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Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a technology used in various skin treatments, including hair removal and photofacials. A handheld flashgun is passed across the skin, delivering a spectral range of light that targets the hair or skin issue. These types of treatments may also be called laser skin rejuvenation, photorejuvenation, or laser resurfacing. READ MORE>

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IPL Photorejuvenation on Chest, Hands and Neck - Westlake Village, CA

I recently went to Forever Young in Westlake Village and met with Valerie, the RN, there. She gave me a great deal to do 3 sets of treatments with their new IPL machine so I signed up to get my chest, hands and each side of my neck done because I have lots of sun damage. When I went in, I was... READ MORE

38 Years Old, First IPL

I have natural freckling on my chest, not so much on my face, but in the last year have noticed some brown spots popping up on my cheeks that I would rather not have. And knowing that sun damage shows up a decade or more after it's actually received, I want to get a jump on keeping the brown... READ MORE

I highly recommend!

I found out about Simoni through the groupon deal for botox. It was my first time trying it but the nurse Shelly eased my worry and helped me relax. She did an amazing job! I've been back every 6 months since to refresh. I also suffer from hyper-pigmentation on my face due to hormonal imbalances... READ MORE

Life Changing Experience under the care of Dr. Chavez and staff!

My Experience at the Soulage Med Spa with Dr. Chavez and his staff have been life changing! I attend every week for my Ideal Protein Coaching and Diet needs and also for IPL, Yellow Peal, Derma Planing, Botox and other anti-aging skin treatments! Big city services in a small town setting what's... READ MORE

IPL for Small Red Capillaries and Light Sun Damage

I have always had diffuse redness in my skin as I am a fairskinned redhead. I had IPL in mylate 30's and liked the results so at 49 I am doing it again using a GroupOn. My aesthetician has 7 years experience and already called me back to answer questions about the pain. It gave me confidence in... READ MORE

Hyperpigmented Scars on Legs Post IPL Treatment

I had IPL treatments on my legs to remove sunspots the first week of April. Nothing changed from the knee down, but my thighs got red burns on them for at least 1 month. They have peeled off and I have permanent discoloration where the burns were. I hope these eventually fade. The spots on my... READ MORE

scarred from alma ipl

2 months ago I had the Alma Harmony XL Pro IPL to treat sunspots on my arm. It was a demo and the settings clearly were WAY too strong and left me with white rectangular box shape burns. I am not sure if the Alma representative put incorrect settings or the device was defective and gave... READ MORE

5 star experience

I highly recommend Dr. K and his fantastic staff! I had my first IPL treatment last week- the results are amazing. I can not express how happy I am and how well the staff takes care of you! I will be back to continue my skin care and great pricing on Botox! READ MORE

50 Year Old Asian-American - First Experience with IPL - Greenville, SC

Two broken capillaries and a small dark patch motivated me towards IPL. I've had one treatment. It's too soon to say how I feel about it. I will tell you, it was SUPER uncomfortable for me. I physically jumped a little with every zap. Could not wait for it to end. I used lidocaine too so I have... READ MORE

42 year old IPL done 3 times!!

I have had 3 IPL treatments over the course of 3 months. The first treatment went really well and I loved the results. The second treatment was with the nurse and she overlapped on my cheek area and now I have a small scar from the scab falling of to soon. My skin was swollen and red. This did... READ MORE

IPL/BBL Burns and Stripes on Arms

Warning...do not get laser treatments from anyone that isn't qualified. In Florida, only Doctors and Physician Assistants are authorized (which still doesn’t guarantee a good outcome). Stephanie Wilbanks (owner & only an aesthetician) from Emerald Coast Med Spa performed IPL/BBL (also r... READ MORE

IPL - Great Results After One Treatment. Here's Why I Didnt Get Burned

For as long as I can remember I have had freckles on my very fair skin (Fitzpatrick Type I skin). This turned into melasma shortly after going on the birth control pill. I have never been conscious of sun protection and when I reached the age of 29 and saw the state my skin was in, I had decided... READ MORE

Great place!! Great service!

Great staff! Always friendly! Very happy with my Botox and ipl!! I was nervous with the IPL but the nurse patiently explained the procedure to me. Results were awesome! People are shocked I'm 41 years old! READ MORE

Male Hair Removal Chest and Brazilian IPL Results

I starting shaving my public area and chest at the start of 2016 and enjoyed the clean feeling and more sensual feeling during sex but hated daily shaving and razor burn. I decided to try laser hair removal at Laser hair removal clinic at Northlands but found the experience bit to embarrassing... READ MORE

IPL Photofacial Treatment - Brown Spots

I went to get my first IPL photofacial in hope to get my skin brighter and help growth of collagen. Procedure lasted for about 20 min + 15 min of waiting time for numbing cream to work on my face. I did not feel any significant pain. Flashing light near eyes were a bit scary but nothing to... READ MORE

Getting Rid of Sun Spots - Ann Arbor, MI

I have a lot of sun spots on my arms that I have been wanting to get rid of for a while. I have also been noticing some sun damage on my face as well. I bought a groupon for 2 IPL facial sessions at Procerus skin care in Ann Arbor MI. I have never bought a groupon before but since I have been... READ MORE

Deep Hyperpigmentation....what are my options?

I have had this hyperpigmentation on my back for over 10 years. It started with an autoimmune disease 10 years ago that attacked my skin.....some spots are slightly pitted, but my main concern is the pigmentation. Would IPL work in my case? I have seen some amazing IPL photos, but mainly... READ MORE

IPL is wonderful!

I took advantage of the Open House BOGO for IPL. The staff is always welcoming,friendly and professional. Dr Markmann took the time to address my concerns, validate my concerns and educate me on procedure and outcomes. The facility is clean and comfortable. The IPL is only minimally... READ MORE

35 Year Old Male Looking to Have Some Sun Spots Removed.

Paid for 6 treatments. The initial treatment looks good. Since I'm a male I did not have any IPL along the beard line. My focus is more around the cheek areas and around the temple. Nothing really on my forehead. I probably did not need 6 treatments but I'll bank the leftovers for the future. I... READ MORE

GREATEST RESULTS EVER! IPL and CO2RE Laser For Acne, Dr, Mark Beaty, Atlanta - Atlanta, GA

I lined these three pictures up, enlarged them, saved them, looked at them, and promptly burst into tears. I honestly think I could end this review right now and everyone on the planet would understand and virtually give me a high five, a fist pump, and a retweet to anyone you know with skin... READ MORE

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