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Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a technology used in various skin treatments, including hair removal and photofacials. A handheld flashgun is passed across the skin, delivering a spectral range of light that targets the hair or skin issue. These types of treatments may also be called laser skin rejuvenation, photorejuvenation, or laser resurfacing.

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My Face Was Being Invaded by Brown Spots - Voorhees, NJ

I was tired looking at the brown spots on my face, I feel people were looking at them and not me. I came to Dr. Vasisht office to see if anything could be done. The Pro's-the Genesis laser was relaxing & helps with the finer lines, IPL-say goodbye to the brown spot, tad painful (just near the... READ MORE

Freckles - Great Neck, NY

28 year old mother with increase of freckles since giving birth to my daughter. My self confidence had been suffering due to the increase of freckles. I went to Dr. Huang to have IPL done. The procedure was pretty quick, slightly painful but something that you can handle. I feel like the... READ MORE

Broken Capillaries and Real Health Concerns - New York

I've never been so disappointed or disturbed by a doctor of her office. Many reasons, but I'll focus on where she ripped me off. While at her office on 2/15/16 I asked her to zap a few broken capillaries. I was charged $300 (I was to have it done more effectively and for a fraction of the... READ MORE

Fair Skinned African American IPL Regrets - Chicago, IL

Having years of freckles getting darker as I've aged, I decided to try IPL. My skin was beautiful like a baby's bottom. My only issue was the darker freckles. During my consultation I was told that 3 - 4 sessions should give me needed results and that a lower intensity would be used since I... READ MORE

IPL Consult. La Jolla, CA

I went for a consult for an IPL session, after keep getting my forehead burnt at La Jolla Laser Clinic. Dr.Groff gave a very thorough explanation and recommendation that will fit my skin type (I'm Asian) and the pros and cons of different treatment plans. Jacob was very thorough and... READ MORE

Severe IPL Thermal Damage & Burns from New Image Anti-Aging Spa Have Ruined my Face! Williamsville, NY

I went to New Image Anti-Aging Laser Spa to be treated for mild rosacea with IPL. I have had IPL done before at a dermatologist's office with no problems or side effects. However, going to New Image for this treatment, though a less expensive choice, turned out to be a big mistake and the worst... READ MORE

What a Waste of $500! Ardmore, PA

I had an IPL done a couple months ago and two attempts brought minimal to no result. I contacted a complaint to the esthetician that did the procedure via email but haven't gotten anything in response. What a waste of $500. I had similar treatments done somewhere else in the past and had great... READ MORE

Redness Greatly Reduced - La Jolla, CA

I wanted a gentle but effective treatment that would reduce the redness in my face. I am fair and did not want something that would require time off from work. The IPL was worth it after just one treatment. I will absolutely follow up with another treatment in six months. I do not require as... READ MORE

IPL to Clear Up Some Age Spots - Pittsburgh, PA

I wanted to get rid of some age spots on my face. Cindy told me that the lighter spots would take more time to disappear than the darker ones. I'm almost two weeks out from my procedure and still have a few tiny scabs scattered near my hair line. The two bigger spots I wanted rid of have... READ MORE

Wow! Flawless Skin! - Marina Del Rey, CA

So I had the Ellipse IPL (I'm told it's new) last Friday with Cory at Marina Plastic Surgery in Marina Del Rey. I've had the pretty agressive fraxel dual about 3 times in the last 5/7 years. I always hate the downtime, swelling redness peeling ect but loved the results. Well I didn't have that... READ MORE

Tammy - Westerville, OH

I had some unwanted blood vessels on my face and Dr Wenker was able to remove these. I had slight bruising, but I am very pleased with the result. It was not very painful. It felt like a rubber band snapping my skin, but not bad. He gave me an ice pack after the procedure. His office is new... READ MORE

Red Nose, Red Face IPL

I am very fair skinned and would often get very red I blush easily too. I felt like I looked like an alcoholic. I went to Dr Reukle and he suggested IPL. It made my skin amazing. I get complements all the time. Now I go five times a year to maintain the results. Jenn is aesthetician and... READ MORE


I had IPL done at the same time as the Titan Laser.  The cost for the IPL was about $350 The doctor put a cold numbing cream on me and I didn't feel anything - just a painless "shock".  However, she zapped part of my lip by accident and I felt that and it hurt all day. My... READ MORE

Always a Great Experience. Longmont, CO

I had IPL today and Elena and Dr Baird went out of their way to make it a pleasant and pain free experience.Dr Baird also gives the best Botox treatments. I always get excellent results and care. Dr Baird has the best bedside manner and spends extra time answering questions.I'm so glad I found... READ MORE

IPL That I Didn't Realize That I Needed - Melbourne, FL

I went in for a consultation, I just turned 50, and was looking for maybe a facial and some products. It was suggested to me that I might want to do an IPL treatment. I was hesitant, but dicided to go for it. I did a group of three treatments (face, neck & chest) and I can't believe what a... READ MORE

My Skin Looks Amazing Now! - Lincolnshire, IL

Before I saw Dr. Taub, I had sun damage on my cheeks and rosacea. My nose was red and I broke out in pimples regularly. She put me on skin care as well as did laser treatments on my face that cleared me up. My friends used to tell me all the time how beautiful my skin was, but now they are... READ MORE

ipl - Cincinnati, OH

My face had a number of largish brown spots on the left side, possibly from the sun while driving. I am 72, with Christmas, weddings, etc. coming, I just wanted to look a little less like a freckled raison. The staff at Dr. Mark Mandel-Brown did a resurrection on my face.... well, it would take... READ MORE

IPL: An Expensive Way to Age Your Face at Least 10 Years - New England

I have rosacea, acne and very oily skin, with some but not a lot of broken blood vessels, a fair amount of PIH, and several areas of hyperpigmentation that are light brown. I am late 40's but have few lines and have always been complemented on looking a good 10 or so years younger than I am. I... READ MORE

Whoa Nelly! IPL is Not Microgenesis! - Denver, CO

Sitting down at the computer to write this out because today was a total surprise. It's been 3 hours since my first IPL treatment and my face feels a little tight. The sunburn feeling has subsided. A little background - On the FItzpatrick scale, which runs from 0 (albino) to VI (6-black)... READ MORE

65 Year Old with "Spider Veins" on Face Treated with IPL Successfully - Toledo, OH

Before the IPL treatment I was very embarrassed of how my face looked. I tried to cover it up with makeup but no matter how much I used the veins still showed, especially in florescent lighting. The results of my treatment was a progression of three treatments over a three month period. The... READ MORE

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