin and jaw line. The process that your face goes through weeks following treatment were amazing to see! The brown spots were literally lifted off of my face! The actual treatment was... READ MORE

IPL for Redness / Rosacea / Freckles / Sun Damage

Before pictures, 2 hours before procedure. I'm in my late 20s, have had multiple sunburns from elementary through high school. I tan 2-3x a month in a "no burn" tanning bed that uses only UVB rays. I never burn from the bed, it's expensive, but I don't get new freckles from it (like I used to... READ MORE

Great Experience!

I came to see Dr. Bunkis because I was having an issue with my implants that were put in by another doctor. Dr. Bunkis was so great with me and incredibly helpful. He could have easily pushed me to have surgery to fix it, but he encouraged me to wait a couple months and see if it fixed itself. I... READ MORE

IPL Laser for Red Raised Blood Vessel and Botox - Englewood, NJ

I had a raised blood vessel on my arm, and have been avoiding going to the doctor for it. Dr. Ana Cristina is a pleasure to go to. She is knowledgeable, has incredible bed side manor, and takes the time to go over every aspect of your concerns. She put my fears at ease, and allowed me to... READ MORE

IPL Fades Hyperpigmentation and Decreases Face Redness Seattle, WA

To improve the texture and tone of my skin after years of bad acne and sun exposure, nothing works quite like IPL with no downtime. I've had about 6-10 IPLs over the last 6 years at various facilities around the country. Each IPL fades sunspots (after making them much darker) and decreases... READ MORE

Male, Mid Thirties, Looking a Little Tired - Dallas, TX

I've been in skincare for over 10 years, so I take really good care of my skin. I just turned 36 and I'm really starting to see signs of aging and fine lines on my face. I decided I need something a little more aggressive than professional skincare, but I don't want to do anything invasive. I... READ MORE

Would Not Recommend

I wanted to wait a year before writing my review of my IPL experience. I'm two weeks out to that date. There are many negative reviews on this site that will scare you into not getting this procedure. I can honestly say that I would not recommend it myself. My experience was similar to some of... READ MORE

Rosacea and Sun Spots

This is my second IPL treatment at Dr. Finder's office and I've been loving the results...you can absolutely tell the before and after just one treatment!! (I will post pics after my next treatment) Mari did my treatments and she is wonderful! she is into detail and makes sure you're feeling... READ MORE

34 Year Old with Sun Damage and Melanoma

I had IPL done by Lauren Gross at the Larabee Clinic in Seattle. She was very experienced and we discussed various possibilities for treating my melasma and sun damage. She worked with me to find what was best for my skin. Lauren really tailored the treatment to me and I would go back to her... READ MORE

Good but Not Great. Portland, OR

I went to have the IPL done on a friday. The technician was great. Everyone took good care, made sure I was cofortable and clear on what was happening. She checked in often during the procedure. I didnt have any down time. Post it feels like sun burn. The results are OK. I still have... READ MORE

Laser on Legs, Arms, Back Due to Sun Damage

I have seen Dr Kosari for various laser treatments over the past few years on my arms,chest, back , and legs due to sun damage. Dr Kosari always takes the the time to address specific needs and treatment plans to determine which laser will work best for that given body part. There are other... READ MORE

Skin Blemishes Removal - Newport Beach, CA

I have the privelage of knowing Dr Bunkis from a young age. He performed a removal of a blemish on my lip at the age of 5 (with perfect results as the procedure is unnoticeable). I recently had another skin blemish (on my inner thigh) removed. My father is a long time skin cancer patient of his... READ MORE

IPL, Syringoma Removal, & Botox

I drive 3 1/2 hours from Oklahoma, because Dr. Brobst is an excellent Dr. He answers all my questions, makes sure I'm comfortable throughout the procedure, & explains everything before he does anything. He wants the best possible outcome for his patients. The IPL treatment was a breeze &... READ MORE

IPL on Face and Back - Arlington, VA

I had IPL done on my face and back, October 7 was the 2nd session for my face and 1st for a line of sun damage across my back at the bra line ( from a bad sunburn, despite sunscreen a few years ago. The tech used a more gentle setting on my face than on my back. I when to a med spa and the owner... READ MORE

Great Results - Complexion Brighter

I had one IPL treatment on my face to reduce sun spots and minor redness. For a couple of hours after the treatment, my face felt like it had a bad sunburn, but this went away. The spots were darker after the treatment. I stayed home from work the day after. Then on the second and third day... READ MORE

IPL Procedurec - Greenwich, CT

I have done ipl procedures and i love it. i could notice the difference right away. my dark spots were visibly improved right after my first treatment. the procedure to me was not painful ans my skin didnt look red after. i am planning on keep doing the ipl treatment to prevent my skin from... READ MORE

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