When Can I Go Back to Work After Gastric Banding?

I have a desk job and I can get a week off work without having to tell my boss why I need the time. Is this enough time to get the band and be back to normal at work?

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Returning to Work After the Lap-Band Procedure

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With a routine recovery patients should be able to resume their normal activities within 7 to 10 days after the surgery. It is recommend that patients plan to take a week off work after the procedure.

Mississauga Bariatric Surgeon

Return to work after Lap-Band

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Lap-Band patients usually go home from the surgery the same day as the surgery and back to work in 3 - 7 days. We perform the Single Incision Virtually Scarless Lap-Band surgery which results in less pain and an even quicker recovery.

Return to Work After Lap Band

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In my practice I do LapBand surgery as an outpatient procedure. The patient is usually home the same day of surgery. Usually, the first two days patients will be uncomfortable but not in an excessive amount of pain. After about 3 to 4 days usually the patient is back to normal. It is very reasonable to go back to work after a week, if your job does not require any strenuous activity. After the procedure there should be no heavy lifting for approximately one month.

David Buchin, MD
Long Island Bariatric Surgeon

Return to work after lap band surgery

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Return to work after lap band surgery is reasonable after one week but may be as soon as three days post op. I think a lot depends on the patient and what type of work the patient does. We dont want to go back to work too soon and potentially cause a wound infection so one must be carefull of that.

Ricardo M. Bonnor, MD, FACS
Houston General Surgeon

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