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Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a technology used in various skin treatments, including hair removal and photofacials. A handheld flashgun is passed across the skin, delivering a spectral range of light that targets the hair or skin issue. These types of treatments may also be called laser skin rejuvenation, photorejuvenation, or laser resurfacing.

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One of the Best IPL's I've Ever Had - Huntington Beach, CA

Dr. Vu performed an IPL on my back, shoulders, arms, and hands and he was very thorough and produced a wonderful result. I've had several IPL's over the years and the two that I received from Dr. Vu were some of the best ones I've ever had. He is aggressive, but uses safe settings. I would... READ MORE

Skin Tone and Sun Spots - La Jolla, CA

Dr. Larsen is a brilliant Dermatologist and a kind-hearted one at that. My skin troubles were cystic acne, sunspots and blotchy skin tone. I work in the fashion industry and there is no room for poor skin. After she listened to my skin concerns and goals, she went over the options clearly. I... READ MORE

Removal of Sun Damage - San Diego, CA

I learned of Carmel Valley Plastic surgery thru a travel friend who uses Scion laser in her office in Idaho. I was delighted to see this office carried it and even more thrilled to have a skilled, experience and compassionate provider- Jade Prevost deliver the service. I have done my face and... READ MORE

Melissa, 44 - Seattle, WA

I have struggled with a red face for over 20 years. Having a red face has caused me anxiety, embarrassment, social phobia and some emotional distress. People have insinuated that my red face must be caused from heavy drinking but I rarely drink. People are constantly asking me, "Where did... READ MORE


I got an IPL done for my dry eyes which was supposed to help with MGD and inflammed eyelids. The procedure [IPL] took 5 mins and after the doctor squeezed my lower eye lids to open up the glands producing oils. That all went well on the day but I got a lot of head aches or migraines after about... READ MORE

Had IPL for Stubborn Redness (Roseacea) - San Diego, CA

Doctor Fabi is really awesome. She has helped me alleviate my rosacea significantly just after two IPL treatments! I was amazed at the before and after photos. I like the fact she goes aggressive with the treatment to help you maximize your time and pain during the IPL session (instead of... READ MORE

Sun Damage Reversal - Newtown Square, PA

Ruth is amazing! She goes out of her way to make sure everything is ok and I couldn't have asked for better results. The whole office staff is very kind and welcoming, I would highly recommend their practice for any procedures. The difference from my first treatment to the last is much better... READ MORE

44 Year Old Who Needed Corrective IPL Treatments from Burns Received from a 'Cosmetic Spa' - Kitchener, ON

I have been seeing Dr. D for quite some time now. He has been treating me for IPL scaring I received at a 'cosmetic spa' (you know the ones I'm talking about). I have been under his care now for over a year and he is one of the most honest, kindest and compassionate plastic surgeons I have ever... READ MORE

54 Years Old, 2 Children, and Was Hoping Something Could Fade Brown Sun Spots Giving a More Even Skin Tone on my Face.

I attended an open house prior to procedure and was so excited about having the procedure done. There was actually no down time and was so pleased with the results. Even though I am a person who still doesn't like to be without makeup I don't mind as much because my skin tone looks so much... READ MORE

ipl - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I had my Face done to help me reduce ACNE and Brown Spots. After only three treatments not only did I not have ACNE- my Brown Spots were gone. It also reduced the lines around my mouth. I would highly recommend IPL to anyone looking to improve the look of their skin. There is no peeling, no... READ MORE

IPL Changed my Life Love It! - Newport Beach, CA

My experience is amazing! My brown spots lifted and melasma on my drivers side improved greatly. Love IPL in Southern Cali be compliant and do not tan before or after. Make sure your not on irritating cream or mess that create photo sensitivity You will love the outcome in the hands of an... READ MORE

37 Yrs Old , Sun Damaged and Aging Too Fast. Jupiter, FL

I wasn't sure that the ipl facial was going to do much for me, but I was pleasantly surprised after my first treatment that I could see results! It hurts a bit but nothing unbearable, and worth it. After about 4 days , The pigmentation was lighter and the redness around my nose was less. All... READ MORE

Dr. Bunkis THE BEST Doctor! - Newport Beach, CA

Dr. Bunkis is the best!!! He is my favorite doctor and I have been going to him for two years now. He is kind, caring, and really goes out of his way for his patients. And most important, he is an exceptional doctor. I have been working on my skin this year to prepare for my wedding - and as a... READ MORE

Refining Pores on my Face - Jupiter, FL

I wanted to make the pores on my face smaller and remove sunspots. After the first treatment I could already see a difference. Today 4 days after procedure I was able to go out with just sunscreen on my face. Kristi made easy,comfortable and she was very efficient. My result was great and I... READ MORE

IPL Photo Facial - Jupiter, FL

I usually get about 3 -4 IPL photo facials a year to help with wrinkles and sun spots. This was far and above the best IPL photo facial I have ever received. I could see results as soon as that night as far as seeing results and have already suggested to friends that they consider using this... READ MORE

First IPL, Seeing Results - New Mexico

I'm 54 this month. I have pretty decent skin, but years of living in New Mexico and running outdoors, even with sunscreen have me worrying I'll age sooner than I should. I also have had rosacea and small spider veins around my nose, and many areas of dark spotting from sun/acne on my... READ MORE

No Bad Reaction at All~ Skin Feels Great

I had some redness, large pores and a few brown spots.. got the IPL this afternoon. My tech was very thorough in doing a few patch tests and measuring my skin tone for the right setting on the laser... stung just a bit, but can't feel or see anything different after a few hours. In fact my... READ MORE

Mommy of Two Travels from Houston to Baton Rouge for This Office - Baton Rouge, LA

Treated by Megan at Dr.Weiler Plastic surgery in Baton Rouge. The treatment was for brown spots and sun damage on my face. She was absolutely perfect, the office and equipment looked brand new and so clean, the staff was so friendly. Best of all it worked so well! Will continue to travel from... READ MORE

IPL Treatments Are a MUST!!! - Newport Beach, CA

I highly recommend using Dr. Bunkis at, Orange county plastic surgery. My procedure was quick and painless. The results were outstanding. After my IPL my skin felt youthful and tight. It even erased a few of my sunspots just in my first treatment! The staff was on point and very professional... READ MORE

My Face Was Being Invaded by Brown Spots - Voorhees, NJ

I was tired looking at the brown spots on my face, I feel people were looking at them and not me. I came to Dr. Vasisht office to see if anything could be done. The Pro's-the Genesis laser was relaxing & helps with the finer lines, IPL-say goodbye to the brown spot, tad painful (just near the... READ MORE

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