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Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a technology used in various skin treatments, including hair removal and photofacials. A handheld flashgun is passed across the skin, delivering a spectral range of light that targets the hair or skin issue.

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I just had IPL form a derm to reduce broken capillaries and redness from sun damage/rosacea. It did hurt a bit. It felt like a tiny needle prick each time. The nose are was very sensitive. Might be worth the anesthesia if you are sensitive to pain.It burned afterward for about 3 hours and looked... READ MORE

Had first (and last) treatment 2 weeks ago. Face covered in welts and black zebra-like stripes immediately afer treatment, second degree burns on chin and jaw line. Now have pink and tan stripes on face. MD doesn't know what to do. (Actually won't acknowledge anything is wrong). Any... READ MORE

I had some tiny veins on my face, and a bit of Rosacea. The treatment completely eliminated one larger vein I hated in particular that was on my cheek, and it appears that most of the small veins are gone.I did get a couple of tiny blisters around my nose that are almost healed now, and a... READ MORE

It was really free, yah, because I originally had a micro laser peel in early December 2008. After the procedure (several weeks), I looked like I was ran over by a tire leaving a pattern on my face from the tools used. To make it worse, I am a model and now I am completely insecure about my face... READ MORE

I started developing two tiny light brown freckle type spots on my cheeks and doctor recommended Fotofacial. I received IPL treatment on my face, during which I was in agonizing pain. It felt like I was being burned by a hot Iron. The technician kept saying it is painful but that is how it... READ MORE

Well, day 19 and and I can say without a doubt that for me, it was not worth it. there are two areas that look like scarring from the process.... ughhh....    Most importantly, if you are planning on having this process done know going into it that you will need more than one treatment... READ MORE

I'm a Groupon junkie and shop around for treatments but now can honestly say I would rather pay Dr. Bunkis' reasonable fee because it works better than any other IPL I've had done anywhere else. Their office and staff are professional, his appointments are always on schedule and his treatment... READ MORE

I have always felt I had to wear cover up makeup to have an even skin tone. After having IPL treatment with Dr Bunkis I had such a dramatic improvement with my freckles and dark spots I can actually go out of the house with out putting cover up on and feeling good about the way complextion ... READ MORE

I had my IPL performed at Dr. Palm's office. I am extremely happy with the results that I am seeing. The procedure went really well. I was given a numbing cream before hand, and had no discomfort. My face was slightly warm for a few hours afterwards. The entire treatment took maybe 15-20... READ MORE

Colleen performed an IPL treatment on me to remove sun damage and redness. I LOVE the results! I am going to get 2 more treatments to fully remove all of my sun damage. Dr. Peleaux also does botox which I plan on getting from him soon! The office is very clean and inviting, and creates an... READ MORE

Did not do my research. Do NOT let anyone go near you with this device. Radiation burns from the radio frequencies in this device. My eyes have sunken in with my entire face changing shape. Go to laser damage support forum. This is real and doctors refuse to acknowledge the severe reactions... READ MORE

Had 4 treatments to remove spider veins on my cheeks; did absolutely nothing! Cost of procedure was for 2 treatments $435 and the following 2 were done at no charge because there was no improvement. Was told after the 4th treatment 'we have already tried 4 times so we are done, after all you... READ MORE

I had two IPL treatments at Elite and deeply regret trusting them with my skin. I developed fine wrinkles all over my face from the laser treatment and the doctor came up with every excuse in the world about why the damage had nothing to do with the IPL. She claims it is sudden aging which... READ MORE

Nothing better than Dr G. Age/sun spots on my hands mainly from driving in sunny Miami. He zapped them gently and a week later they are GONE. this was a PAIN FREE procedure and Dr G calmed my nerves. I also got a nice pair of cotton gloves I keep in my Cadillac to wear and prevent them from... READ MORE

I have done four services at The Spa at Gryskiewicz Cosmetic Surgery--Coolsculpting, Hydrafacial, Micro Needling and IPL. All services have been very effective and I am extremely pleased with the results. Dr. Joe's staff creates a very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere from making the... READ MORE

I wanted to share this story in hopes it might help someone. For my 30th bday, which was in 2008, I purchased a TCA 35% online. I just wanted to look a little younger, being a smoker and all. I now know I never needed anything that strong! I got a bit of a burn (my words) over my cheek... READ MORE

I got two IPL treatments with Dr. Bunkis and they helped my scarring tremendously. The procedure if very quick, however if you have a low tolerance for pain I recommend the numbing creme. After the first IPL treatment I definitely saw improvements after about a week. Definitely recommend if you... READ MORE

I have been coming to Dr Goldman for the past 6 months and so far I couldn't be happier. Rosacea has run in my family for years and the IPL treatments he has recommended has truly made a difference. His team and staff have treated me better than any other dermatology office. I highly recommend... READ MORE

I had two sessions of IPL with Micah. She was great! She listened to my needs and made sure I was comfortable throughout the treatment. I've got great results. I reccommend Micah to anybody that wants beauty treatmenrts! Mercedes M. Austin, TX READ MORE

Years of being exposed to the Arizona sun has taken its toll on my skin. I recently received my fourth IPL (intensed pulsed light) treatment on my face and have seen a tremendous improvement. I'm so happy my dark spots are disappearing. Dr. Moenster and her staff are wonderful. Thank you for... READ MORE

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