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Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a technology used in various skin treatments, including hair removal and photofacials. A handheld flashgun is passed across the skin, delivering a spectral range of light that targets the hair or skin issue. These types of treatments may also be called laser skin rejuvenation, photorejuvenation, or laser resurfacing.

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2 Days Since IPL on Cheeks, Nose, and Chin...

I had some tiny veins on my face, and a bit of Rosacea. The treatment completely eliminated one larger vein I hated in particular that was on my cheek, and it appears that most of the small veins are gone.I did get a couple of tiny blisters around my nose that are almost healed now, and a... READ MORE

DO NOT Get an IPL - Evansville, IN

It was really free, yah, because I originally had a micro laser peel in early December 2008. After the procedure (several weeks), I looked like I was ran over by a tire leaving a pattern on my face from the tools used. To make it worse, I am a model and now I am completely insecure about my face... READ MORE

IPL Can Seriously Burn You.

I started developing two tiny light brown freckle type spots on my cheeks and doctor recommended Fotofacial. I received IPL treatment on my face, during which I was in agonizing pain. It felt like I was being burned by a hot Iron. The technician kept saying it is painful but that is how it... READ MORE

Jury is Still out - Day 19

Well, day 19 and and I can say without a doubt that for me, it was not worth it. there are two areas that look like scarring from the process.... ughhh....    Most importantly, if you are planning on having this process done know going into it that you will need more than one treatment... READ MORE

IPL Done at Home

I own IPL thingie that I used last year for armpit and groin area. I was satisfied with it and plan to use it again this year and track my progress here. No pics of me here but I can take a pic of devices used. I plan to review everything as I go trough it. So far I can tell what I remember from... READ MORE

Dr. Kong is Brilliant, Kind, Professional, and Results-oriented!

I love Dr. Sheena Kong! About 3 months ago, Dr. Kong performed a vampire facial plus IPL on me for acne scarring, and the results were extraordinary. I cannot wait for my second treatment. This woman is a miracle worker--very kind, professional, and results-oriented. For these reasons I give her... READ MORE

Super Happy with IPLs

I have been going to Dr. Alex from AE Skin for the last 4+ years. I continue to have a set of 3 IPL's every few years, with a touch-up if needed in-between. The process is super easy - a numbing solution is placed on my face, and then the quick and (pretty) painless IPL takes about 20 minutes.... READ MORE

Nearly 40, Love to Spend Time Outdoors, Too Many Freckels and Age Spots

I originally visited the Bengston Center for a gifted facial. Once there, Juile took time to go over another option that she felt would be much more beneficial for my skin type. I ended up choosing to have the IPL treatment instead. I had no idea that the skin damage that I already had could... READ MORE

Z Dermatology Baton Rouge Ipl

I was going in for a chemical peel but dr z's assistant Ellie talks he into getting allumera with red light and blue light. It burned my face and caused wrinkles on the sides of my eyes. When I went in for a follow up and looked at my before and after pictures, it made me want to cry. I asked if... READ MORE

44 Yo, IPL for a Few Little Age Spots

Had IPL in Feb 27 for a few age spots. I asked to have a test spot done, but they said they don't do that. Had my whole face done by an MD. I'm on medication that makes me photosensitive, but she didn't review my medications with me. I trusted her, and I didn't even realize this was surgery. She... READ MORE

IPL- the Worst Mistake of my Life - Omaha, NE

I am 6 weeks post. I ended up with orange peel skin, fat loss, and sagging cheeks. I am 40. I have always looked younger than my age, and people were always telling me I looked 10 years younger. But I had some age spots on my cheeks that bothered me. I had been through a rough divorce, and... READ MORE

Scarring from Stephanie Jones Skin Revitalizing Center - Grand Rapids, MI

I have had IPL for broken capillaries 4 times before this treatment. I have never had complications before or the side effects I had with my treatment from Stephanie Jones at the skin revitalizing center in grand rapids mi. I have since started seeing a new dermatologist one of the best in grand... READ MORE

Great Treatment for Sun Damage And Melasma

I had this procedure done on my face, neck and chest after treating the entire area with 8% hydroquinone pads for a few weeks prior and after. I tell you, I loved it! It took a few weeks for the dark pigmentation to flake off, but my skin glowed for months after and I received many compliments.... READ MORE

You will be sorry using IPL to lighten pigment

It's been almost 11 months since my first treatment. It hasn't been a good experience I've had 8 treatments on my face hoping pigment would even put. My skin looks awful there isn't a smooth complexion like before and the pigment is darker and uneven. It's been depressing having these dark spots... READ MORE

Damage from one IPL

I had one IPL administered by my long-time, reputable dermatologist. She has always treated my 50-year-old skin very conservatively and has never pushed any procedures or products. I asked her if fraxel, microneedling, etc. might help freshen my skin and she suggested that IPL would be a good... READ MORE

40 Year Old with Redness & Sun Spots - Honolulu, HI

I've been looking to have the Ipl for awhile. I have some sun damage, even though I avoid the sun. Also redness and some broken capillaries on my nose. Jeannie Chu performed the facial. She did a thorough consult beforehand. I'm not gonna lie, it hurts. Because of my sensitive skin she only did... READ MORE

Obsessed with IPL - Darien, CT

A few months back, Danielle and I got laser certified and started practicing on one another. Being that I've had many rounds of the fraxel laser in the past the IPL was very easy for me to tolerate. I love that it addresses sun spots, and post acne marks and tightens the pores. It has minimal... READ MORE

Laser Damage is True Regardless of What They Tell You. Alexandria, MN

I h ad just turned 30 years old One month prior I always look like I was 22 had no wrinkles around my eyes whatsoever I just had some brown spots from where my sunglasses and dad that I wanted to get lasered off cuz I was too impatient to keep trying a bleaching cream. that day was the single... READ MORE

Maria is the Best at Mountcastle Medical Spa! - Virginia, VA

Maria did an IPL treatment on my face for redness and post-acne scarring and I am so pleased! It was only my first treatment following a chemical peel 6 weeks previously, so my full results should begin to show in the next week. So far, it's beautiful and my skin has been better than it ever... READ MORE

33 Years Old 3 Kids Acne Scaring and Breakouts and Brown Spots from Sun Damage

Dr. Summer Black recommended this to help with my concerns of acne scarring, which is red marks all around my chin and jaw line. The process that your face goes through weeks following treatment were amazing to see! The brown spots were literally lifted off of my face! The actual treatment was... READ MORE

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