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Blepharoplasty (more commonly known as eyelid surgery or an eyelid lift) tightens or removes excess sagging skin around the eyes, resulting in a smoother, more youthful appearance. The procedure may also be used to create a crease where one is missing, such as with Asian eyelid surgeryLEARN MORE

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48 year old upper anchor blephoraplasty

I did a lot of research into my surgery as I wanted to have a specialist surgeon rather than just a general cosmetic one. Even though I live in the South of England, my research led me to Mr Cheung in Birmingham. I had an in-depth consultation and knew straight away he was the right person for... READ MORE

Very Knowledgeable

I had my upper eyelids done by another surgeon a few years earlier and it left my eyes looking "boxy". I wanted that revised as well as a canthopexy (eye's slightly tilted up on the sides). He knew right away what the previous surgeon had done wrong with the upper eyes and understood what I... READ MORE

Remarkable results and very quick recovery

I can't brag enough about him and his staff enough. Dr. Madnani is super professional and very talented. I researched over 10 Doctors prior to choosing his practice and my experience has been flawless from consultation all the way thru the actual procedure. Another thing that I loved about... READ MORE

Phenomenal work !!!! No one realized I had surgery by day 5.

I am in awe at how very quickly I am healing from the procedure in my upper lids. I think it had a lot to do with my surgeon talent as well as my attitude towards the process in general. I had zero pain on day 2 forward and scale 3 on day 1. And my experience with this doctor and staff was... READ MORE

Quad blepharoplasty - Couldn't be happier with the results!

At 53-years of age I knew I had to do something about my eyes. I had a very tired appearance. Friends and family members had even tried to suggest more sleep and cold spoons might help!! My eyes also had a downward slant which contributed to my tired and somewhat sad appearance. I knew... READ MORE

A Wonderful Experience With a Skilled Surgeon

I am 45 years old and had thought about having an eye lift for a couple of years. When I curled my eyelashes, I would often pinch the upper lid. I chose to have an upper and lower eye lift with Dr. Galvez on January 7th. Dr. Galvez is a wonderful person and doctor. I had such a great experience... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Surgery February 04, 2015

I want to have it very bad for years. I had the plastic surgeon who has known as one of the BEST in TR. Surgery was nice. I even did not spent the the night at hospital. I had depression at recovery, it is named as body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), but after 3 months it's göne. Now I am ... READ MORE

Upper and lower blepharoplasty For tired look and sagging lids Dover, DE

I am having my upper & lower lids done. Dr. is going to cut a little farther out on the side of my eyes to tighten up the skin there. A little nervous, got my ice packs, moved the things I'll need up to eye level since the doctor said bruising occurs from bending down and picking things up. I... READ MORE

Mid-30s RN, Tear Trough Deformity - Lower Blepharoplasty with Tear Trough Implants/ Fat Redraping

I had been considering tear trough implants for several years, having checked out a number of surgeons online, and told by my local skin MD that he was gunning to place fillers under my eyes for the past three +/- years. I've also gone back to school, gone through a divorce, and been doing the... READ MORE

Best Eyelid Surgeon Turned my 50 Year Old Eyes to 20s - Seoul, KR

Dr Seo of MVP clinic in Seoul, Korea is in my opinion the best eyelid surgeon. Seeing is believing. He did a revision upper eyelid surgery and lid fat grafting from my thighs. Excised my excessive lid skin and wrinkles and plumped up the sunken eyes with fat graft. From 50 to 20 in a day! He... READ MORE

Had the best experience ever

Dr. Gupta was patient, caring and listened to what I was asking for. His staff is very professional and informative. Everything went super well and I was totally informed as to what to expect. Very happy with my upper eye-lid correction. Thanks to Dr. Amit Gupta. READ MORE

Dr Benjamin Burt - gave me my life back

I saw Dr Benjamin Burt after having a dreadful upper blepharoplasty which completely ruined the appearance of my eyes. To cut a long story short, it was a year of hell, hiding from everyone I knew because I was too embarrassed to be seen, and trying desperately to find an ocular plastic surgeon... READ MORE

Highly recommend!

Dr. Gorman did a great job removing the bags and dark circles under my eyes. HUGE difference and definitely worth it! The procedure was simple and not much down time at all. Bruising was pretty bad, bad I bruise very easily. My right eye incision had a tiny bump of scar tissue which he quickly... READ MORE

Eyelid surgery endoscopic brow lift My Doctor Took TEN Years off my Life!!! I CAN SEE, Too!!! - Ocala, FL

My Doctor, DR. Nijher, is a miracle worker! He and his staff were PERFECT from beginning to end!! I LOVE this guy!!! I had seen other docs for consults (dr. mack in tampa....but he did the bait and switch pricing...it turned me off).... I TRUSTED Dr. Nijher and glad I did. I got eyelid... READ MORE

Eyes wide open

After having a great outcome with a bodylift that Howard performed I had no qualms to go to Howard again for an upper eyelid blepharoplasty for my sagging upper lids. This procedure was done at the Linley Clinic which was like a 4 star hotel. Howards ARC team and The Linley staff are lovely... READ MORE

35yr Old Female

II have always had an issue with my eye bags & decided to make my self feel better by having both upper and lower lids. I opteded for a local anaesthetic, Mr Uppal & his team were amazing. They made me feel very comfortable though out surgery & during aftercare. The whole process was... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Surgery

Went in for surgery on the 10th and so far my results are amazing. Its still really early to see the results but I can already tell its exactly what I wanted. One of my eyelids were extremely droopy so it made me look tired and old. Even with the marking on my eyes I feel like I look 10 years... READ MORE

43 Yr my Eyes Are Hooded and Uneven - Vacaville, CA

Ive had hooded eyelids for the past 10 yrs and over time they have become excessively worse. I was wearing eyelashes to hold them back from blocking my eyesight however from a side view my face appeared somewhat disfigured. I'm scheduled for the 14th of August at Kaiser Vacaville with Dr. Gold... READ MORE

Looking for Sexy Eyes! - Portsmouth, NH

Hi all! I had my consult with Dr.Gaudette today. I'm happy I found someone local with experience. All the staff was super helpful. They truly made me feel welcome. I explained I could only do certain dates and they rearranged the schedule for me!! I will need to go for my pre op. Any advice... READ MORE

Upper eyelids / blepharoplasty and Bellafill below eyes, age 53 - amazed at results - Kirkland, WA

I was worried at the 1 month mark, eyelids didn't seem like they would improve correctly. And then at 1-1/2 months a major improvement - scar tissue probably thinned enough to allow eyelids to sit correctly, with gradual improvement after that. I am very happy with results at 3 months, and the... READ MORE

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