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Blepharoplasty (more commonly known as eyelid surgery or an eyelid lift) tightens or removes excess sagging skin around the eyes, resulting in a smoother, more youthful appearance. The procedure may also be used to create a crease where one is missing, such as with Asian eyelid surgeryLEARN MORE

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Changed my Life (Day 1 to Year 12) - Manhattan

I got this done 12 years ago when I was 22 and have been glad I did it ever since the day it was finished. I always had puffy eyes, since I was a kid and it always bothered me. People would always ask me if I was tired or if I had been crying. UGH. How annoying. I started researching online and... READ MORE

Improved Overhead Peripheral Vision - Cranberry, PA

The skin above my eyes due to the type of eyes I had began sagging creating a dark line in which I could not see the ceiling, or high part of a wall when looking straight ahead. I am 22 months post op and think the surgery was an excellent choise as now I can see the ceiling when looking... READ MORE

I don't see a huge difference and now I have to live with unsightly scars - Not Worth It - Florida, FL

I went in for lower blepharoplasty because I was starting to get some slight puffiness under my eyes.  My doctor recommended that I do both uppers and lowers so I did.  The uppers are ok but I don't see a huge difference and now I have to live with unsightly scars. The lower left eye... READ MORE

Had it performed due to sagging lid - Fabulous Result - Cherry Hill, NJ

Had it performed due to sagging lid that was beginning to obsccure vision in right eye. I was out and about within 3 days. In church within 5 and back to teaching in 6. People have commented that I look much younger, more refreshed, and more awake. READ MORE

Great! You cannot see the scars at all - Europe

Hi It is about 3 years ago.  I remember I looked awful. My friend was schocked when he picked me up and said I looked like I had been in a bad fight, Anyway, once it healed, it looked very good.  It takes a year I think to see the full effect.  My eyes are naturally almond... READ MORE

Absolutely YES!

My 20th high school reunion was coming up and I had this procedure to freshen up. Puffy upper eyelids are one of the first signs of aging. I did my homework on a surgeon and selected an excellent doctor. I had it done 10 days before Christmas several years ago. Thankfully I have glasses I... READ MORE

Upper Eyelids and Liposuction - Temecula, CA

Pros: better vision thanks to upper eyelids being off the eyeballs; clothes fit better and I look  better without love handles. Cons: no big ones really, just the hassles of disguising the bruises on my face with female makeup when going back to work. The cost was not a major factor... READ MORE

My Face Looks So Much Fresher

I had drooping eyelids and wanted to get a lift. I heard about my doctor from a friend and read about him on his website. He prepared me well for my surgery, so I knew what to expect. The surgery came with its complications but he handled them like a pro. My face looks so much fresher now.... READ MORE

Botched Job

Be very careful who you get to perform plastic surgery. Mine was a total botch job and now I look like a burn victim. The blepharoplasty I had done is a mess and now I live like a hermit because I am too ashamed to face folks. My surgeon refuses to help or reimburse me, telling me to hit the... READ MORE

I'd Still Do It Again.

I never had crows feet, but had droopy lids, I'm 48. After surgery I have huge crows feet and a pimple like bump that fills up as an unusually shaped large white head every few days. Overall - I look better, just not nearly as good as I thought I would - crows feet need botox now. Also, I... READ MORE


The doctor rushed me through signing papers and wanted to tack another surgery on only one week later! After reading all the paperwork and information at home, I decided not to do it and called the office the next business day. The doctor did not want to refund the money I had paid (several... READ MORE

Would Do It Again in a Heartbeat - New York

If I had known it was so easy I would have done it sooner. Worth every penny. I love the results and it was much less painful and less of a nuisance than I expected. I had initially gone for just the lower lids (bags run in the family) and my surgeon suggested that I do the uppers as well since... READ MORE

Great Results, but Took Some Getting Used To...

My upper eyelids were extremely heavy along with very puffy lower lids. I had to constantly hold my eyebrows up in order to see properly, and this caused a certain amount of muscle strain. My lower eyelid bags caused me to look like I had permanent circles under my eyes, even though there was... READ MORE

I had work done on lower lids to get rid of bags and excessive skin - Would Not Do It Again - Savannah, GA

I had work done on lower lids to get rid of bags and excessive skin. I had horrible bruising and significant pain. I thought I would never get over it. But here is the real problem: Because of the antibiotics I was given I contracted C. Diff which lead to ulcerative colitis and I spent five... READ MORE


WORTH EVERY BIT of the negligible pain, money, etc. I would have re-financed my house if I had have known the difference it would have made, as far as the money is concerned. I am not just talking the cosmetic, but now realize that I no longer wake up with a headache each day, either, from the... READ MORE

So Glad I Did It!

At 60, I could see my mother's eyes beginning to stare back at me in the mirror. Relaxed, I looked angry. When spoken to, I immediately raised by eyebrows to the fullest, not realizing that it was because it was the way I saw best. I chose an MD in a Comprehensive Ophthalmology office. While... READ MORE

Should Have Done It Long Ago. Love the Result

My upper eyelids have been puffy and drooping more and more since I was in my twenties. At fifty, they were almost obscuring my eyes. I had an upper eyelid surgery to remove excess fat and skin; not a whole lot of pain. Looked like a horror movie for a week, was back at work in 10 days. Now... READ MORE

Now I Look OLDER!!!

Age: 35 After much research, I decided to have lower bleph for mild bags. After the initial healing they looked better. However, I think I may have rubbed out some of the clear sutures when cleaning my face. I now have scars where he cut. I was told that it would continue to heal and go away. As... READ MORE

Also Going Through Depression

I live in Florida. I had a friend that live in houston and told me about this doc in houston. He was well known in the vietnamese community and had performed many eye surgeries. Because I am asian, i figured he would be a good doc for me. I had the eye lid surgery done back in 12/07. I thought... READ MORE

I Don't Look 'Mean' Anymore!

I had a blep done 8/2007. My eyelids started drooping when I was in my early 20's (30 years ago) and just got progressively worse. I gave up wearing eyeliner, shadow and mascara because it couldn't be seen anyway. My insurance covered the procedure, so my cost was a $100 co-pay. The... READ MORE

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