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Lap band surgery involves placing an inflatable band around the top portion of the stomach, limiting its ability to expand. Because it can't hold as much food before you feel full, you eat less and—if all goes according to plan—lose weight. LEARN MORE â€ş

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I am so proud of the decision that I made to have Lap-Band surgery. I was "banded" on Dec. 21, 2010. The journey has been challenging but to date I have lost 35 pounds and gone from a size 22/24 to a size 14 and still going down. The biggest pro from having this done is that I get... READ MORE

I had Lap Band surgery May 4, 2011, and had an Allergan . My starting weight was 310.8 and my weight as of today is 260.2 (week 14 post-op). I chose to have weight loss surgery because I began having health problems, namely high blood pressure and high blood sugar. It was also becoming... READ MORE

Not only is the staff absolutely unprofessional, disorganized, rude, and completely inept, my experience with Dr. Simpson was horrible as well. I don't even know where to start. After having surgery done with another surgeon I realized just how horrible my experience was with Dr. Simpson. Not... READ MORE

I had my surgery i was 107 kg weight During my journey i lost 27 kgs iam now 80 kgs. I had a slip 6 months after surgery and had my band repositined. Lost more 10 kgs. And now having issues as heart burn abdominal pain delayed gastric emptying and reflux. I dont know what is the problem. I had... READ MORE

I had band fitted 2 years ago...I lost almost 4 stone within 9 months and then fell pregnant which obviously put my weight loss on hold. I gained about 2.5 stone during pregnancy as had to have band loosened. I started to have my my band refilled a few weeks following the birth of my baby (june... READ MORE

The lapband was a constant struggle for me. My body responded to it with inflammation. This made adjustments impossible, every time they tried to adjust me my stomach would swell in response, this left me so restricted that I couldn't even swallow down my own saliva much less water or food.... READ MORE

I have done a lot of work reading and talking to people about the surgery. I had a gastric bypass 29 years ago that turned out to be a nightmare. I went to Columbia Pres in NYC and met Dr Mark Bessler. He did a revision and cut out the adhesions. My they put a tube in my blockage and it... READ MORE

I had my lap-band procedure done at the end of July, so its been about 12 weeks. Since the pre-op diet I have lost 23 lbs. The pre-op diet was hard, but so worth it for surgery. The day of and after surgery were hard and I was in some pain, but nothing unbearable. I would definitely do it over... READ MORE

I'm still getting the facts about LB, but this seem to be right for me. I hate my 305 self. I feel like am not me, I want a better life and healthier life and I think LB can be a good start for me. I still have a long way to go before I get the OK to have this done so I am going to be very... READ MORE

I got banded on 8/23/15 after years of dieting and exercise with no real results. I was extremely hesitant about the procedure but went through with it at the last minute as I had already went through with all the pre-op appointments. Was 259 on 8/19 and am at 250 1 week post op. Can't keep... READ MORE

I have struggled for the last 20 years with my weight, yo-yo-ing, on every diet out there, loved the weight loss but soul destroying when I put it all back on again, my BMI is 33 but I have been heavier at BMI 36. I know I can lose the weight, but can't bear to think that I might put it all... READ MORE

I had my band done back in 2009 and within the first couple of years, I lost over 100 lbs without exercising. I chose lap band because I am the nervous type and didn't want anything I couldn't reverse. Since the weight loss, I'm naturally active now so it helps me with maintaining my weight loss... READ MORE

I had my lapband put in by Dr. Ariel Ortiz with the Obesity Control Center in 2009. At the time, they didn't offer sleeve or bypass, stating that it wasn't "what god intended" for the body. I was too heavy to even qualify, weighing 346 pounds, so I had to lose weight and got down to 324 the day... READ MORE

51 year old female having lap band this month. I have been overweight for 25 years and looking forward to a healthier me. I have major joint pain, herniated disc in my back, recent ACDF, and hoping that the lap band will help me lose the weight, and lose the pain. Have tried walking,... READ MORE

I had surgery this morning at 7am. Had some gas pain but ive been up and cleaning this afternoon. Went to the grocery store and had no problem walking around. I've tried it all and had some good sucess. But now that I'm older I've opted for a little help. Fingers crossed it's what keeps me... READ MORE

Hello, My name is Jose Romero, I got my lap band inserted just last week and I have already begun to lose weight! Although the lap band is not the so called "Magic Bullet" its just a helpful addition in losing weight. Well worth it and I think it is better than the other 2 gastric type surgeries... READ MORE

You will lose weight at the start, well you can't eat you are in too much pain. After a yr you put it all back on but the worse part is the vomiting. you vomit all the time! so awkward, I never ever want to go to a restaurant ever again. And I have had gall bladder stones, pancreatitis went to... READ MORE

Six months later and a sixty pound loss I am ecstatic! Thank god for ny Bariatric group you are ALL amazing!Special thanks to Dr.Garber you are awesome Ty for giving me my lap band it has changed my life!!! Everyone that works here from Sharon George to Donna Franco and the rest of the staff I... READ MORE

Hello everyone I am a member of the lap band breast reduction, I have had the band since 2011, and loosing weight has been a stuggle, I mean I diet and although I do not excersise but I am very active with running after my little children, anyone have any advice? Oh let me tell you My youngest... READ MORE

I was hitting a UK size 24 and knew I looked professional but a fat professional. Image in my work is important so I needed to do something. I had the band in June 2014 with Tonic weight loss surgery as they offer a full aftercare package. Boy was I glad in December I developed a chest infection... READ MORE

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