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Gastric bypass surgery alters the digestive tract by attaching a small stomach pouch to the small intestine. By bypassing part of the intestine, the number of calories your body can absorb is limited, a benefit not provided by a sleeve gastrectomy or the lap bandLEARN MORE ›

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42 Year Old Mom Excited to Begin my Journey

I decided in January of this year to undergo gastric bypass due to health related issues. I had lost a lot of weight but due to a mini stroke in May 2016, medicine that I was placed on made me gain all of the list weight back, then some. I'm so excited and nervous to undergo surgery in 17 days.... READ MORE

Never Under 200. Dominican Republic, DO

Since I develope as a young lady I started gaining weigth, over the years I execersiced, dieted and never lost more than ten pound, wich I gain again right away after disapointing results. After to problematic pregnancies I decided to take charge of my weigth for the sake of my baby boy and the... READ MORE

My Journey to a New Me! Celebration, FL

I am so ready, I have lost 24 lbs during pre op dieting. I have become so "disciplined". I started my journey right before the holidays. That was my true test. During that time I lost 13lbs. I have learn that foods that are not good for me is my enemy. I will post my updates after my surgery.... READ MORE

Getting the Ball Rolling - Sacramento, CA

SO I just scheduled my first consultation for a gastric bypass for the 5th of February. I've wanted to get this procedure for quite some time but couldn't find a doctor. Maybe i just wasent looking in the right places? But this past September I attended an informational meeting and Mercy San... READ MORE

Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass - Seeing Results Fast! - York, PA

Hello! I will be very honest! This procedure is no walk in the park and you really have to put all your might and will into the diets and different stages, but going from a 48 pant size in MEN to a 40 IN A MONTH... I was blown away! Waking up from surgery was hell due to all the gas, but... READ MORE

40 YO 202#

I am forty years old, 5'2" and 200#. I was referred to Dr Page by my gastroenterologist to repair a hiatal hernia. After calculating my BMI, Dr. Page told me I was too heavy for the procedure. He recommended gastric bypass. He said he could get it approved with co-morbidities. I have the... READ MORE

50 Year Old - Gastric Bypass

I haven't had the procedure yet. I have insurance approval. Currently in month three of six month supervised weight loss. Lab being done 6/28/17. EGD scheduled for 8/4/17. Meet with sleep study doctor on 8/15/17. There are many steps and classes but I am happy about being well informed and... READ MORE

1 Year After Gastoric Sleeve

In oct of 2015 i got a gastoric sleeve procedure done. At firat i was so against it thinking to myself that this is a cheating way out but it seemed that my love for food made it hard to commit to strict dieting. So i went for it. I absolutely love the new me. The pro was i love myself and feel... READ MORE

29 Mother of 1, Ready for a Change!

After years of dieting only to gain back the weight time and time again I decided it was time for a big change. I needed more help to be successful. It hit my like a ton of bricks when I took my 1 1/2 year old to the park and she wanted to go down the "big slide". I wanted to let her go but it... READ MORE

40 yr old mom of 2 looking for the real me!

I heard a lot of positive things about my doctor through family and friends. When I met him in person he had the perfect combination of confidence and cockiness, and I love that. He explained the procedure in a way that I understood completely what he would be doing. I'm excited and... READ MORE

27 Yr Old 244lbs 3 Babys 5'5" PCOS - Johnston, RI

I've always been over weight (I do carry my weight well) but I've always been very active also, as a child I was into all types of sports, summer camps, & extra curricular activities up until my late teen years. I was slowly gaining & it was getting much more harder to just stay the same... READ MORE

My Gastric Bypass Journey

Just wondering what you would recommend for myself as the clinic I've been going to really has been pushing me to go for the sleeve. My insurance doesn't require the 3-6 months dr supervised weight loss monthly visits so that's out of the picture. I have already accomplished everything that is... READ MORE

Gastric Bypass 6 Years Ago Now Gaining Weight Again! - Dallas, TX

I had gastric bypass in 2011. I had gained about 80 lbs while being pregnant with my 1st child. This left me at a depressing 300 lbs or so. Granted I have been overweight my entire adult and teenage life. So I lost weight..... But to date I have gained 40 lbs back from my lowest weight. My... READ MORE

39, No Babas As Yet.. 5"1 and 199lb - North London, GB

I am Deborah B, I am from London England. I am 39 I stand about 5"1 and was weighing about 97 kg. I am now down to 90.2kg which is 199lb. Though my BMI is not quite 40. I have had hypertension for more 15 years and the doctors are expecting me to become diabetic at any moment. I also have... READ MORE

The Post-op Life - - 36 Year Old Lifelong Dieter Ready Change - Baltimore, MD

At 36, I can honestly say that I have tried it all to lose and maintain my weight - - from Jenny Craig at 17 to Physicians Weight Loss at 33, my weight has gone up and down every couple years. In fact, myresponse to people who haven't seen me in a while is "I'm like Oprah.. You never know if... READ MORE

21 Year Old Wanting a Healthy Lifestyle and a New Body - San Bernardino, CA

My surgery is scheduled for January 5 2016 at St bernardine hospital with Dr Douglas Krahn from Western bariatric so far I have only met the other surgeon Dr Channing Chin. Current weight 299, highest weight 315, goal weight 150. The office is good to work with and there were a few hoops to jump... READ MORE

Awaiting insurance approval

Everything is done 6 months of nutritional appts - have lost 45lbs thanks to the amazing nutritionist my doctor uses to council patients. Mental health screen - Done Upper Endoscopy - Doc said I have an unusually large stomach and the bypass is definitely the right choice for me. I'm sure that's... READ MORE

Mixed Emotions

Dr Thoman did my bypass surgery. I feel his is a good surgeon and is committed to his patients. His bedside manner is very cold however and he is not assertive nor does hi give good feedback. It's hard to get information out of him. I loved that he did not require a pre op diet or weight... READ MORE

This Procedure is a Miracle - New York, NY

With every surgery there is good & bad. The good part is that you will loose weight rapidly. I lost maybe 150lbs in 10 months. I also went to the gym and walked everyday. And I found myself actually eating more (in smaller portions & healthier of course) than I ever did in my life. I did... READ MORE

39 Yr Old Male, 5'10.5", 269lb W/ Co-morbidities, fat kid and fat adult, RnY Gastric Bypass 11/1/2016 - Medford, MA

April 2016 I'm retroactively entering this info. I'm 39 years old (40 in December), I'm 5'10.5" apparently (always thought I was 5'11", lol) and currently 269 lbs. While my weight alone doesn't make me eligible for surgery, my co-morbidities do. Those being: Type 2 Diabetes, high blood... READ MORE

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